Friday, October 1, 2010

~ This Gal Could Use Some Help Over Here..~

I'm stumped..... First I think I want one thing....  
Then I think I want another...

Confucius  Say....
Make up you stinkin' mind alright!

It's my Dry-Sink...... 
What do y'all think? 
I've been keepin' myself busy.
Kinda thought I might get it all done,
then lay a big ole SURPRISE on ya....

Nope.....It's a notta-gonna be that-a-way!
Cause.........I'ya can'ta make a uppa my mind....

The building it part....
That'sa easy peasy!
The finishing it part....
That'sa makes me a wanna cry like a little baby.........

I Love the barn red!
I Love the size
I Love the shape
I Love the feel.....

It was designed with one door, I'll put a curtain up to the other side..
Something similar to the one on the Step-Back...
Feed sack or something or another...

But for the life of me,
 I can't decide if I wanna paint that there white door "red" or not?
Do I or Don't I ?
Remember, I'm a still needin' to stain it yet...

But this here "Confused Mountain Gal" needs some ..
Feedback Please?


  1. Hi,
    In my opinion I would leave as is and just stain over the whole thing.This would give it a aged browning hue on the door. It's a very beautiful piece. I just love it. And I would leave the inside just as is with no stain. Just my opinion.

  2. I would leave the door off, or paint it
    like the rest of it, cause it sticks out
    like a sore thumb! I know what ya mean
    about deciding about what to paint some
    thing! It takes me an hour to paint it,
    but it takes me 2 months to decide the
    color, first! I like the red! Thanks
    for visiting!

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  3. Red door... definitely... or, maybe you could drape a piece of that fabric over where you will be putting the curtain... just as a more clear visual to help make uppa you mind... ;-) LOL!

  4. I think you oughta just put cher stain on da whol outside. Use sum of dat dark walnut minwax.It wurk real nice.......Leave da inside alone. Luv to see it dun.

  5. Confucius Say.....
    Have a damn beer and don't worry yourself....

    Y'all havin' the same dang problem I am!

  6. Hi, I would paint the whole piece one color, sand it in spots and use a darker stain over it all. I think a nice natural stain inside would bring out the grain in the wood. Have you asked Skippy what he thinks ? I don't think I'd put any kind of material over the open space.. That will give you more display space.. You have a great piece of furniture.. Enjoy it whatever you decide to to.. Charlotte

  7. I say let Skippy decide..serious..why not put some sort of stencil on that door and then stain so it doesn't stand out so much...maybe stain heavier around the edges that would look neat.:)

  8. Just another humble opinion.... but I like it the way it is -- with the dark stain over it. Like a previous poster said, the stain will darken up the white to an old brown color that I think would look great with the red. Good luck -- and I look forward to seeing the finished product!

  9. I think the sink looks great, but I would paint it red or remove it and have a curtain on both sides. I think it's a little distracting - all I see is the door and not the whole piece. It looks great - I can hardly wait to see it done.

  10. Hi, so nice to have you as a follower!!!!

    I love it just the way it is. How fun for you! Cute idea to put a curtain on the open side! I will come back to see what you decide. You have a lot of good ideas here

    Blessings, Linda

  11. I'm in love with your drysink! I would do exactly as you suggest with a curtain on the one side. I like the door with white, but i would add a few colors on top of the white, hmm maybe dry stroke some mustard or a dark linen and hint with red again. the top coat of stain and wax will deepen it perfect....just my opinion . You have created a Beautiful piece. I can't wait to see what ya do with it. Thanks for sharing it with us.
    Give that Skippy a cuddle for me.

  12. I would paint tha dang door red gf!!! I think the white throws it off. Hugs!!

  13. If it were me, I would paint the door red and use some kind of wood stain on the inside to liven it up. I think it will be great!

  14. Hi Tisha
    Hey I see you posted your dry sink. I am a little slow and by now you probably have it painted and however it is........ it is probably prim perfect!!! I am not on the computer that much because when I'm here I can't get off lol. suggestion is paint it all red then stain and leave the other side open to display some of your great prims and such!!!! My simpler suggestion is to let Skippy decide!!!

    Well anyways I know you have some great ideas and can't wait to see the finished piece :)


  15. Leave it alone! Looks like Ma Whipple went out and used whatever she could find 80 years ago to make the door and I love it. A great feedsack over the hole would be great, too. I am a firm believer in Briwax. If you haven't tried it, consider. It leaves a wonderful finish and beautiful color.


  16. I agree with the stain it like a dark brown! It's not supposed to be perfect and I think mis-matched stuff is primlicious!! Good Luck with what ever you decide!

    P.S.~ Did you build it? If so what or where did you get the pattern? I absolutley love it!! =)

  17. Tisha, put your feedsack up on one side and live with it for a few weeks before deciding what to will come to you then. Like Janice said...where'd ya get that it. And please tell Skippy hello from Eli..he has been buggin me all day to "talk" to him. (to cute) Millstonemercantile