Wednesday, May 11, 2011

~ Mumm's the Word ~

I guess you could say, I've had my head in the sand...
I feel like someone grabbed my life by the seat of it's britches and threw it into a full blown tail spin.
How does that happen?
How do we go from "all's well" to "all hell broke loose" in one day?
Better yet, how do you continue to function?
I guess some explaining is in order....

I'm fine! Skippy's fine....
Life around me hit the fan, so to speak...
I feel like the fall out shelter.
Several storms have come and gone. Some were weather related and wrecked havoc on my trees and others were life related.... All of them have taken their toll on me.
I'm not sure why, but I tend to set aside all extra things and start the tedious process of trying to find solutions and ways to help. If it's nothing more than listening to their needs and concerns, or just sharing a tear with them.
Some of these needs have required a bit more of me than others, and I feel a little overwhelmed.

 I wish I could stop myself from giving up my favorite things when these things happen.
I really need to add that one to my resolution list!
Why do we tend to take away our own pleasurable time when we're stressed?
I need to keep busy when I'm stressed or I fidget....
I usually sew, it keeps my hands busy so that I can think...

I found myself drawn to the sewing room,
like a bird huddles in it's nest,
I huddled and nested in the sewing room.
Anyone wanting to converse or be close,
only needed to curl up, in the confines of the rocker,
 and snooze, chat or watch TV....
Just don't ask me to stop,
the irons hot and I'm on a roll!
I was thinking,
rolling around all the possibilities,
recognizing the realities,
 and desperately seeking solace....

This is what I do to think...
Make quilts like this one that I made for my son and daughter in law...
 It's their wedding quilt...

I considered selling the dogs,
freeing the bird
and giving away Little Man..
Packing mine and Skippy's Runaway bags and heading for the hills!
But in the end,
 all it took was a friend....
 ( make that 2)
to reach out and pull me back...
To tell me they missed me,
to let me remember that I missed you guys!

If everyone can bear with me while I readjust to life with a five year old and a quack pack of baby ducks,
 (I forgot how hard that was!)
I'll do my best to not make you come and hunt me down!

Skippy has his first Birthday coming up in three weeks and we're planning a big  Birthday bash!


Robin @ Milstone Mercantile, thank you for your rescue services!
You dear, are a great friend....I truly enjoyed talking with you...sorry I scared you..
Hugs to you!


Linda @ Parkers Paridise, thank you for your kindness!
Skippy and I have truly enjoyed your little gifts of generosity!
You my dear, are a great friend too!
sorry I haven't called you, don't know how?
Hugs to you!

I'm sorry that was not much of an explanation,
but it's the best I can do and still smile!

Loves from me and Skippy!

Friday, March 4, 2011

~ Mountain Lotion Potions ~

Anti-Itch potions....

With soap to accompany it..

All wrapped up for Spring...

Lavender and Oatmeal
Essential Oils

My Mom has been having troubles with itching lately,
so much so,
 She ended up at the Doctors.

He's running test,

I came up with a remedy!
Hope it works,

at least it's pretty..and smells good.
Bet it's cheaper too..


Thursday, March 3, 2011

~ Head Count.... 8.....~

Just sayin'
We're at 8 now...
8 traps,
have lovingly been deposited, at the back door,
waiting for Little Man to return home from school and rid them of their gifted prey.

I've come to learn that Tucker is the Thoughtful Giver!
or the Grim Reaper as Molly refers to her...

I personally think we work well together.
I originally thought the cats could solve this issue,
but Tucker has chosen the path of least resistance,

I kill and she presents the loot and gets the praise...
I'll live with it,
 considering, I don't have to go crawl around in the shed and retrieve the traps from under the shelving,
I prefer to look at it as a co-op!
and go figure, the Boy's would leave the dirty work to to girls!

I thought, maybe, everyone would like to meet the Girls...
I must apologize in advance for the pictures,
it's very hard to get pictures when you have dinner in your hands!

This is Molly,
Good Golly Miss Molly!
Molly is five years old and has lived here since she was eleven weeks old.
She loves babies (all babies, even mice) and rolling around with Little Man.
She has Elbow Displaysia and is limited in her mobility.
I will admit, up front, she's very spoiled...
Very Spoiled!

This is Miss Lovie,
Lovie is around three and has lived here at
Loafer Mountain Retreat for a year now..
Lovies story is a heart wrencher,

We have temporarily paused this posting to allow you to retrieve tissues.
She was found abandoned,
on the side of the road,
tied to a fence post,
starved and shot in the head.
She had been left there to die.
A very good friend was walking,
as he does every day on his lunch break,
when he happened upon her.
She had fought the lead, and in the process,
tangled herself in the barb wire, until her face was hung up on several barbs.
She had multiple punctures and cuts and two bullet holes in the top of her head.
She weighed about half what she does now and both ears were severely infected.

The friend called me from the side of the road asking what to do.
At the same time the local Veterinarians assistant happened upon them. He helped to cut her loose and proceeded to take her to his work.
The vet in question is a large animal vet and doesn't usually deal with dogs,
 but made an exception for her.
Everyone involved knows me and knows that I have Mastiffs and have taken in critters in need.
Needless to say, she came upon my doorstep and I could not turn her away.
She has been a loving quest here at the retreat since!

She is real testament to strength and endurance and despite her misgivings she still loves people!

and just for the record....

this is the sun room in question,
it's attached to the dog house,
not my house!

Lovie still has issues, she can't stand not seeing whats around her and has fashioned a peep hole so she can stay aware while she eats... In the summer the plastic comes down and the sunscreen is left.
They always have a warm and dry place.
Beyond this is a 12x8 foot heated dog house with beds.

I told you they were spoiled,
I even cook for them...

How many dogs do you know,
 that have their own heated dog house with attached sun porch?

 Better yet,
Room service with a view?

By the way,

I did agree to let the girls have some pet birds...

aka.... the critter keeper....

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

~ Mouse Training 101 ~

 It was brought to my attention  recently,
 that we have a wee bit of a problem.
You see,
I have just discovered that my big girls (my Mastiffs) have been holdin' out some relevant information.
Information that I consider to be Important.
They have a pet...
mouse..mmmmm.. or rather mice!
 I discovered this whilst I was feedin'.
I was going about my normal routine,
feed Lucky boy, feed the girls, wash water buckets and return to see,
 Molly sharin' her breakfast with THEM! 
 "Them" as in the mice!
They scatter the very second I step into the sun room, leaving both girls perplexed, looking at each other like I just ran over their favorite puppy.
Molly looks at the hole in the wall, where they made their escape  and then back to me like..
 " What did you do?"
"Where did they go?"

 That didn't bother me half as bad as the fact that I have three cats and it sure appears that they are not doing their jobs!
 I talked it over with Mr. Fix-It and after wayin' the pro and cons, decided to buy some mouse traps and enroll the three, free loaders....
 in Mouse Hunting 101.
The traps were promptly added to the weekend grocery/shopping list and all things furry and fun were quickly enlisted in this endeavor to train three lazy felines to rid the homestead,
of this rodent infestation little situation.
I explained to the big girls,
 that they could not have pets without prior approval as well as the fact that I can not afford to feed the neighborhood.

Besides, it wouldn't be fair, I already told Skippy that he could NOT have a Rottweiler,
even if it was to be the "Mascot" of his Fan Club!

We proceeded to set aside time each evening, to play out the role they were expected to preform.
Mr. Fix-It would gather all the furry critters,
and one by one,
fire them out for the kitties to catch and return,
so that once again, he could practice with them.
 They loved this schooling, and looked forward each evening to  
practicing their stalking and pouncing skills with Dad.

We were fairly certain that they had gotten the idea,
 so this morning I awoke bright and early.

 Snatched three free loading felines,
 from their comfy little beds
 and shoved them outside at the crack of dawn...

Now get your butts out there and earn your keep!

I set about doing my mornin' chores of laundry, dishes, make the beds etc...
and as I pass the back door, 
I notice something different.
Upon further inspection I discover.........

Yep, thats right...
We now have three retrievers!

No ones tellin' whose bright idea this was..


 and the freeloaders....

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

~ Thank You Olde Lady...~


That is..
I couldn't help myself...
I'm Sorry.. It just struck me as being funny.
Maybe I'm just looking for a reason to laugh today.
I need it. I really needed a spirit lifter today.
My doorbell rang and I when I went to answer it,
 I found this!

Whoot Whoot!
I sure wasn't expecting this today...
It's from Marie over at Primitives by Olde Lady Morgan
I won her giveaway!
Don't you love the lable?
You just know it's gonna be great with a lable like that....

Then I opened it and this is what greeted me!
aawww.... Kindred Spirits,
 sure lifted mine!
Thank You Marie, I will enjoy it,
 I'm enjoying every little magnificent detail!
Everything is wrapped so sweetly and with the cutest primitive paper....
Just makes your toes curl with anticipation!
and it smells Divine...

Wow Marie, You sure know how to spoil a girl!
I Love it all!

I placed the small bunny and eggs in the trencher on the table...

Then I displayed  chubby boy,
 front and center on top of the buffet...

And last but not least,
I placed the large bunny on top of the wash stand....
Isn't he great? or is she?

Thank You once again, It was more than I ever expected and
they are the perfect bright spot in a not so bright day!

This is my final week of classes and I sure hope that I can remember everything.
It was a tremendous amount of information in a short amount of time.
I'm having a blast taking pictures. These were taken with my new SLR.
I'm shooting in manual!
It's been a little tough practicing my Photo Shop class work,
 my version is the older CS2 and doesn't have a lot of the features that CS5 has.
It will still do the necessary things that I need for now...

I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentines Day..
Mr. Fix-It and I stayed home and I cooked him a wonderful dinner. 
Nothing fancy, just a nice dinner and movie,
Primitive Style!

What do suppose they did 200 years ago?
I don't suppose FTD delivered prairie flowers in a mason jar...
buy buggy....over the mountain...up the draw...past the yard dogs..and the barrel of shot gun,
 just to give the lady of the house flowers?
I was just wondering...
It would have been romantic.

I wanted prairie flowers in a mason jar,
 a blue mason jar.....


ps...Skippy says Happy V'Day Y'all !

Saturday, February 5, 2011

~ She Called It Manda-Licious!...~

Whoot Whoot!
The sewing room is all clean,
my fingers are sore from binding,
It's washed, dried and all puckered up,

and she called it,

(I think that means she likes it)


Monday, January 31, 2011

~ Oh My Word..... Skipa'roni...~

 That's his new name, " Skipa'roni "
Lordy Y'all, I'm havin' Issues...
Next, we'll have the Paparazzi hangin' around!
Mr. Fix-It has taken to calling him the 'Special One".

Let me show you why....

Aunt Linda over a Parker Paradise sent him a package,
 all the way from Paradise!
He was havin' such a hard time controlling himself.
He was doin' the Jiggy dance all over the front porch..

He was rippin' things open and had his little whiskers stuck in so fast...
I had to make him use his manners and let me get a thank you picture first!

Aunt Linda, Skippy says Thank You!
He loves his package from you
 and he Loves You Too...
He was such a good boy and offered to share with everyone..

I also got a package!
I ordered a Shoofly from Carmen over at Prim Cats
I Love it! Y'all should head on over and check them out!
Thanks Carmen, It's Perfect!

So, What the heck happened to January?
I know I've been busy, But seriously where did it go...

My classes have been fun and I'm learning a lot.
I'm shooting in manual mode... Yikes!

I've also spent a bit of time in the sewing room.
I finished the jeans and green quilt.
I didn't like the way it turned out, Little Man did, so I gave it to him :0)..
I do however, love the way this one did.

I made this for the Fledgelin' Daughter.
It's now at the quilters...

And this was made from the scraps..

I think I'll try machine quilting this, maybe?

This is what the boys do...
 When Mom sews....

and some of this....

Well I guess I'd better go,
Nomi just told me, Skippa'roni said,
  if he stayed off the bed he could be the...
"President of his Fan Club"...

My Word,
 What Next?