Friday, October 29, 2010

~ With the Best of Intentions..~

I sat down several days ago,
camera in hand,
anticipations high....

  I was getting set to do it,
I'll just load these pics and then I'll finish washing Mr Fix-It's clothes. I'll come back in a bit and get this done! Yep, I will.
 Okay Fine! I'll finish dinner,
Help him pack then I'll come up and finish this.....
Wait, I'll pack him up and wash the dishes and feed the dogs and help with home work and take the garbage out and then I'll come back up here and finish this...
Take a Deep Breath,
He's gone, to Istanbul Turkey and Paris France
With Out you....
for 9 days....
Sniff Sniff,
Momma needs a hug!
 Okay, I'll finish this..

Mom, Mom.....
What Little Man?            
I'm supposed to go camping with the boy scouts today!  
Say What? Huh? What Time? When? How? Who.............Help?
I'll finish this in a bit....

Mom, Mommmm......
What Fledgling?
I'm going to work in Nebraska....
Say What? Huh? When? Huh?......URGHHHHH!
I'll Finish This Later!.......

I've completely lost track of what I'm doing!
Mr Fix-It came home, the Fledgling Daughter left, Little Man went camping and more stuff happened in the last two weeks than I can list.
I'm so glad that's over....
Wait....It's not over.....Urgghhhhhh......
The laundry room and Little mans bed room have water damage, due to a leaky spigot and a unsealed drain pipe! we are in the midst of "Construction Disaster"  Yuck!
And the yard needs raked.... We had a bad storm, lost a large tree limb and a lot of small ones!

I've have been walking around talking to myself, (in a pep talk sort a way, not a "lost yer marbles, aye?")
You survived this the last time,
This to shall pass,
Life is too short for anything but happy! (my personal motto!)
They will grow up and move out one day,
If not you Can ask them to leave,
If Skippy decides not to love you anymore you Will live, (this one has been hard to accept)
It's okay to have left overs twice in a row,
Remember to breath,
Skippy will Never stop loving you! Never, Ever, ever, ever, ever................ever!
Remember to buy stock in Calgon...

And have Mr Fix-It fix this stinkin' Puter so I can show you guys what I've put up with lately!

I have taken more pictures in the last few weeks than ever...
I learned about a few more settings on my camera..
My computer will not let me upload anything at this moment..
But I Finished This Anyway!

All Inspiration and Positive Motivators Welcome.....

Love you Guys!


  1. Beautiful picture! Miss hearing about Skippy! Hope you can de-stress soon! Take DEEEEEEEP breaths.

  2. Awwwwww, you are one of the most straight forward gals I know of! There ain't nothing that will stop you, much less slow you down!. On the 'business' trip abroad--flying that long isn't that much fun no matter where you're going. Then you'd have had all that alone time when he was in meetings and you know it isn't safe to walk around alone over there. Then there is the food---could be pretty iffy in Turkey. It ain't Thanksgiving there everyday, you know! And what if the weather was bad? Who knows what season it is over there?
    And the fledgling moving to Nebraska---it's not that far. It's still US and she will be back. They are always back. *sigh*
    Skippy? I have seen him professing his love. I think he's a sure thing in this. I'll bet that he even loves your water leak areas! A picture or two will be a treat. Kady has been posting pics of her temporary companion-Tucker-but we all miss Skippy! BTW~ does he eat peanut butter? Creamy or crunchy?
    Hon, this Halloween nightmare will be over soon and you can move on quickly to things to be thankful for. I KNOW you have a bunch of these.
    Give Little Man a big hug. I know camping is an awesome experience for guys like him and doesn't happen often enough. He is one of the best sidekicks a Mom ever had. Smile! There a lot of worse things that could have happened.
    Honestly--this is a pep talk
    Have missed you. Looking forward to much more!

  3. Tisha I love reading your entrys..they always make me smile..Give Skippy a huge love for me..and Calgon take YOU away!!!!!

  4. Oh my Tish, you have had it going on! I
    know you will get through it and Skippy
    will love you forever! I love your picture
    an give Skippy a hug for me!

    Bear Hugs~Karen