Wednesday, March 2, 2011

~ Mouse Training 101 ~

 It was brought to my attention  recently,
 that we have a wee bit of a problem.
You see,
I have just discovered that my big girls (my Mastiffs) have been holdin' out some relevant information.
Information that I consider to be Important.
They have a pet...
mouse..mmmmm.. or rather mice!
 I discovered this whilst I was feedin'.
I was going about my normal routine,
feed Lucky boy, feed the girls, wash water buckets and return to see,
 Molly sharin' her breakfast with THEM! 
 "Them" as in the mice!
They scatter the very second I step into the sun room, leaving both girls perplexed, looking at each other like I just ran over their favorite puppy.
Molly looks at the hole in the wall, where they made their escape  and then back to me like..
 " What did you do?"
"Where did they go?"

 That didn't bother me half as bad as the fact that I have three cats and it sure appears that they are not doing their jobs!
 I talked it over with Mr. Fix-It and after wayin' the pro and cons, decided to buy some mouse traps and enroll the three, free loaders....
 in Mouse Hunting 101.
The traps were promptly added to the weekend grocery/shopping list and all things furry and fun were quickly enlisted in this endeavor to train three lazy felines to rid the homestead,
of this rodent infestation little situation.
I explained to the big girls,
 that they could not have pets without prior approval as well as the fact that I can not afford to feed the neighborhood.

Besides, it wouldn't be fair, I already told Skippy that he could NOT have a Rottweiler,
even if it was to be the "Mascot" of his Fan Club!

We proceeded to set aside time each evening, to play out the role they were expected to preform.
Mr. Fix-It would gather all the furry critters,
and one by one,
fire them out for the kitties to catch and return,
so that once again, he could practice with them.
 They loved this schooling, and looked forward each evening to  
practicing their stalking and pouncing skills with Dad.

We were fairly certain that they had gotten the idea,
 so this morning I awoke bright and early.

 Snatched three free loading felines,
 from their comfy little beds
 and shoved them outside at the crack of dawn...

Now get your butts out there and earn your keep!

I set about doing my mornin' chores of laundry, dishes, make the beds etc...
and as I pass the back door, 
I notice something different.
Upon further inspection I discover.........

Yep, thats right...
We now have three retrievers!

No ones tellin' whose bright idea this was..


 and the freeloaders....


  1. I Love your little Kitties..They always look so sweet when laying in different positions. I can always tell when my 1 cat catches a mouse because she eats and then spits it back up...they are very good mousers though so I will not complain :)

  2. your kitties are beautiful..we had some free loaders in our shed..we used the sticky paper and the traps..caught them all..must have been like 7-10 of them..

  3. LOL, your kitties are too sweet! Important lessons for them to learn, NO pet mice:D

  4. LOVE IT!!!!how cute they all are except the mice.those are a defenant no-no.We just watched animal hoarders and a guy had over 1000 pet rats.three at first got loose and he didnt bother to catch him and well Im sure you can guess the rest.....bred like crazy.It was the saddest situation Ive ever seen.So sweet of the dogs to share.I bet you freaked out,I would have.have a great day and keep up the good work with them cute kitties.blessings michelle

  5. I love your cat story. I am a cat lover, we have ten outside cats. Oh forget them catching any mice, we have to keep the mice traps set in our laundry room all time. Why bother to catch any mice, they get fed and lay around and soak up the sun, what a life. May have to send them to retriever school, they need to start earning their keep. Thanks for sharing your kitties with us. Vicky

  6. Great cat and mouse story. I got one that comes in my car and leave some tell tale of being there by chewing some of my papers in the dash compartment and I also sawsome traces in the trunk. I caught one and now there's another one. JB

  7. I loved your story. I have two cats and the oldest is the best mouser we have ever had.... Mama just doesn't enjoy the gifts she leaves me after 'playing' with them.


  8. Your pictures and third person stories never fail to amuse me. A talent for sure---and I mean more than Skippy.

  9. OMG!!! LOL!!!... Now I am glad this little situtation is at your home, or my poor hubby would hear me screaming about the mouse that is in our house!!! How they manage to find their way in, yet so rudely can't find their way out! UGH! Keeping my fingers crossed, don't want to jinx me... but after our remodeling last year we found their entry holes and closed them!!! OLM

  10. Oh Tisha!
    I've heard of cats having to be trained to kill the freeloaders! One wonders what happens to their natural instincts! Too funny but not that funny when they get inside the house!
    Here's hoping your felines come to their senses and help you out with rodent control on the homestead! You have your hands full with all the work out there!
    Cathy G

  11. Hahahaha!!!!

    Well at leeast the cats weren't BRINGING the mice in... ALIVE! Like ours so often do!

    Carmen and the (not so good at killing mice) Primcats ;)

  12. Your cats are very pretty!
    Too funny~ love how you kicked them out~ to earn their keep~ I am with Carmen( atleast they weren't bringing in live one's~ I've been there!)
    That is a beauty of a view you have~ I am thinking they probably were enjoying the outside too much to earn their keep! LOL Love the post!
    Cats gotta love the fur balls~

  13. LOL! Such cute dogs and cats! I loved reading their stories!

    God bless!