Monday, August 30, 2010

~ Name the Punk! ~

 ~ 100th Follower ~
Give A Way!

Let's Play ~ Name the Punk!

I'll get to the winnings in a minute....

A few day's ago I posted...

And I asked for your help,
 to name my new Soul Mate!
I've gotten some really good ones too!

 We have a little more time, So let's get everyone in on the action!

First, lets pick a deadline..
September 6, 2010 ...
(if my computer says you posted before 12:00pm, your in)
and let's review the rules!

1. You need to be a follower!
2. You need to leave a comment and tell me, what name you like and Why!
Either this post or the original post will work!
3. You need to either post about it or put it on your side bar (Please)
That's about it.. Simple!

I must confess, I'm getting a little flack about this at home!
You see, we've been calling him Scruffy.
Now you have to understand how this came about, It was only meant to be a description, as in...... not the soft one but the scruffy one.... Get it?
 Not His Name!  (for family only)....
Now that we have that cleared up, I decided to keep him,
I Get To Name Him!
( viewing only....)

Now the Winnings......
(thanks for being so patient with me... Sometimes I have to tell them more than once!)

I'm offering up this Prairie Shelf,
It's 31" wide and 11" tall.
It is made from 100+ year old wood... the same as my step back!
I've finished it in "Old Federal Blue Milk Paint" and distressed it to prim perfection!
It has 3 Old Rusty Hand Cut Nails for Pegs and I've added a stop in front of the shelf so bowls and such can be displayed also!

I'm including the Bonnet and Apron set too!
The are made from Vintage Fabric and are done in the Old Prairie Style!
The fabric has the sweetest little print and is blue and white..

I left the Apron long... ankle length and un-hemmed!

(Bowl and Jars not Included)
But a few surprises are!

It'll be fun to see what the winner displays in there!

Hanging out with Mom ~ Doing Laundry!

Move over Hugh Hefner!
Lover Boy's Here....
Maybe he needs his own Blog....
How many of you would follow him?

Tisha... His #1 Follower...


  1. ok, i have my name for him, Bruce Lee, Ninja Kitty. i think you know why, anyway... have fun with the names. i do love the little guy, he IS a love.

  2. I love to name kitties, mine is Chumlee...
    I have to give ya more ideas...
    Whiskers, cause he has them, of course.
    Bucky, I cause I had a cat by that name,
    he was a lover boy....
    Widget, had a kitty by that name, too...
    I am on a roll! I guess that is 6, now.
    I will post on my blog about it...

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  3. Hi, I posted on the original post but had to post again to tell you I love the giveaway items and that your little friend is so adorable. I offered up suggested names on the other post but the more I think about it the more I like Lover Boy, your original name for him. Since he is so loving I feel this fits him perfect....Prim hugs and blessings...Teresa

  4. Hey Guy's!
    This is getting good!
    I'll count multiple names as seperate entries!
    The more you come up with, the bigger your chances...
    Look at all the new followers!
    Love new followers!!!
    a.k.a..... Kitty Hoarder...ssshhh!
    That's a secret!

  5. I love all the items in your giveaway! So sweet!
    I still love the name Dillinger. We had a cat adopt us when our Sara was about 10 or 11. She insisted on naming her John Dillinger because she had watched the movie 'Lady in Red' about the capture/slaughter of John Dillinger. She was really taken by that movie.
    Another name I find fitting for this precious little bundle is Ambrosia/Amber for short, or just Amber.Doesn't she look like an Amber?
    There are numerous names for redheads: Ginger, Cinnamon, Paprika, Butterscotch, Lucy, Ruby, Scarlet, Claret, etc.........
    Whatever you choose, I'm positive you are going to be thrilled every day by this little guy. I was so excited when I read your original kitty post, I told Mike when our dogs are 'gone', we are getting a couple cats! :=) Linda

  6. Hi! As a new follower and a cat lover, I have two names to suggest!
    Punkin (as in the "Punk," and as for his orange pumpkin coloring), and
    Puddy (we once had a cat named Puddy when my children were little -- such a cute little fella and the name was perfect for him.
    Good luck with picking a name -- he is so cute!

  7. Both pics of him are adorable, but really like the second, the way he's sittin' and starin'... what a guy! LOL! I'm stickin with "Skippy" as a name... ;-)

  8. Oh I would DEFINITELY follow his blog (whether you name him Cupid or not!) :-)


  9. Tisha,
    I still like the name Romeo for your kitty. And although I only have dogs, I would follow his blog cause he is so darn cute!!! Sign me up.

  10. OHHHHHHHHH TISH..I Think you just Won your own Giveaway!!! lol!!! YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOO NEEEEEEED TO NAME HIM LITTLE HEFF!!!!(Heffy) for short!!! Ohhhhhhhhhh please name him that??? I'm begging so fits him Puuurfectly!!!And you could start his own little blog for the 2 of you...''Heffy has a home'' lol!!! By the way it's a beautiful Giveaway good luck to gal who really wins!! But I seriously think him's a lil Heffy cause he is a loverboy!!! Hugs!!!!

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. OH..OH...I have another,,though I still like ''Heffy''.How about ''Keeper'' I think since you had to keep him...and I think that covers all the bases..because he's so sweet..he's a keeper... because he's so loveing..he's a keeper...because he follows Ma ma around wanting to always be by her side in whatever she does..even laundry.. he's a keeper.And most of all because you can talk to him...and he will listen and wo'nt talk back...or give you his unwanted opinion in certain cases he's definately a Keeper.You do know by now we all wanna come up on Loafer Mountain and take that lil furbaby home!!! I want you;r sweet little Keeper!! lol!!

  13. I saw this photo and immediately thought...Burlap! We had a little kitten a few years ago named Burlap and I think it's so cute! Love your sweet giveaway! Thanks! ♥

  14. I followed over from Olde Country Cupboard. Oh what a lil ball of fur!! He looks like he's the twin to one of the boys mom and dad "adopted" from the local farm recently. IDENTICAL!! LOL Well, after reading what you wrote about move over Hugh Hefner I instantly thought of Hughie or Hef!! (Just read about and saw someone else was thinking the same with Heffy! LOL). I also like Dickens because he's just the cutest lil Dickens!!!

    Sometimes I like "real" names for cats this guys twin Dad has named him Ralph! I'm thinking your lil guy looks like a Timmy to me! Hmmm...Boomer because he came back to you like a boomerang! LOL

    What a fun giveaway! Whatever name you decide upon, he knows how lucky and blessed he is to have you as his momma!!

  15. LOL...I have another!!! How about just plain ''Happy''??? Because he is so happy to b with his Mama!!!! BUT still think I Like ''Heffy'' BEST!! Sorry .. I'm still on the ''Heffy'' kick!! Oh one more just came to mind... How about ''Humble's"??? lol!!! Or ''HEFFY''!!!! Lmaoff!!!!!!!!!

  16. Lol... me again!!! My son says looks like a ''CREAMSICLE'' to him because of his coloring..and hey it would work... cause Creamsicles are sweet... And he's sweet!!!(Wink!!!) LOL!!! Can ya tell how badly I wanna win your Awesome giveaway Tish???? LOL!!! Seriously..I have my fingers and toes well as my eyes crossed for this one!! Damn you know how hard it is to type with your fingers crossed...and your eyes too. I have had them crossed like this since you posted it. I may be stuck like this Forever...and I was already Funny looking to begin with lol!!! By the way give lil'' HEFFY'' ''a big hug for me!!! Rlmaoff!!

  17. What an adorable little kitty you have!! we have 7 and love them like our children..they bring so much joy into our lives...I came up with a few names..Romeo..cause he is a lover..Shadow cause he follows you around..Elmer cause he sticks to you like glue..Punky Brewster..cause you have already called him "punk"..and Otto short for Autumn..we had an otto for just shy of 18 years...and he was a gingered color kitty and the best cat you could ever want..:) i am a new follower and what a generous giveaway..I will gladly post this on my side bar.;) i can't wait to see what you name him.;)

  18. i think you should name your little cutie moses,why because i used to have a cat named moses,one day i came home there was a cat in my mom and dad's bathroom.

  19. What an adorable little guy!!! You definitely have a keeper in him! I like nice simple names and he looks like a "Harry" to me! He has the same character as the best cat I ever had and he was a "Harry" too! (Read my blog entitle Saying Goodbye). What a cutie. I'm in love just looking at his pictures!

  20. hey Tisha.WE think he looks like a Caramale or Carmen for short cause hes so sweet and loves stickin to you.I cant wait to see what name he gets .He is just so cute,great pics too momma.blessings and thanks for the amazing giveaway.michelle

  21. Well here is my choice "E-MAN" which is "NAME" spelled backwards since he dosen't have one...We had 2 cats..One was Mercades (only one I will ever own)and the other was Cadi (short for Cadilac) Take Care....lindeelou

  22. I think this is my last one.. lol!!! This one just came to mind when I read the I need a name story Tish!!! And believe it ,or not I think I like it almost as much as'' Heffy ''for him. How about'' Herbie'' cause he's your lil Lovebug??????(Wink) lol!!!!

  23. Does he get between your feet and trip ya?
    I had a cat that did and I named him
    Jack Tripper! How about Bugsy? Or maybe
    Marmalade, as in Orange Marmalade,
    Marmi for short...Goober, Sassafras,
    Spencer, Rusty, Pokey, Nosey, Pekoe,
    Chester, Simon, Pokie....Don't forget
    my kitty name,Chumlee...All because
    I think they are cute names for him...
    I like Sassafras the best,
    I think...I'll keep thinking!

  24. I thought of another, Buffy....and another
    just came to mind...Tigger! That of course,
    is because he is a tiger cat...Or Tiger...
    Geeze, I am racking my brain, here!

  25. LOL... Karen, we had a Dwarf Bunny when my son was 4 years old...and Ky named him Chumley... but he always called him Clumsey. He could not say Chumley right for some reason!!! lol!!

  26. OH..OH..I lied Tish ,,I just thought of another one....'' Tangerine'',, because of his coloring!!! ''Tangee''for short.(His coloring )Or this just popped in my pea brain too..''Butterscotch''..''Butters'' for short This one can have 2 different meanings... ''Butterscotch'' for his coloring..and cause he's so sweet!! And'' Butters'' because We all know he makes Mama Tisha melt like Butter on a hot knife when he followers her around!!! lol!!

  27. What the Heck... How about ''Sunshine'' because of his coloring and his bright and sunny little Puuuuurrrrrsonality!!! ''Sunny'' for short!! We All can see He's the Sunshine of Your Life. I think that about cover's it all toots!!! lol!!

  28. Tanner is pretty..matches his color

  29. Name him after one of the four musketeers!

  30. I forgot to tell why... this is one of my favorite movies and because they are all for one and one for all!

    I've happily been a follower:)

    Thank you!
    moonbatty [at] hotmail dot com

  31. ohmyword, first thought is "Peaceful" setting among those siblings...he could outgrow that lovely disguise to protect himself from them and become "Mountain Man" lol he is adorable and so is your site...looking forward to your daily goings ons with such charming fur babies...take care

  32. Hi Tisha,

    well, I think I may be a little late for the contest .. but I like the name Beau ( Bo ).. since he is your new soul mate and your new Beau !

    He is really a sweetie ! I am sure he will keep you company and be a great companion !


  33. I don't know how I missed your giveaway. It is an awesome giveaway!! What awesome prizes, you are so talented. I love these things!!! I love your primitive touch!!!!