Thursday, March 3, 2011

~ Head Count.... 8.....~

Just sayin'
We're at 8 now...
8 traps,
have lovingly been deposited, at the back door,
waiting for Little Man to return home from school and rid them of their gifted prey.

I've come to learn that Tucker is the Thoughtful Giver!
or the Grim Reaper as Molly refers to her...

I personally think we work well together.
I originally thought the cats could solve this issue,
but Tucker has chosen the path of least resistance,

I kill and she presents the loot and gets the praise...
I'll live with it,
 considering, I don't have to go crawl around in the shed and retrieve the traps from under the shelving,
I prefer to look at it as a co-op!
and go figure, the Boy's would leave the dirty work to to girls!

I thought, maybe, everyone would like to meet the Girls...
I must apologize in advance for the pictures,
it's very hard to get pictures when you have dinner in your hands!

This is Molly,
Good Golly Miss Molly!
Molly is five years old and has lived here since she was eleven weeks old.
She loves babies (all babies, even mice) and rolling around with Little Man.
She has Elbow Displaysia and is limited in her mobility.
I will admit, up front, she's very spoiled...
Very Spoiled!

This is Miss Lovie,
Lovie is around three and has lived here at
Loafer Mountain Retreat for a year now..
Lovies story is a heart wrencher,

We have temporarily paused this posting to allow you to retrieve tissues.
She was found abandoned,
on the side of the road,
tied to a fence post,
starved and shot in the head.
She had been left there to die.
A very good friend was walking,
as he does every day on his lunch break,
when he happened upon her.
She had fought the lead, and in the process,
tangled herself in the barb wire, until her face was hung up on several barbs.
She had multiple punctures and cuts and two bullet holes in the top of her head.
She weighed about half what she does now and both ears were severely infected.

The friend called me from the side of the road asking what to do.
At the same time the local Veterinarians assistant happened upon them. He helped to cut her loose and proceeded to take her to his work.
The vet in question is a large animal vet and doesn't usually deal with dogs,
 but made an exception for her.
Everyone involved knows me and knows that I have Mastiffs and have taken in critters in need.
Needless to say, she came upon my doorstep and I could not turn her away.
She has been a loving quest here at the retreat since!

She is real testament to strength and endurance and despite her misgivings she still loves people!

and just for the record....

this is the sun room in question,
it's attached to the dog house,
not my house!

Lovie still has issues, she can't stand not seeing whats around her and has fashioned a peep hole so she can stay aware while she eats... In the summer the plastic comes down and the sunscreen is left.
They always have a warm and dry place.
Beyond this is a 12x8 foot heated dog house with beds.

I told you they were spoiled,
I even cook for them...

How many dogs do you know,
 that have their own heated dog house with attached sun porch?

 Better yet,
Room service with a view?

By the way,

I did agree to let the girls have some pet birds...

aka.... the critter keeper....


  1. awww, how sweet I think those girls eat better than I do some days ! Such a great story and a great new beginning for a sweet dog who was left to die, Thank you for rescuing her. Have a great day
    hugs lil raggedy angie

  2. oh thanks tisha now im ballin like a baby!you did warn me to get the a angel you are for helping her.bless your soul!they are both just so precious!i want to just reach through the screen and give lovey a big kiss.sad about the mice,keep up the good work.they just probally figure the others pets are livin the high life and want to join in,can ya blame em lol.have a great day!blessings michelle

  3. Love love love that you've given these sweet babies a safe and happy and spoiled home. My god, can humans be any crueler to animals? We've rescued a couple former starving dumpees and also adopted from shelters. All they want is love and a little decent care. God bless you.

  4. oh my gosh what a story of your beloved glad she is home with you and that she is so loved...:)

  5. So glad Lovie was adopted by you!!

  6. That is a cinderella story, if there ever was!...I love it, and the fact that you have a heart for animals.

    We have our own 'petting zoo' here as well...except ours are all spoiled inside the home...LOL .. 3 dogs, 2 cats & a ferret!

    My sister and mom have mastiff's and they are very loving little (I mean BIG) babies!

  7. Tisha, OMG, as a major dog lover! I am so glad you were able to take this wonderful animal in, even if they are letting those little mices around.... Our dogs have been rescue dogs as well!!!
    OK, now a funny story for you... after all this talk about mice.. OH I hate mice... I was sitting here at the computer and could of sworen I felt a mouse run across my foot! I jumped out of my skin and jumped back only to realize it was a bunch of hubby's crap sliding down! OLM

  8. I can never understand how people can treat animals so badly. Good for you for taking the poor unfortunate dog in and giving it a good life. Blessings on you and your work of mercy. JB

  9. You are an Angel to those dogs! So glad you we able to rescue them. I have two Golden retrievers. One I rescued from someone who just wasnt able to care for him anymore. he is my second rescue...the other regrettably has passed but we had many good years with her as well. They just want love and its so nice to be able to give it to them!

  10. I'm so glad you could give that gorgeous animal such a happy life after going through what she did. They certainly are very well looked after and loved!!!! Our two dogs are inside dogs. One sleeps with which ever one of the boys will have him and my little girl snuggles up to me every night. Thank Goodness they are only small dogs!!!!

  11. Your girls are beautiful and it shocks and angers me that someone would do such a horrible thing to a dog. Almost threw up. I love dogs, all dogs. Even when dogs misbehave they don't deserve such treatment. You have a kind heart and so glad that there are still folks out there that give these babies some love. I have loved two mastiffs. They are beautiful gentle giants. They are my nephews so to speak. LOL
    Thank you for sharing their story.