Wednesday, May 11, 2011

~ Mumm's the Word ~

I guess you could say, I've had my head in the sand...
I feel like someone grabbed my life by the seat of it's britches and threw it into a full blown tail spin.
How does that happen?
How do we go from "all's well" to "all hell broke loose" in one day?
Better yet, how do you continue to function?
I guess some explaining is in order....

I'm fine! Skippy's fine....
Life around me hit the fan, so to speak...
I feel like the fall out shelter.
Several storms have come and gone. Some were weather related and wrecked havoc on my trees and others were life related.... All of them have taken their toll on me.
I'm not sure why, but I tend to set aside all extra things and start the tedious process of trying to find solutions and ways to help. If it's nothing more than listening to their needs and concerns, or just sharing a tear with them.
Some of these needs have required a bit more of me than others, and I feel a little overwhelmed.

 I wish I could stop myself from giving up my favorite things when these things happen.
I really need to add that one to my resolution list!
Why do we tend to take away our own pleasurable time when we're stressed?
I need to keep busy when I'm stressed or I fidget....
I usually sew, it keeps my hands busy so that I can think...

I found myself drawn to the sewing room,
like a bird huddles in it's nest,
I huddled and nested in the sewing room.
Anyone wanting to converse or be close,
only needed to curl up, in the confines of the rocker,
 and snooze, chat or watch TV....
Just don't ask me to stop,
the irons hot and I'm on a roll!
I was thinking,
rolling around all the possibilities,
recognizing the realities,
 and desperately seeking solace....

This is what I do to think...
Make quilts like this one that I made for my son and daughter in law...
 It's their wedding quilt...

I considered selling the dogs,
freeing the bird
and giving away Little Man..
Packing mine and Skippy's Runaway bags and heading for the hills!
But in the end,
 all it took was a friend....
 ( make that 2)
to reach out and pull me back...
To tell me they missed me,
to let me remember that I missed you guys!

If everyone can bear with me while I readjust to life with a five year old and a quack pack of baby ducks,
 (I forgot how hard that was!)
I'll do my best to not make you come and hunt me down!

Skippy has his first Birthday coming up in three weeks and we're planning a big  Birthday bash!


Robin @ Milstone Mercantile, thank you for your rescue services!
You dear, are a great friend....I truly enjoyed talking with you...sorry I scared you..
Hugs to you!


Linda @ Parkers Paridise, thank you for your kindness!
Skippy and I have truly enjoyed your little gifts of generosity!
You my dear, are a great friend too!
sorry I haven't called you, don't know how?
Hugs to you!

I'm sorry that was not much of an explanation,
but it's the best I can do and still smile!

Loves from me and Skippy!


  1. I wish I had talent like yours! This quilt is an amazing piece of art. Loveit and glad I stopped by. We are drenched with rain, but it was very much needed. Blessings to you today! I love how you word your posts! You make a girl smile! :) Anne

  2. Happy to see you back. I really missed your stories.

    The quilt is absolutely gorgeous, what a treasure.

    Have a great day and give that Skippy a big hug for me.

    Hugs, Deb

  3. Learning how to cope with major events that have happened in my life is an ongoing process. I know what has helped me, my father died, life came to a stop, working didn't, learning to deal with it another story, what worked is listening to myself, what I needed I use to tell my husband is to go somewhere and get lost, large antique malls where I could get lost in my thoughts, to stop and regroup so I could continue. I still do this today, I have a grandbaby born 3 months early under 2 lbs., and I have the need to go and get lost somewhere. I don't know why we tend to give up what we love when things happen trying to get back to my love of handmades and I am a big piddler, this seems to help. I hope things calm down for you, sometime during those stressful times we find ourselves. Big hugs and blessing to you. I love the quilt you have great talent. Vicky

  4. So sorry things aren't working out for you at the moment but if you can just take a tiny moment each day and say to yourself "I'm in the process of adjusting my life and things will be better soon" your goal may not seem to be that far away. Life is not always fair .

    I'm sorry that I have nothing better to say to you to make you feel better but you have friends here on Blogger who care enough to post some caring comments.
    That quilt is absolutely beautiful. Take care and start on square one like your beautiful quilt. Things will get better. I care, Julia

  5. That is a GORGEOUS quilt!!! I hope all your storms settle down real soon, stormy times are no fun ((hugs))

  6. Good to hear from you! Glad you are doing better and Skippy is still keeping you company! We've all been in those situations where you feel helpless and know better than to ask "What else could go wrong?"... keeping your mind and hands busy is the best therapy... took me many years to realize that... beautiful quilt! They are going to cherish it for many years to come!

  7. I can hear your heart and in your voice also relate...your work is just beautiful and so glad you can find comfort in it.

  8. Glad to see you back.. missed your stories, you have such a way with your words.. Makes for pleasant reading..

    Sending wishes for calmer times ahead...


  9. My heart just aches for you. I know how it feels to be so overwhelmed. I can remember well my children coming home from school to find me sitting on the kitchen floor, crying into a dish towel. How on earth did I explain that to 3 children under 10? There are good days and bad days for everyone. This I must assume for I surely do not know, except from my own experiences. I have been concerned but now I feel reassured, able to imagine you at the machine working your frustrations out on this delightfully beautiful piece of art. It must be how Polluck or Picasso felt after creating a painting. Skippy must be glad his bags are still in the closet and Little Man must be most happy that you are there, with him.....
    Praying for sunshine, peace and love to surround you today and all the days, my friend.

  10. Oh I'm sorry to hear this! I hope that you are feeling better soon!


  11. I had left a comment but with Blogger being in a tizzy yesterday it just vanished. I'm so sorry about your lost. Don't get discourage, just take it one day at a time until things gets better. Think that you are in the process of adjusting to your new situation and it will take some time but the important thing is that you are in the process. I hope that things will get better and it will all come to pass. Hugs, JB

  12. Left you a message yesterday but with the wonderful modern just vanished into cyber space...wanted to let you know I was by today for a visit. Hope today was a great day!!!

  13. This is my first visit and I am so very sorry that you are sad, its a credit to you to be able to create something so beautiful when under stress, I do just the opposite I drop the things that make me happy to solve the problems of others, problems that are dropped on my doorstep like the dead rodent offering from my pet cat :o)
    I know they are there I can smell them, and please God don't let me have to deal with another drama...just a little time for me pleeeassseee....but no, so the dust gets thicker on my craft room floor. You have an amazing and creative talent/gift. I hope you find peace and a smile again soon.
    Warm hugs

  14. Just wanted to let you know that I think your quilts are absolutely lovely; I'd love to be able to create heirlooms like those.

    Hope things have gotten better for you since your last post. Keep the faith!

  15. No, you don't know me nor I you, but, here's hoping that all is well with you, SKippy and those you love and care about so much!...:)JP

  16. Your quilt is gorgeous. If only I could create such things when I am stressed. All I do is sit..and twist my TWIST the point of ending up with big huge knots that sometimes need to be cut! UGH!! I have a five year old too! Crazy little boy five year old that is the light of my life and keeps me going on those days that I'm cutting knots out of my hair! I'm glad you are feeling better! And I'm looking forward to getting to know you better...and share some five year old stories! Katie

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