Monday, August 30, 2010

~ They Found It In The Trash ~

"Sometimes things happen that truly make one scratch ones head"

Can you believe it?

Some how,
 Some way,
It happened!
This was found in the trash!
I for one, would not want to be that person,
The one, that had no respect!

My Son and soon to be Daughter in Law, work for a company that recycles paper products. There job is to oversee physically challenged adults and help them preform there jobs.
The son also oversees the warehouse and loading docks. They have been saving the old books for me and some reading books for Little Man. (With permission..)
A few weeks ago they brought me this, as well as some other things that I'll show you in another post.
To say the least,
 I was a little puzzled to see this Bible in the stack.

It's quite large and contains both the new and the old testament.
It's heavy, worn at the edges and dark red with gold embossing...
The most perfect prim Bible!

The kind of Bible, that you would have seen in many 19th century homes, family names entered lovingly and with perfect penmanship....

Documenting Births, Marriages and Deaths of dear ones both young and old..

Whispers of precious memories....

Wishes held tight within the humble pages....

Golden locks held fast with silver string and heart felt poems tucked tightly away,
I presume, to be held dear and remembered on a cold winter day....

Found, were the letters and remembrances of everyone dear..
For their Grandfather, was one of the original Pioneers!
The Bible is dated 1867..
The Family lineage dates from 1821 to 1922..
They started out in Pennsylvania and ended their journey in California..
And how this piece of history ended up in Utah, I'll never know!
But who ever threw it away....Well, they should be horse whipped!

I've turned the names over to a special person,
 In the hopes, that she can find the family that this wonderful book belongs to...

For every page turned,
tugged at my heart...
How could anyone throw this away?


~ Name the Punk! ~

 ~ 100th Follower ~
Give A Way!

Let's Play ~ Name the Punk!

I'll get to the winnings in a minute....

A few day's ago I posted...

And I asked for your help,
 to name my new Soul Mate!
I've gotten some really good ones too!

 We have a little more time, So let's get everyone in on the action!

First, lets pick a deadline..
September 6, 2010 ...
(if my computer says you posted before 12:00pm, your in)
and let's review the rules!

1. You need to be a follower!
2. You need to leave a comment and tell me, what name you like and Why!
Either this post or the original post will work!
3. You need to either post about it or put it on your side bar (Please)
That's about it.. Simple!

I must confess, I'm getting a little flack about this at home!
You see, we've been calling him Scruffy.
Now you have to understand how this came about, It was only meant to be a description, as in...... not the soft one but the scruffy one.... Get it?
 Not His Name!  (for family only)....
Now that we have that cleared up, I decided to keep him,
I Get To Name Him!
( viewing only....)

Now the Winnings......
(thanks for being so patient with me... Sometimes I have to tell them more than once!)

I'm offering up this Prairie Shelf,
It's 31" wide and 11" tall.
It is made from 100+ year old wood... the same as my step back!
I've finished it in "Old Federal Blue Milk Paint" and distressed it to prim perfection!
It has 3 Old Rusty Hand Cut Nails for Pegs and I've added a stop in front of the shelf so bowls and such can be displayed also!

I'm including the Bonnet and Apron set too!
The are made from Vintage Fabric and are done in the Old Prairie Style!
The fabric has the sweetest little print and is blue and white..

I left the Apron long... ankle length and un-hemmed!

(Bowl and Jars not Included)
But a few surprises are!

It'll be fun to see what the winner displays in there!

Hanging out with Mom ~ Doing Laundry!

Move over Hugh Hefner!
Lover Boy's Here....
Maybe he needs his own Blog....
How many of you would follow him?

Tisha... His #1 Follower...

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

~Oh No! ~ It Was Not Supposed To Be This Way ~ Somebody Help Me!~

I said No!
I really wasn't going to do it.....
I tried, I really did!

"I wasn't going to love you!"
 I tried to ignore you,
But you followed me anyway.

"I  wasn't going to love you!"

The day they took you, to find another home,
They did what?
Oh no you don't!
I can't!!! I won't!!! I'll just, just, just..... Die!
Okay, You win....

I did, I called them crying!
 Please tell me you haven't given my Lover Boy away!

I need him!
I can't live without him!
He has become the heartbeat of my soul!

This wonderful little magnificent soul has wormed his way into my heart...

I'm completely smitten....sigh...

I can't tell you the one thing that did it, because there are 10 million!
He wasn't even the cutest one in the litter!
I can say for a fact, that "he" picked me.
He made sure that I fully understood,
 that he loved me and was not going anywhere!

"Mister Bumble Bee, Why you do dees to me?"

"Mom, did you say leave the peas alone?"

Here's the deal, "Not Head" the above mentioned soul mate, needs a name!
So, I thought it might be fun to have my followers name the Punk!
Awhile back, I tried to help out a fellow follower.
(say that ten times fast!)
I promised to do a Give~A~Way when we both hit 100 followers!
Well, she has not been seen, nor heard from in awhile.
 I Miss you!
I however, have surpassed 100!
Let me tell you a few things about him,
He comes every morning and cuddles in bed,
He greets my grooming clients at the door,
He hugs my legs,
He swings with me,
He hangs over the side of my grooming sink and picks on the little puppies,
He plays Ninja Kitty and defends me from stray dogs!  (Great Dane)
He hugs my legs,
He escorts me out to pick the garden and pull weeds,
He helps me fold laundry,
He hugs my legs,
He answers my questions when no one else will,
He helps me mop the floors,
He hugs my legs,
He makes me laugh!
He comes when you whistle for the dogs,
He has eradicated the entire yard of grasshoppers!
and best of all....He hugs my legs!

"I Wasn't Going to Love You!"

Please be kind to the punk!
He deserves a very special name!
So, the rules are simple...
Leave a comment that contains your special name and why you would call him that!
and either post about it or put a link on your side bar!
I'll check for it if your name is picked!

Oh my goodness!
I went ahead and did it!
"I Love Him!"

I'll be posting pics of what I have done for the lucky winner!

Have fun and remember, I have to yell this outside where the neighbors will hear!
Please don't make holler Ding Dong to the world!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

~ What Blessings Life Has For Us ~

I had a few moments to reflect on the things that are going on in my life.
I sat outside and mulled over, all of the events that have transpired over the course of three weeks. It started with my Brother returning home after an 8 year absence. Then a two week visit with a family friend after a 15 year absence. My fledgling Daughter will be moving back home this weekend and my BBF is in a major crisis.
~Welcome to Loafer Mountain Crisis Center~
 To say the least, life as I knew it has ceased to exist!
There will be no dry sink for a few more weeks...Sad!
I did however, come to the conclusion that my Life is truly Blessed!
 I, for the first time in more years than I can remember, have all of my siblings living close to me! I have really good friends, the kind that endure the good and the bad times and span the years from childhood to present! I have Wonderful children, with all of whom I have great relationships. I have been Blessed with a beautiful Grand Son
(my Worm Wrangler Extraordinaire), with whom I also have a very special relationship! I have a very Wonderful Hubby that supports me in every aspect and has helped me to build and create a beautiful home!
 I have also learned through the years that I have many talents and abilities. One of them seems to be more of a calling in life.....
(Or there are  signs posted all over the neighborhood!)
 My Hubby lovingly (we'll all pretend....) calls me "Dr. Doolittle"...
You see I believe my home is listed on the national rescue list for the lost, rejected and needy critters.
 I swear there is a direct path to my door step! They come at all times of the day and night, the injured, the sick, the lost, the weary!
Like this little guy!
"Lucky Boy"
The newest edition to Loafer Mountain Retreat!

 Lucky Boy came to us as they all do, scared, hungry and injured.
He has a bum leg and the neighbor dogs had been chasing him.
As I sat out back talking with the BBF and Little Man, Luck Boy, came to the side of the road, about 15 yards from where we sat and proceeded to lay down in the gravel. It was as if he, were totally exhausted. Little man walk up to him and offered his hand, Lucky Boy went right to him, Little Man went to the garden and picked a handful of lettuce and returned to the road, again Lucky Boy eagerly greeted him. Little Man reached down and scooped him up. Lucky Boy must have been quite grateful, he settled right in and although appeared scared, he never resisted and has been quite social.
We have all been delighted to help this little guy.
 None of the neighbors have seen him before and no one knows where he came from. But...Have no fear Lucky Boy, as with all the Loafer Mountain Retreat Residents, you will have wonderful and luxurious accommodations provided for you.

One luxury condo in the makings!
Primitive, no less!
Luck Boy,
 you will also have the best and finest garden greens,
 provided twice daily for you nibbling pleasure.
Organic Carrots!

Wonderful Baby Greens!
Peppers Galore!
Young Tender Squash!
Sweet Onions and Tender Green Beans!

Lucky Boy....
You will be loved, cared for and protected.
And counted, along with the many other Blessings,
 that have found their way to my door step!

So I challenge you all, when life seems to well up and redirect you.
Sit back, take a deep breath and count your many Blessings!
I think you will all find, that you have an abundance of them!

~A.K.A.- Dr. Doolittle~