Thursday, April 22, 2010

I Swear I'm Not AWOL!

Boy, Life sure has a way of throwing us a curve ball sometimes! I've been redirected so many times this year.
 My son has moved out! Yeah! (he was using my sewing room!) My Daughter moved out right behind him! Yeah! (Only one left to go!) So Honey and I decide now is the time to paint and fix things before we move everything back down to the sewing room. Then you all know if you paint then you have to change the curtains! and if you change all that then nothing matches so you must find things that work with the new! (You all get where I'm going with this!) Yes I took things from other areas and yes that left blanks to be filled... Hummm.. What's a Girl To Do?.......
 Go Junkin!!!!! Boy was that fun!!!! One of the local antique stores is closing! Now I've been shopping there of and on for some time and made pretty good friends with the owner. So the last day just before the doors closed he let myself and my little helper (my twelve year old son) climb the rafters to see what we could find! We had the best time, He loves digging through and finding the good stuff. He climbed piles and would yell out, There's crocks back there mom! We spent about five hours sifting through and digging under stuff. (it was a 20,000 sf building stuffed full!) Then came the bargaining! I think that's the best part! We scored big! I think I truly impressed my son! Later today I'll take pictures and post what we found.. I also took some time to build some things for me.. I've not kept much for myself. We have been busy getting the yard ready for spring.
 Everyone that has followed me on Ebay knows that I raise English Mastiffs. So do all the local vets in our area. Needless to say I have received two calls lately asking if we could take in rescues! You guessed it, we now have two more! I can't say no! Jake is 4, his other mother is dying from cancer and could no longer care for him. She asked us to take him, so that she could see him adjust and be happy before she leaves us... He has done well, such a sweet heart. Scared to death of men, but we have worked with him and he is coming along well! Second is Lovie, she was found tied to a barb wire fence next to the vets office and had been shot in the head! She was also starved. ( she only weighed 90 lbs) They treated her medical needs and called me to love her! She now weighs about 150 and you would never know she was ever abused! We Love her! She is the sweetest dog and I can't understand why someone would ever treat her badly? Again I'll get pictures posted!
 Now that things have begun to calm down I look forward to getting back to my little world of creating! I've so missed everyone! And thank you for all the emails asking about my where-a-bouts! Life sure has a way of directing us sometimes! I have more product to list on the website and will be doing that this weekend.
Till later... I'm off to groom today!

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