Monday, May 24, 2010

I've Been Playing With My New Toy!!!!

Back in the far corners of my mind, I vaguely remember a week not to long ago.
 We all celebrated Mother's Day, do you all remember? 
Well, my Honey bought me a present. I had to wait to get this present.
 I waited and waited and then It finally came! Yeah, .....
Not so fast....It came right in the middle of Labor Day Week! So I read the box, and I hooked it up, and I played with it a few minutes at a time here and there. But I wasn't able to really play until this weekend!
 He bought me a Silhouette SD...(similar to the cricut machine) Then he hands me a CD and tells me  "load this on your computer". It was thousands of Images that work with this machine!....I'm in creative heaven!...This machine is amazing! So much versatility. It will cut up to 8" wide and up to 39" long!
I played around with simple fonts first then I played with the DXF images.

             So,  here are my first attempts at making my own stencils!

This one is done with Old Barn Wood. I used the same colors that I painted the Step-back with.

Again the Old Barn Wood only I left it natural.
Then I decided to play with the scraps of Pine that I had, These are results...

I like the way they all turned out but I think I'll change the font on the one that says "Pantry Wares". 
They are all 10x12 or larger. I have way to many ideas now! What do you guy's think? I wish you could see them up close, the base paint crackled and chipped. They look so old!
Now I have to find someplace to hang them...Hmmmm...
Hope you all had a great weekend too!
Prim Wishes,


  1. Those are great looking signs Tisha!! Good for you!


  2. those are awesome!a lady at church keeps tellin me to come over and play with her cricut,i think i might just have to lol.have a great weekend.god bless michelle

  3. I love your signs....I have a bunch of old wood and will try making some hand though since I don't have a program or a machine...

  4. They are great. Have lots of fun making many more.

  5. I'm so jealous! I wish I had a machine to make stencils! Your signs turned out really good! Have fun experimenting!!

  6. Hi Tisha! Thanks so much for following my blog - and thanks to Carol! - I've just become one of you followers too! I love the 'feel' of your blog already!
    That new machine of yours is every prim lovers dream! The signs and stencils are awesome!
    Make sure and show us the next set you create - I'll be back for sure!
    Best wishes

  7. love your signs :) My favorite is the one on barnwood :) I love them all can't wait to see what you come up with! :)

  8. Oh my gosh Tisha!! These signs are just awesome! If you can't find anyplace to hang them at your house, I'm sure I can find some room for them here at my house! LOL! Great job!

  9. What a lucky girl you are! You'll have so many signs you won't know where to put them all!
    How fun for you!
    Have a great day~

    Sheila @ Seasons of Thy Heart and
    Country Impressions (selling) blogs

  10. How fun! I have an idea...have a giveaway but don't tell anyone but me! Ha! These are great and what a sweet hubby! Have fun!

  11. Hi Tisha Just stopping by :) That is a cool machine you got there!!! Love your signs they are gorgeous!!! If you have any hints on woodworking well.........I got my hubby doing a little and you know what???........I think he is enjoying it!!! He made me a prim noodle board and he is making more and plans to sell some. I got a lot of ideas in my head for other prim wooden goodies!!!