Friday, October 29, 2010

~ With the Best of Intentions..~

I sat down several days ago,
camera in hand,
anticipations high....

  I was getting set to do it,
I'll just load these pics and then I'll finish washing Mr Fix-It's clothes. I'll come back in a bit and get this done! Yep, I will.
 Okay Fine! I'll finish dinner,
Help him pack then I'll come up and finish this.....
Wait, I'll pack him up and wash the dishes and feed the dogs and help with home work and take the garbage out and then I'll come back up here and finish this...
Take a Deep Breath,
He's gone, to Istanbul Turkey and Paris France
With Out you....
for 9 days....
Sniff Sniff,
Momma needs a hug!
 Okay, I'll finish this..

Mom, Mom.....
What Little Man?            
I'm supposed to go camping with the boy scouts today!  
Say What? Huh? What Time? When? How? Who.............Help?
I'll finish this in a bit....

Mom, Mommmm......
What Fledgling?
I'm going to work in Nebraska....
Say What? Huh? When? Huh?......URGHHHHH!
I'll Finish This Later!.......

I've completely lost track of what I'm doing!
Mr Fix-It came home, the Fledgling Daughter left, Little Man went camping and more stuff happened in the last two weeks than I can list.
I'm so glad that's over....
Wait....It's not over.....Urgghhhhhh......
The laundry room and Little mans bed room have water damage, due to a leaky spigot and a unsealed drain pipe! we are in the midst of "Construction Disaster"  Yuck!
And the yard needs raked.... We had a bad storm, lost a large tree limb and a lot of small ones!

I've have been walking around talking to myself, (in a pep talk sort a way, not a "lost yer marbles, aye?")
You survived this the last time,
This to shall pass,
Life is too short for anything but happy! (my personal motto!)
They will grow up and move out one day,
If not you Can ask them to leave,
If Skippy decides not to love you anymore you Will live, (this one has been hard to accept)
It's okay to have left overs twice in a row,
Remember to breath,
Skippy will Never stop loving you! Never, Ever, ever, ever, ever................ever!
Remember to buy stock in Calgon...

And have Mr Fix-It fix this stinkin' Puter so I can show you guys what I've put up with lately!

I have taken more pictures in the last few weeks than ever...
I learned about a few more settings on my camera..
My computer will not let me upload anything at this moment..
But I Finished This Anyway!

All Inspiration and Positive Motivators Welcome.....

Love you Guys!

Friday, October 8, 2010

~ Who's Feelin' Loved Today? ~

Are you?
Are you feelin' loved?
Are you feelin' THE love?

Don't know about the rest of you,
but I'm feelin' me some Primitive Love!

I finished the Dry-Sink, moved it in AND got the work shop all cleaned up!!
Yippee Skippy!!!!

As you all can see, I left the white paint.
Reason bein', It was about five or six layers thick and wasn't sanding off at all....

Boy, they sure don't make paint like that anymore!...

Decided that if I didn't like it when I finished, I'd just make a new door!
There, Problem Solved....  Sometimes I do that.....
solve problems that really weren't problems to begin with....... 

Decided that I liked it better without the curtain, so it looks like the first pic....or the next one.
I called for an inspection and I'm assuming it passed....
Bein' as the Fur Babies seem to like it!

"Is it just me, or is that lookin' like a glow in the dark kitty?"

Had some really great old hardware and decided this was the piece I need to use them on!

I've noticed that when people come into my home for the first time,
I can tell from the look on their face if they are feelin' the "Primitive Love" or not...
I find this fascinating and quite fun.

Of course there are the ones that truly seem excited. You can tell they love it.
They like to tell you stories about their Grandparents or their child hood.....

There are the ones that seem to scrutinize,
they just look around with selective indifference.

Then there are the ones that get that pinched look of shock.
You can see it in their faces, the screwy look.
 Some are even brave enough to ask.....

"So, you like old crap, huh?"

Me, bein' the ever wise-crackin' smarty pants type a Gal that I am, replies.........

"Yep, I like my parents, but what I'd really love is to get my hands on some Grand or maybe even some Great Grand Parents! The older the better!"

Or my all time favorite....  " I used to have one of them old things,
 only it was a lot nicer than this one,
 but when we got rich and famous we gave to so and so! "

Me, the ever "wise ass"

"Oh Crap, I just gave so and so " x-amount of thousands " for that one and I'd much rather have gave it to you!"

Or when you over hear the Little Mans friends follow him out the door sayin'.......
" I thought your Parents were Rich"

What he don't know is,
I am rich!

My imagination is rich,
My home is rich with Love!
My friends enrich my life,
I am rich with emotion that is evoked every time I use a bowl handed down to me from my Mother or lay out a favorite quilt made by Grandmother or put on a tattered old apron lovingly sewed by my Great Granny!
I have a list of riches longer than he is tall! He don't know.....

So I fill my home to the brim,
 with all the old tattered and worn things, that I love and hold so very dear.
I'll graciously open my door to all that knock upon it.
I'll step back and warmly invite you in.....
and if you find yourself pinching up your face,
what ever you do......
Don't call my riches.....
 "Old Crap".
Or I'm likely to knock the stuffin' out of you!

So glad you stopped by today,

" Com'on Skippy, lets me and you go on out to the wood shop and make us somethin'
old and crappy! "

Friday, October 1, 2010

~ This Gal Could Use Some Help Over Here..~

I'm stumped..... First I think I want one thing....  
Then I think I want another...

Confucius  Say....
Make up you stinkin' mind alright!

It's my Dry-Sink...... 
What do y'all think? 
I've been keepin' myself busy.
Kinda thought I might get it all done,
then lay a big ole SURPRISE on ya....

Nope.....It's a notta-gonna be that-a-way!
Cause.........I'ya can'ta make a uppa my mind....

The building it part....
That'sa easy peasy!
The finishing it part....
That'sa makes me a wanna cry like a little baby.........

I Love the barn red!
I Love the size
I Love the shape
I Love the feel.....

It was designed with one door, I'll put a curtain up to the other side..
Something similar to the one on the Step-Back...
Feed sack or something or another...

But for the life of me,
 I can't decide if I wanna paint that there white door "red" or not?
Do I or Don't I ?
Remember, I'm a still needin' to stain it yet...

But this here "Confused Mountain Gal" needs some ..
Feedback Please?