Thursday, December 9, 2010

~ Who Said Snowmen Were Porch Trained....~

I hope that everyone has been enjoying the "Holiday Season".
I've been terribly busy. Between the extra grooming, Internet sales, custom orders and the Holiday Festivities, I have also been helping the Middle Son and my soon to be new Daughter-in-Law, plan their big day.
I have not gotten the Christmas trees up or done much in the gift department either. Then to top it off, I'm "Flying Solo" this week again! Mr Fix-It, has flew the coop and left me in charge!

My first order of business,

A little...." Holiday Cheer "

I called in the "Snowmen" to help decorate!

He did such a great job...

I called him right back!

I know It's a lot and big thing to ask...

But next time would you,

Please piddle....

"Off the Porch"

Just a word of advice...
Make sure they're porch trained before you get one!



  1. Oh my gosh he's adorable!!! just needs a bit more potty training, but like a puppy he is cute enough to get away with it;)

  2. Very cute, Sweetie! I'm smiling!
    Please consider losing the word verification to make your posts more blogger-friendly and commenting easier.

  3. those darned peeing snowmen..they are way too cute...:) even the piddling ones.:)

  4. This is too funny. I've seen these special mats advertised on TV this evening for the first time. The dogs can pee on and it absorbs the pee in the bottom and the stays dry keeping your house free of puddles. I can't remember what they called them but your snowman could use one and there would be no puddles on your porch. JB

  5. I was told that word verification was to keep spam away. JB

  6. Too funny! A piddling snowman! LOL,loved it!

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  7. You mention 'extra grooming'. What kind of grooming? As I am a dog groomer, that is immediately what I think of!! Am sure you mean something else tho!!! Love the snowman, he needs depends!!

  8. Trisha,
    Your so quirkie! I love to read your posts! I always leave with a big smile on my face.
    Thank you for such sweet posts.
    Happy Holidays and Prim Blessings,

  9. How adorable, so cute!Porch Train a snowman, too funny!LoL

    thanks for the giggle!

  10. Tooo Funny!! You are just amazing the way you make people LOL! What a cute idea, your blog is great! Keep making us laugh!! =)