Saturday, May 15, 2010

It's Labor day!... Isn't It?

Hey Blog Buddie's!
Just a quick post to keep everyone up to date! As you can tell by the title, I'm a little confussed as to what day it is, I think?
I'm sure it's Labor day weekend.... I've got both hands full with not one but two mother's in labor at the same time! LOL..or cry trying :) I was exspecting the puppies but not the kitties!
or..... My son home with the stomach flu for three day's! To say the least it's been a fun but challenging week.
Tucker's Tired Too!

I'll be sure to pop in and keep you all posted. Hope you all have a great weekend!
 I'm also helping a fellow blogger out and would love it you all would slip on over and say Hi to Rachel at~
I'm going to do a Giveaway when she and I both get 100 followers! I'll be posting the pics and showing you what I have in mind! So let's all be supportive~ Join up as a follower on both sites and I'll do the rest!
Darla over at
is also doing a giveaway in support so skip on over and check out her blog!
And a big shout out to Donna at for getting this whole thing going! Yeah I love a giveaway but more than that I Love seeing people come together and help others!
These girls Rock!
Prim Wishes!


  1. I love your blog and looking at all your great primitive finds!!! You have great taste!!!!

  2. Well how fun is that...babies all over the place!
    I love the look of your blogt and isn't Donna just the sweetest lil ole gal! I love her to bits and she makes the most wonderful treasures.
    I'll be waiting anxiously for your give away and I'm off to visit Darla!
    Hugs, Karen

  3. P.S. I went over to Rachels blog but am a bit confused as to what it's about.
    Her posts say they are current but her other blog says the same things but dated January.
    Can you help me here?

  4. Oh my Kittens & puppies. I will be looking for there first photo shoot.

  5. Wow! that will be so awesome. We used to raise mini-dachshunds and they are so fun. Now we just have retired dachshunds and they are still fun.
    Welcome to blogland. Looking forward to seeing more of your creativity. I visit most of the bloggers listed here so I look forward to your future postings! Linda

  6. Hi guy's,
    I'm sorry, In my mushy brain world, I messed up the link :) I've fixed it, I hope!
    I'll try to pop back often! And thank you guy's!

  7. hey tisha im comin from donna and now im following you as well.look forward to seeing both you and rachel reach your 100 mark.have a great weekend and godbless,now im gonna read your whole blog.blessings michelle

  8. i'm back lol.tisha i luv your blog i could get lost in it all night.hang in there with the mommies to be,i remember when my mother in law had (first time breeding and last i think lol)her dobermanns liter .life literally came to a stop for two couch destoyed and many sleepness nights for her .but i am so grateful cause i got my baby boy guardian angel and hes the sad to here of lovie ,thank god theres good people out there like you to care,bless you michelle

  9. LOL...Tish thanks for the Shout out... but theres a lil problem hon..the blog link was!!! Too funny!! You poor thing...Just worry about your puppies and kitties sweetie. And tes we're gonna wanna see pictures!!YOU KNOW THEY ARE GONNA MAKE US MELT!!!! Lol!!! My link is actually... (wink!!) Have a good Puppy and Kitty filled night of furry lil blessings!!!! ...Donna

  10. Hey Ya'll,
    Thanks so much for the wonderful comments! Karen, I think I have all the kinks worked out..Ooopps! I'm still learning so forgive me if I trip. Please?
    No babies yet, This first stage is going slow. I'm still trudging ahead with a lot of checking up on them in the middle...You'd think this was my first rodeo! Just my mastiff mama's first litter so I'm not so sure what to expect.
    Michelle~ My parents raised dobies when I was groing up..Love them! My Brother still raises them and my mother still has one.
    Thanks everyone, this is great!

  11. Wow, I was looking at your pictures, we have the same kitchen curtains!!!! I love mine, you have great taste!!!! Hugs,

  12. AWWW...Thanks for the shout out Tisha!! I sure do appreciate it! we have babies yet???
    I wanna see 'em when you do...I love babies!!!

    The Prim Patch

  13. Hi Tisha,
    I just love your blog. I am pretty new to prims. Your pictures are very inspiring.......Love all the baby news.....Maureen

  14. Oh my mommas in labor. I hope the babies all come out okay. Well wishes for your flu bug bitten boy:)
    At the behest of Donna, I'm visiting and am glad I did:) I'm having a giveaway right now too and hope you'll pop over and get entered.
    So glad to emeet you!