Wednesday, May 19, 2010

No Puppies!..And...Neurological Status?

Wow, what a Merry Go Round!....
I have spent weeks getting ready for puppies, the special diet, the whelping bed with special heat pad and bedding, the special area in the garage, Mom's undivided attention for day's!, two day's of labor, a visit to the vet.... And NO PUPPIES!
 Diagnoses! ...... Neurological Status?.... She just thought she was pregnant!...  She looked it, she acted like it, she got milk! and she had labor!
 I on the other hand have had my world turned upside down for weeks! I had to rearrange the garage to accommodate her I had to juggle my grooming schedule to accommodate her delivery dates, I have not left home for two weeks until we went to the vet's! Let's not even discuss the vet bill! Talk about Neurological Status, I'm next on the list! How much do you suppose the Doc would charge to tell ME that? Well life goes on!
 We are now getting back to normal, I took Monday and soothed my soul by working in the yard and garden all day! My Garden is done and very little left to finish up the flower beds! We are having more rain today so I suppose it was a good thing I got it done. Yesterday was a packed grooming day. I only groom two days a week, most of the time, but this time of year things pick up and I have weeks that are really busy. Today I'm meeting up with the fledgling Daughter and going Junkin for a little while. That will bring me around! Anything to try and get things back to normal and quit feeling blue.

Prim Wishes,


  1. oh what a bummer,well u can always breed her since u got everything ready lol.hand in there hows the kittys?blessings michelle

  2. OMG Tisha.... your Dog thought she was pregnant?? Now thats strange!!!!!!! First I ever heard if that one!!! lol!!!

  3. Oh my so disappointing. You put so much TLC into the coming births. Sure hope going junkin will relax you and give you a chance to have some fun time for yourself. How is the mommy cat?

  4. Oh, that is so sad! I can understand why you are feeling so stressed and depressed! I hope you were able to find some great junkin' treasures. Thanks for signing on to follow me! I've signed on to follow you as well!