Monday, April 26, 2010

A Sneek-Peek at what I've been up to!

Hey Everyone!
 It's been such a nice weekend and now again today. It's really has been a distraction and makes it hard to stay focused. The weather man is calling for rain and s#$w! starting tomorrow. After the first of April i consider that a four letter word! My apricot tree as well as my plum trees have already set blooms... I have found myself gravitating to the yard or at least the back deck all morning. These little guys have kept me company...

This little guy can't seem to figure out what's buggin him..

Feelin Frisky!
Last night I caught Molly trying to steal marshmallows...

They were right here...
She can't have marshmallows, she is on a diet...
and no...not a see food diet..

What a Love!
I've been taking pics all morning and all of it was not play! I'll be listing things through out the day on my website

This sweet little screen door cupboard..
And this great old style make do shaving shelf..
As well as these Sweet prim little plant boxes..I've even added a fun primrose stencil .
Comes in oatmeal and Mustard!
It's been real busy around here and I've got lots more to come...
Also be sure and get in on the great giveaway over at Sticks Stitches and Boards..I have added a link at the top of my side bar..But Hurry it ends tomorrow..(Tuesday,26th)

Hope you all have a great day!

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  1. Hi, I really love the pictures and your website, as well as your blog, is awesome. You have some fun items. Maybe I'll be able to buy from you, sometime.

    ~ Yaya
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