Monday, August 30, 2010

~ They Found It In The Trash ~

"Sometimes things happen that truly make one scratch ones head"

Can you believe it?

Some how,
 Some way,
It happened!
This was found in the trash!
I for one, would not want to be that person,
The one, that had no respect!

My Son and soon to be Daughter in Law, work for a company that recycles paper products. There job is to oversee physically challenged adults and help them preform there jobs.
The son also oversees the warehouse and loading docks. They have been saving the old books for me and some reading books for Little Man. (With permission..)
A few weeks ago they brought me this, as well as some other things that I'll show you in another post.
To say the least,
 I was a little puzzled to see this Bible in the stack.

It's quite large and contains both the new and the old testament.
It's heavy, worn at the edges and dark red with gold embossing...
The most perfect prim Bible!

The kind of Bible, that you would have seen in many 19th century homes, family names entered lovingly and with perfect penmanship....

Documenting Births, Marriages and Deaths of dear ones both young and old..

Whispers of precious memories....

Wishes held tight within the humble pages....

Golden locks held fast with silver string and heart felt poems tucked tightly away,
I presume, to be held dear and remembered on a cold winter day....

Found, were the letters and remembrances of everyone dear..
For their Grandfather, was one of the original Pioneers!
The Bible is dated 1867..
The Family lineage dates from 1821 to 1922..
They started out in Pennsylvania and ended their journey in California..
And how this piece of history ended up in Utah, I'll never know!
But who ever threw it away....Well, they should be horse whipped!

I've turned the names over to a special person,
 In the hopes, that she can find the family that this wonderful book belongs to...

For every page turned,
tugged at my heart...
How could anyone throw this away?



  1. Oh my gosh, I don't know, either! It would
    be nice if you could find someone in the
    family that would love to have it. Or maybe
    you could give it to the genealogy center
    out there....Just a thought.

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  2. How sad :( Hopefully a descendent can be found who will cherish it forever.
    Hugs :)

  3. That is terrible, but could be that it was from an estate that had no surviving heirs, and just went with the rest of the personal items in the home.

  4. Just like I said in my last comment--it is amazing what some people will throw out. People don't cherish the same kind of things we do anymore. I hope that they find someone who really cares enough to step up and keep this precious book of memories, but, if not, I know it has a place of honor in your care!

  5. I'm absolutely speechless as to what to say about this... don't know how anyone could have let something of such historical heritage with so many personal touches get thrown in the trash... had to be a mistake... simply HAS to... I hope whomever you contacted to find the original owner does find them...

  6. How sweet of you to try and find the original owners! That is one special book!

  7. Wow I sure hope the book being thrown out was a mistake. Thank goodness caring people like yourself and your son found it and are wanting to do the right thing with it. What an amazing piece of family history!

  8. One of my most cherished possessions is an older bible that I purchased at a junk shop for very cheap. This bible was given away, I believe, because the binding had torn (so the front cover, when you open it, is separated from the spine). Aside from that, the book is awesome - the commentary in it is amazing - I can't believe that someone did not cherish this bible either!

    I agree, it's amazing what people do not value - but I'm sure it's in God's hands that His word will end up in the right hands!


  9. Pure treasure!!! Unfortunately there are people out there who don't value anything old even something as precious as this Bible. I hope that isn't the case this time and you can find the Family it belongs to,

  10. Must've found its' way to you for a reason:)

  11. Wow....I cant imagine throwing it away. Lets hope your friend finds the owner and that they are thrilled to know you have their beautiful bible holding so many memories.

  12. It saddens me that anyone would throw something as preciouse as the Holy Bible in the trash when it could have been donated to nursing homes, shelters or numorous other non profit organizations that would have deeply appreciated it. I am glad that you are trying to find the family that it belongs to. I thank God that you raised a son that knew the importance of a Bible and saved it. God bless you, Valerie

  13. Too sad. What a beautiful Bible full of such fantastic treasures! Hope you have luck finding the family, but maybe it found you for a reason!

  14. Oh my goodness what a find! I have been reading christian books lately based in the late 18 to early 1900's and am loving them. The authors write about bibles like this.
    I think it's great you are trying to find the rightful owner, many people wouldn't do that.

    Thanks for leaving a message on my blog-I do hope things get leveled out and you feel better then ever soon!


  15. It's amazing that someone would actually throw a Bible away. Surely someone in the family would have loved to have had it. So many memories tucked inside.