Monday, May 24, 2010

I've Been Playing With My New Toy!!!!

Back in the far corners of my mind, I vaguely remember a week not to long ago.
 We all celebrated Mother's Day, do you all remember? 
Well, my Honey bought me a present. I had to wait to get this present.
 I waited and waited and then It finally came! Yeah, .....
Not so fast....It came right in the middle of Labor Day Week! So I read the box, and I hooked it up, and I played with it a few minutes at a time here and there. But I wasn't able to really play until this weekend!
 He bought me a Silhouette SD...(similar to the cricut machine) Then he hands me a CD and tells me  "load this on your computer". It was thousands of Images that work with this machine!....I'm in creative heaven!...This machine is amazing! So much versatility. It will cut up to 8" wide and up to 39" long!
I played around with simple fonts first then I played with the DXF images.

             So,  here are my first attempts at making my own stencils!

This one is done with Old Barn Wood. I used the same colors that I painted the Step-back with.

Again the Old Barn Wood only I left it natural.
Then I decided to play with the scraps of Pine that I had, These are results...

I like the way they all turned out but I think I'll change the font on the one that says "Pantry Wares". 
They are all 10x12 or larger. I have way to many ideas now! What do you guy's think? I wish you could see them up close, the base paint crackled and chipped. They look so old!
Now I have to find someplace to hang them...Hmmmm...
Hope you all had a great weekend too!
Prim Wishes,

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

No Puppies!..And...Neurological Status?

Wow, what a Merry Go Round!....
I have spent weeks getting ready for puppies, the special diet, the whelping bed with special heat pad and bedding, the special area in the garage, Mom's undivided attention for day's!, two day's of labor, a visit to the vet.... And NO PUPPIES!
 Diagnoses! ...... Neurological Status?.... She just thought she was pregnant!...  She looked it, she acted like it, she got milk! and she had labor!
 I on the other hand have had my world turned upside down for weeks! I had to rearrange the garage to accommodate her I had to juggle my grooming schedule to accommodate her delivery dates, I have not left home for two weeks until we went to the vet's! Let's not even discuss the vet bill! Talk about Neurological Status, I'm next on the list! How much do you suppose the Doc would charge to tell ME that? Well life goes on!
 We are now getting back to normal, I took Monday and soothed my soul by working in the yard and garden all day! My Garden is done and very little left to finish up the flower beds! We are having more rain today so I suppose it was a good thing I got it done. Yesterday was a packed grooming day. I only groom two days a week, most of the time, but this time of year things pick up and I have weeks that are really busy. Today I'm meeting up with the fledgling Daughter and going Junkin for a little while. That will bring me around! Anything to try and get things back to normal and quit feeling blue.

Prim Wishes,

Saturday, May 15, 2010

It's Labor day!... Isn't It?

Hey Blog Buddie's!
Just a quick post to keep everyone up to date! As you can tell by the title, I'm a little confussed as to what day it is, I think?
I'm sure it's Labor day weekend.... I've got both hands full with not one but two mother's in labor at the same time! LOL..or cry trying :) I was exspecting the puppies but not the kitties!
or..... My son home with the stomach flu for three day's! To say the least it's been a fun but challenging week.
Tucker's Tired Too!

I'll be sure to pop in and keep you all posted. Hope you all have a great weekend!
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Darla over at
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And a big shout out to Donna at for getting this whole thing going! Yeah I love a giveaway but more than that I Love seeing people come together and help others!
These girls Rock!
Prim Wishes!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Follow Up to ~*~ I'm not AWOL ~*~ Lot's of pics!

First I want to wish all the Mother's a Happy Mother's Day! I hope everyone had a great day. Mine was good and busy. I have a litter of Mastiff's due in just a few day's, so yesterday was my day to get things ready. Hubby built me a whelping box and all the supplies are ready.
 Now for the fun stuff, A few days ago I promised pictures of mine and my son's adventures. So I'll start with my favorite. This a 6 gallon butter churn that is stamped with Walker Bros. Summersville WV.
Then we found several more large cutting boards
This great old measuring box
These jugs and crocks...
And these scales, cutting board, scoop and crock!
My Mother gave me the Watt's bowls, the rest came from our hunt.
This is my other favorite...
Both tin draws are there and so is the original punched tin!
There were several small items,several baskets, a box of old silverware, several smaller dove tailed boxes a large steel cut oats box, 3 mashers and a large hand painted thread advertising board, 1700's cobblers bench and a Stickly mission rocking chair..It has several layers of paint but is in great shape. I'll show it when I'm done with making it over...
And the mask that was gifted to my son... He has completed the required report about it's origin and mailed it !(The shop owner gave the mask to him on the terms that he do a report and mail it back!)
Love the shirt! It fit's!
Here is a couple of pictures of some things that I built for myself. I have not kept many things for myself.
I've wanted a step back for sometime but wasn't sure where to put it.. so I did a little rearranging and decided to incorporate my 1800's ice box with a custom step back and this is how it turned out.
And a pic of the cupboard I made for the other wall..Some of the baskets and the little prim box came from our outing also..
So as you can see I've been busy, My yard and garden are coming together and we are even planning a vacation in a few weeks! Hope you enjoyed the pictures. The best part of all...... I told you the best part was the hag'ling! We got everything for under $900.00! SCORE!
I told you my son was impressed! I was shocked!
I'd better check on my mother to be...

Prim Wishes.....