Friday, October 8, 2010

~ Who's Feelin' Loved Today? ~

Are you?
Are you feelin' loved?
Are you feelin' THE love?

Don't know about the rest of you,
but I'm feelin' me some Primitive Love!

I finished the Dry-Sink, moved it in AND got the work shop all cleaned up!!
Yippee Skippy!!!!

As you all can see, I left the white paint.
Reason bein', It was about five or six layers thick and wasn't sanding off at all....

Boy, they sure don't make paint like that anymore!...

Decided that if I didn't like it when I finished, I'd just make a new door!
There, Problem Solved....  Sometimes I do that.....
solve problems that really weren't problems to begin with....... 

Decided that I liked it better without the curtain, so it looks like the first pic....or the next one.
I called for an inspection and I'm assuming it passed....
Bein' as the Fur Babies seem to like it!

"Is it just me, or is that lookin' like a glow in the dark kitty?"

Had some really great old hardware and decided this was the piece I need to use them on!

I've noticed that when people come into my home for the first time,
I can tell from the look on their face if they are feelin' the "Primitive Love" or not...
I find this fascinating and quite fun.

Of course there are the ones that truly seem excited. You can tell they love it.
They like to tell you stories about their Grandparents or their child hood.....

There are the ones that seem to scrutinize,
they just look around with selective indifference.

Then there are the ones that get that pinched look of shock.
You can see it in their faces, the screwy look.
 Some are even brave enough to ask.....

"So, you like old crap, huh?"

Me, bein' the ever wise-crackin' smarty pants type a Gal that I am, replies.........

"Yep, I like my parents, but what I'd really love is to get my hands on some Grand or maybe even some Great Grand Parents! The older the better!"

Or my all time favorite....  " I used to have one of them old things,
 only it was a lot nicer than this one,
 but when we got rich and famous we gave to so and so! "

Me, the ever "wise ass"

"Oh Crap, I just gave so and so " x-amount of thousands " for that one and I'd much rather have gave it to you!"

Or when you over hear the Little Mans friends follow him out the door sayin'.......
" I thought your Parents were Rich"

What he don't know is,
I am rich!

My imagination is rich,
My home is rich with Love!
My friends enrich my life,
I am rich with emotion that is evoked every time I use a bowl handed down to me from my Mother or lay out a favorite quilt made by Grandmother or put on a tattered old apron lovingly sewed by my Great Granny!
I have a list of riches longer than he is tall! He don't know.....

So I fill my home to the brim,
 with all the old tattered and worn things, that I love and hold so very dear.
I'll graciously open my door to all that knock upon it.
I'll step back and warmly invite you in.....
and if you find yourself pinching up your face,
what ever you do......
Don't call my riches.....
 "Old Crap".
Or I'm likely to knock the stuffin' out of you!

So glad you stopped by today,

" Com'on Skippy, lets me and you go on out to the wood shop and make us somethin'
old and crappy! "


  1. I love your old crap!
    To me, it is heavenly.
    BTW~Skippy looks really at home!

  2. LOL...I LOVE IT!!!!...WONDERFUL POST!!!!~~hugs,Jen

  3. I happen to love old and crappy..........the older and the crappier the better,
    I live by the motto, of "crusty, musty old and dusty..........."
    I love the door on that cupboard....hasnt it just turned out perfect........
    Cooee from over here in Australia.....x

  4. The dry sink looks amazing!great job!I dont know a single soul in the flesh that likes my style at all,but thats ok cause I got all my bloggin buds.hope you and skippy have a great night.blessings michelle

  5. Made me laugh! Love your crappy furniture!
    To each his own, right? Give little Skippy
    a hug from me. :)

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  6. We are a very misunderstood lot aren't we? We can see and appreciate the beauty in much loved and worn furniture and the like. Those pinch faced visitors are missing out on so much!!! Love your dry sink. Oh and the little cat still has no name. Had lots of suggestions but nothing fits yet. x

  7. Love the dry sink! Hope you and Skippy make something really cool (or should I say....old!).

  8. I love the door now..did you sand it down some and add some looks fab!!! like it without the curtain..and I love the glow in the dark kitty and I love skippy all curled up..;) what a little ham..have a great weekend.:)

  9. WOW! That turned out awesome, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!!! Looks like your glow in the dark kitty loves it too;) I know the *screwy* look well, my mother is not in to prim at all and she gets that look when she visits me, but that's OK, because I don't care for her decor either, LOL!!!!! Have a great weekend!

  10. The older and crappier, the better! That's what I always say! :):)
    I have some things that we got while we lives in England about 30 yrs ago. It was old when my parents got it and I seem to have fallen in love with crap way back then!
    I would definitely be one that oooo'd and ahhh'd at all your things! I hope to, one day, be knocking at your door so I may be sooner than later....haha! (that sounded a little "stalker-ish" didn't it?!) I will send you an email about what I am refering to...:)
    Have a great day!
    P.S. did I ever mention that my dear, sweet hubby calls me a "sh** collector"??? Ya. It's true. LOL

  11. LOL! That Skippy sure is silly! :-) Love the way the dry sink finished up! You took quite a bit of white paint off the door, which actually made it the perfect amount to match the age of the rest of the cabinet! Great job!

  12. Great post. I, too, like the dry sink without the curtain.
    People walk in my house and either tell me they love my style or they don't say a word!
    Just don't call my stuff "knickknacks"!!!!!!!!!
    Hugs :)

  13. Oh, thank you! Made me laugh & so related! I love old JUNK! I like the cupboard w/ white door & old paint, no dealt about it don't make it like the old stuff!
    Such a great post!
    The cats are too funny! That looks like me trying to do something always cats a followin, in the cupboards, closets, I just love it when they jump on a bale of hay as I am grabbing it to feed the Beefy's!
    Thanks for sharing!And also for stopping by my blog & following!

  14. My entire house is olde and crappy...and I love it. Doesn't it just add warmth and happiness to know it was loved once before and not just off the made in china rack!!!


    It looks awesome Tisha-love the old and crappy-nothing better!!!

    Paula >^..^<

  16. Hey Tish, I chose you to receive "The Versatile
    Blogger" award! Come on by to get it!

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  17. She's a beaut!!!

    Thanks for stopping by today and for your sweet adoption comment. :)

  18. I just love this post! and I love your dry sink! I feel more and more when I walk into somewhere where the items are worn and tattered, I get the ahhh feeling. I just love it! I want my home to have more of that feel and am working slowly at it. I'm just terrible at decorating, so I will just have a mish mash of what I like. It will represent "me". Great post!