Wednesday, August 25, 2010

~Oh No! ~ It Was Not Supposed To Be This Way ~ Somebody Help Me!~

I said No!
I really wasn't going to do it.....
I tried, I really did!

"I wasn't going to love you!"
 I tried to ignore you,
But you followed me anyway.

"I  wasn't going to love you!"

The day they took you, to find another home,
They did what?
Oh no you don't!
I can't!!! I won't!!! I'll just, just, just..... Die!
Okay, You win....

I did, I called them crying!
 Please tell me you haven't given my Lover Boy away!

I need him!
I can't live without him!
He has become the heartbeat of my soul!

This wonderful little magnificent soul has wormed his way into my heart...

I'm completely smitten....sigh...

I can't tell you the one thing that did it, because there are 10 million!
He wasn't even the cutest one in the litter!
I can say for a fact, that "he" picked me.
He made sure that I fully understood,
 that he loved me and was not going anywhere!

"Mister Bumble Bee, Why you do dees to me?"

"Mom, did you say leave the peas alone?"

Here's the deal, "Not Head" the above mentioned soul mate, needs a name!
So, I thought it might be fun to have my followers name the Punk!
Awhile back, I tried to help out a fellow follower.
(say that ten times fast!)
I promised to do a Give~A~Way when we both hit 100 followers!
Well, she has not been seen, nor heard from in awhile.
 I Miss you!
I however, have surpassed 100!
Let me tell you a few things about him,
He comes every morning and cuddles in bed,
He greets my grooming clients at the door,
He hugs my legs,
He swings with me,
He hangs over the side of my grooming sink and picks on the little puppies,
He plays Ninja Kitty and defends me from stray dogs!  (Great Dane)
He hugs my legs,
He escorts me out to pick the garden and pull weeds,
He helps me fold laundry,
He hugs my legs,
He answers my questions when no one else will,
He helps me mop the floors,
He hugs my legs,
He makes me laugh!
He comes when you whistle for the dogs,
He has eradicated the entire yard of grasshoppers!
and best of all....He hugs my legs!

"I Wasn't Going to Love You!"

Please be kind to the punk!
He deserves a very special name!
So, the rules are simple...
Leave a comment that contains your special name and why you would call him that!
and either post about it or put a link on your side bar!
I'll check for it if your name is picked!

Oh my goodness!
I went ahead and did it!
"I Love Him!"

I'll be posting pics of what I have done for the lucky winner!

Have fun and remember, I have to yell this outside where the neighbors will hear!
Please don't make holler Ding Dong to the world!


  1. He reminds me of Morris..I think Morris was the 9 lives cat...

    I am such a sucker with cats to...He is adorable...

  2. Peanutbutter because he sticks to you. We have a kitten that looks like him here at the homestead. His name is Tawney. My daughter named him. Enjoy youe little friend!

  3. How about Elmer (as in glue :) He sure is cute!!!

    Have fun! ~ Lucy

  4. P.S. I've posted on!

  5. OMG, Tisha, you've got it bad, and I can see why - your boy has stolen my heart too (shhh - don't tell - I have 2 jealous boys of my own!) - I can see why you are SO smitten with your new kitten!

    Considering how he has taken over your heart, I think you should name him Cupid. My goodness, he has the sweetest face!

    I will gladly share this with my readers (thanks, Lucy, for sharing this on your site!) and I'm signing up to follow you as well. Hope you'll join me at Create With Joy and visit me and my Maine Coons!


  6. Tisha,
    What a sweet post! I loved reading about your little kitty and the first thing that came to mind was "Romeo". As in Romeo and Juliet!! You being his Juliet. He has stollen your heart and he loves to hug your legs. He is just adorable!
    I'll put a link on my blog to have others help name your kitty.

  7. He is such a cutie! You have been given some really good choices and the only thing I could think of was 'ZZ' Okay... it needs explaining. LOL Remember the song by ZZ Top 'Legs'??? Since your little guy likes to rub up against your legs I thought it might suit him. I know... silly, huh?

    Congratulations on 100 followers and good luck naming this cutie!

    Oh... what about Robin? Like Robin Hood..... cause he did still your heart!

    Debbie K

  8. Oh my!!! How adorable.
    How about "PUMPKIN" since it is so close to the fall season?
    And he just looks like a little loveable pumpkin! LOL

  9. What an adorable baby! I was gonna
    say "Punkin" so...How about "Honey" or
    "Sunny" or "Cinnamon" I see why you fell
    in love with him! I have a black one
    that I just love! I named him Chumlee,
    mostly call him Chum.

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  10. Awww, our kitty is an orange tiger just like your little guy who is just as cute as a button.

    How about Sir Davey Athelward (Davey for short). Davey meaning Dearly Loved and Athelward meaning Noble Protector...

    Good Luck picking just the perfect name for your furry friend...Traci :)

  11. Aww, how sweet, I don't have a name but when I read the Cupid suggestion, that name jumped right out and seems perfect, so I double suggest that one, lol! good luck...sharon

  12. Hello my friend! What a cute widdle kitty.....We have a mini-dachshund( pictured on my sidebar ) named Ginger and she is a real sweetheart, as well. Now I'm not offering Ginger as a name cuz your little guy deserves a masculine moniker. I am suggesting 'Dillinger', as in John Dillinger, the notorious bank robber! You could call him 'Dil'. I can hear you calling him now! HERE, Dilly, Dilly, Dilly! See? That sounds right! It sounds good!
    And, of course, I will post this darlin' boy on my sidebar; though I know you need no further suggestions. 8=)
    BTW~ you haven't signed up for my giveaway! It ends tomorrow at 6PM. Check it out!

  13. I can see why you had to get him back! What a kewtie! I like the peanut butter idea (because he sticks to you)... but, since you have to yell it... let's name him "Skippy".

  14. Moose yeah I know it is strange name but my Mom's cat was a buff orange and he just was a very solid cat. He was Aloof but loving to her. He sleep on her bed at her feet. He allowed her to be his staff LOL.
    angel2cook at aol dot com.

  15. Hi Tisha, You have one of the most adorable kinds of kitties that anyone could possess. We've had two of that color kitty and still have one. Our "Daffy" is 20 years old and has one of the best personalities of any kitty that we've had. Daffy looks like Morris and he lets out a should that sounds like he is saying "Hello". You have a real "Gem" on your hands.. I hope your kitty will live a looooong, healthy life and continue to provide much pleasure in your life.. Enjoy every minute with him. Hugs, Charlotte

  16. Hi again Tisha, I should have said that Daffy makes a sound that sounds like he is saying "Hello". Charlotte

  17. he is extremly handsome little pal. I think that he has to be 'Skaggs" the bluegrass fiddle player? remember? this is because he has played your heart like a fiddle and the 2 of you are playing a lovely song together for ever together.

  18. Hi Tisha,
    Just had to add my two cents worth cause I too have a little baby kitty that looks just like yours. He was in a litter of three that were abandoned after just two weeks. So, I took on the task of feeding them with the plan of finding them new homes later. I had just lost a cat that I had had for nearly 20 years and wasn't going to get attached again. Sadly, his brother and sister didn't make it. Early on he was "Rocky" because he always had to be first in everything. Had an eye that looked like it had been socked. And he too has taken on the task to single-pawed rid our yard of the all orthopterous insects. Oh ya, he likes to grab everyone who is wearing jeans. So, he looks like a "Rocky" to me.
    Will become a Follower so I can keep up with the results. Good luck to baby kitty. 8-)
    Come by to see me.
    Y'all take care, Linda Dry Creek Primitive Peddler

  19. I think Shadow, since he is always around or Rascal. I am now a follower and will post on my sidebar. He is a cutie indeed....

  20. I had to come back to read the names! Lots
    of cute names suggested...Good luck in
    picking one!

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  21. Hi Tisha... After reading your story ..and seeing that sweet little guy over and over. I would call him Mr.Huggles!!! I know it's such a silly name.. But I think it fits him Purr-fectly! Because he's Always hugging your legs!!!And always such a cuddlebug!!My husband said he would call him Brinx in the security system,,,because he's a Watch cat!!!! lol!! Always protecting his serogate Mama!!!I was reading the story to!!! hugs!!!

  22. Well what an adorable kitty - I am a lover of kitties (I have 2) and they are the best friends and when you are alone they are so much company.
    I think you should name him HUGGERS - seems it's one of the things he loves to do with you!
    And now that I'm typing this I see that Donna has named him something similar...SO IT'S UNANIMOUS...some kind of name with HUG in it!

  23. Hi Trisha- I like Eli Parker. Plain and simple with a touch of old world primitive added. Love your blog and enjoy following it. (millstonemercantile)

  24. Hi!
    Thanks for visiting my blog ... I LOVE your kittie ... but if you seen my blog, you'll see about 9 different kitties ... people keep throwing them away ...
    There can be no other name for your sweet side kick but "Shadow" I am now a follower! Good Luck in the naming of your baby.

  25. I am in love... I say "ERNIE" ... he is so sweet... I know what you mean once you fall in love with a cat you are hooked for life. He looks like such a snuggle bug... I have a stray named Leo that choose my daughter but she already had 2, it was the best thing I ever did for myself... he loves me unconditionally and he lets me know it every day.

    He looks like a lucky litte guy to have your for his new furmommy... I think the little punk has already got you wrapped around his little paw.

    Big Hugs, Deb

  26. Hey Guy's!
    Wow this is going to be hard to decide!
    This little guy has me "Totaly Wrapped up"
    Be sure and check out the newest "Punk" post for all the details and Pictures of the winnings!
    No hints, but some of these really crack me up!

  27. Hey Tish-How 'bout "L.P." stands for Little Punk...don't ever forget your roots and where you started. He has stolen our hearts being called Punk. I will mention this in my blog tomorrow. Blessings (millstonemercantile)