Wednesday, May 11, 2011

~ Mumm's the Word ~

I guess you could say, I've had my head in the sand...
I feel like someone grabbed my life by the seat of it's britches and threw it into a full blown tail spin.
How does that happen?
How do we go from "all's well" to "all hell broke loose" in one day?
Better yet, how do you continue to function?
I guess some explaining is in order....

I'm fine! Skippy's fine....
Life around me hit the fan, so to speak...
I feel like the fall out shelter.
Several storms have come and gone. Some were weather related and wrecked havoc on my trees and others were life related.... All of them have taken their toll on me.
I'm not sure why, but I tend to set aside all extra things and start the tedious process of trying to find solutions and ways to help. If it's nothing more than listening to their needs and concerns, or just sharing a tear with them.
Some of these needs have required a bit more of me than others, and I feel a little overwhelmed.

 I wish I could stop myself from giving up my favorite things when these things happen.
I really need to add that one to my resolution list!
Why do we tend to take away our own pleasurable time when we're stressed?
I need to keep busy when I'm stressed or I fidget....
I usually sew, it keeps my hands busy so that I can think...

I found myself drawn to the sewing room,
like a bird huddles in it's nest,
I huddled and nested in the sewing room.
Anyone wanting to converse or be close,
only needed to curl up, in the confines of the rocker,
 and snooze, chat or watch TV....
Just don't ask me to stop,
the irons hot and I'm on a roll!
I was thinking,
rolling around all the possibilities,
recognizing the realities,
 and desperately seeking solace....

This is what I do to think...
Make quilts like this one that I made for my son and daughter in law...
 It's their wedding quilt...

I considered selling the dogs,
freeing the bird
and giving away Little Man..
Packing mine and Skippy's Runaway bags and heading for the hills!
But in the end,
 all it took was a friend....
 ( make that 2)
to reach out and pull me back...
To tell me they missed me,
to let me remember that I missed you guys!

If everyone can bear with me while I readjust to life with a five year old and a quack pack of baby ducks,
 (I forgot how hard that was!)
I'll do my best to not make you come and hunt me down!

Skippy has his first Birthday coming up in three weeks and we're planning a big  Birthday bash!


Robin @ Milstone Mercantile, thank you for your rescue services!
You dear, are a great friend....I truly enjoyed talking with you...sorry I scared you..
Hugs to you!


Linda @ Parkers Paridise, thank you for your kindness!
Skippy and I have truly enjoyed your little gifts of generosity!
You my dear, are a great friend too!
sorry I haven't called you, don't know how?
Hugs to you!

I'm sorry that was not much of an explanation,
but it's the best I can do and still smile!

Loves from me and Skippy!