Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I Finished the Stepback Cupboard!

I Finished!
This has to be the best project yet, I love it!

From the knot holes.....

To the olde rusty hinges...
The paint turned out the best olde blue gray!
and lets just say the backboard, Well I think it speaks for itself!

I left the wood inside natural as well as the dividing shelf and the top of the cupboard.

Sorry about the lighting,
It was really late at night and I could not get a clear shot for nothing!
Hubby brought in a new full spectrum tube light for me to get this one!
Thanks Honey!
Yes he reads my blog!
It was a little tricky getting a full view shot because of where it sits.
It shows a little darker in this shot.
I also went with a different sack for the curtain.
and I decorated it!

I'm using the bottom for storage!
Now I just need to find some brooms for the door.
I also managed to get a second project completed.
I needed to replace a bench that I was using for a crock bench.

The legs are leftover banisters that I cut down and the rest is rough cut lumber,
finished with buttermilk paint and aged to primitive perfection!

Now, I think I'll go dig around out in the lumber pile and see if I can't find me a dry sink!
Maybe a nice big one to set behind my sofa,
Maybe something to match the stepback.
Guess I'll pull up the olde rocker and talk it through with Tucker,
She does share my love for all things Olde and Worn!

She sure does like her new cradle!
She kind of looks like a ghost kitty laying in there!


  1. Love the step back! Awesome job!

  2. All of your furniture is prim perfect. Go for the dry sink to.

  3. I love the step back! It is awesome......
    Can't wait to see the dry sink. I have always wanted one. And a baker's rack. Oh, and a brick oven for baking bread and pizza. I guess, I need many more things to make my dreams come true.
    *sigh* ★ Linda ★

  4. WOWIE!!!!! That cupboard is to die for!! The color is fabulous!! Oooh, a dry sink sounds wonderful too!! Can't wait to see...

  5. I became a follower a few days ago and boy howdy am I glad I did! Cupboard & crock bench/table are awesome.

  6. Love, love your cupboard!! Very primitive indeed! And your kitty in the crib is so cute. I used to have a all white kitty.


  7. Love, love, love that stepback, I am doing something similar with our tv cabinet. Can't wait to see your dry sink. Have a wonderful weekend.

  8. Hi,
    New to your blog,
    looks like you have been a busy prim'mer!
    Love the cupboard! You guys did an awesome job!

    love seeing all the goodies you got on your travels, what a dream vacation, antiquing all the way!

    Thanks for sharing!
    Prim blessin's

  9. Love the stepback cabinet and the bench. Too kewl!


  10. Hi..I love everything!! You do wonderful work!! Even love your way of decorating. I am sure I could find a pile of lumber here if you would like to come over..LOL.. And then we could explore whether we are related or not..LOL..