Thursday, August 5, 2010

~ What Blessings Life Has For Us ~

I had a few moments to reflect on the things that are going on in my life.
I sat outside and mulled over, all of the events that have transpired over the course of three weeks. It started with my Brother returning home after an 8 year absence. Then a two week visit with a family friend after a 15 year absence. My fledgling Daughter will be moving back home this weekend and my BBF is in a major crisis.
~Welcome to Loafer Mountain Crisis Center~
 To say the least, life as I knew it has ceased to exist!
There will be no dry sink for a few more weeks...Sad!
I did however, come to the conclusion that my Life is truly Blessed!
 I, for the first time in more years than I can remember, have all of my siblings living close to me! I have really good friends, the kind that endure the good and the bad times and span the years from childhood to present! I have Wonderful children, with all of whom I have great relationships. I have been Blessed with a beautiful Grand Son
(my Worm Wrangler Extraordinaire), with whom I also have a very special relationship! I have a very Wonderful Hubby that supports me in every aspect and has helped me to build and create a beautiful home!
 I have also learned through the years that I have many talents and abilities. One of them seems to be more of a calling in life.....
(Or there are  signs posted all over the neighborhood!)
 My Hubby lovingly (we'll all pretend....) calls me "Dr. Doolittle"...
You see I believe my home is listed on the national rescue list for the lost, rejected and needy critters.
 I swear there is a direct path to my door step! They come at all times of the day and night, the injured, the sick, the lost, the weary!
Like this little guy!
"Lucky Boy"
The newest edition to Loafer Mountain Retreat!

 Lucky Boy came to us as they all do, scared, hungry and injured.
He has a bum leg and the neighbor dogs had been chasing him.
As I sat out back talking with the BBF and Little Man, Luck Boy, came to the side of the road, about 15 yards from where we sat and proceeded to lay down in the gravel. It was as if he, were totally exhausted. Little man walk up to him and offered his hand, Lucky Boy went right to him, Little Man went to the garden and picked a handful of lettuce and returned to the road, again Lucky Boy eagerly greeted him. Little Man reached down and scooped him up. Lucky Boy must have been quite grateful, he settled right in and although appeared scared, he never resisted and has been quite social.
We have all been delighted to help this little guy.
 None of the neighbors have seen him before and no one knows where he came from. But...Have no fear Lucky Boy, as with all the Loafer Mountain Retreat Residents, you will have wonderful and luxurious accommodations provided for you.

One luxury condo in the makings!
Primitive, no less!
Luck Boy,
 you will also have the best and finest garden greens,
 provided twice daily for you nibbling pleasure.
Organic Carrots!

Wonderful Baby Greens!
Peppers Galore!
Young Tender Squash!
Sweet Onions and Tender Green Beans!

Lucky Boy....
You will be loved, cared for and protected.
And counted, along with the many other Blessings,
 that have found their way to my door step!

So I challenge you all, when life seems to well up and redirect you.
Sit back, take a deep breath and count your many Blessings!
I think you will all find, that you have an abundance of them!

~A.K.A.- Dr. Doolittle~


  1. Tisha: so are wonderful for taking in the animals of the neighborhood and beyond! What a wonderful soul you have! I love all animals too~~ big and small (except spiders)...

  2. Such a sweet story. Bittersweet for me. My 6 yr. old granddaughter lost her bunny-Mr. Wiggles-just a couple days ago. She had only had him for 5 weeks. He died peacefully in his sleep.
    I know you will provide a wonderful home for Mr. Lucky. Your home sounds like ours was when the kids were little. We lived in the country and it seemed our lane was a drop off for unwanted animals. And then there was always the creek full of turtles and frogs and minnows. I loved it at the time but know I couldn't do it now! Our 9 chosen dogs are enough for us. We are part of an abandoned dachshund hot line. We help find home for abused or abandoned wiener dogs!
    Enjoy the bunny. You know, they can be house-trained to a litter box, but they chew up everything to keep their teeth sharp.
    BTW~ your garden looks awesome! Ours is almost done for the season. *sigh*

  3. How beautiful, he has chosen you....Lucky Boy used to be the name here for Licorice, maybe in the US too, but how fitting as he is a lovely black bunny...
    We have three bunnies here........all loved, and he looks like he is going to have a good home...Suzanne..xx Australia

  4. Hi Tisha, thanks for coming and joining my blog!! I just became your 100th follower!! I am trying to get to 100 too. I am going to do a giveaway soon so be stay is hectic right now and not enough time in a day. Sounds like you would know what that is like. 8-) The bunny story is adorable. I've looked back a few posts, love all your treasures. I'll join AA with you. 8-)
    Have a great day!!

  5. Tisha, How sweet. Your story touched me. Thank you for feminding me to stop and look at the positives in life. It's so easy to forget the many blessings in this hectic life. Lucky Boy is adorable too.

  6. What an appropriate name for the bunny! He sure is luck and I'll be he knows it as soon as he gets his dinner. All those veggies look wonderful.
    From one animal lover to another...bless you and your efforts.
    Take care!

  7. doctor do...i mean, tisha, even in *crisis* and busyness of life, i'm so glad you DO feel blessed.

    i've heard it so many times that when the drama dies out and there isn't anyone who *desperately needs* us, we will think back on these times with fondness. glad you can see the good in it now.

    great rabbit house! FAB garden.

  8. Bless you for taking in the bunny!! I have 2 myself and it makes me so mad when I hear of people dumping animals they no longer want! Chances are it was someone's "Easter bunny" they tired of when the novelty wore off, very sad!

  9. Tisha: Boy, your story was heart-wrenching and you are such a wonderful writer. I really enjoyed your blog postings..thank you for becoming a follower which I have just done for you. I will look forward to visiting your blog often. Prim hugs, Joy

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  11. Lucky Boy is so pretty. I love bunnies. We had a huge tame salt pepper colored bunny who just showed up one day and stayed. A fox got him. We miss him.