Tuesday, February 15, 2011

~ Thank You Olde Lady...~


That is..
I couldn't help myself...
I'm Sorry.. It just struck me as being funny.
Maybe I'm just looking for a reason to laugh today.
I need it. I really needed a spirit lifter today.
My doorbell rang and I when I went to answer it,
 I found this!

Whoot Whoot!
I sure wasn't expecting this today...
It's from Marie over at Primitives by Olde Lady Morgan
I won her giveaway!
Don't you love the lable?
You just know it's gonna be great with a lable like that....

Then I opened it and this is what greeted me!
aawww.... Kindred Spirits,
 sure lifted mine!
Thank You Marie, I will enjoy it,
 I'm enjoying every little magnificent detail!
Everything is wrapped so sweetly and with the cutest primitive paper....
Just makes your toes curl with anticipation!
and it smells Divine...

Wow Marie, You sure know how to spoil a girl!
I Love it all!

I placed the small bunny and eggs in the trencher on the table...

Then I displayed  chubby boy,
 front and center on top of the buffet...

And last but not least,
I placed the large bunny on top of the wash stand....
Isn't he great? or is she?

Thank You once again, It was more than I ever expected and
they are the perfect bright spot in a not so bright day!

This is my final week of classes and I sure hope that I can remember everything.
It was a tremendous amount of information in a short amount of time.
I'm having a blast taking pictures. These were taken with my new SLR.
I'm shooting in manual!
It's been a little tough practicing my Photo Shop class work,
 my version is the older CS2 and doesn't have a lot of the features that CS5 has.
It will still do the necessary things that I need for now...

I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentines Day..
Mr. Fix-It and I stayed home and I cooked him a wonderful dinner. 
Nothing fancy, just a nice dinner and movie,
Primitive Style!

What do suppose they did 200 years ago?
I don't suppose FTD delivered prairie flowers in a mason jar...
buy buggy....over the mountain...up the draw...past the yard dogs..and the barrel of shot gun,
 just to give the lady of the house flowers?
I was just wondering...
It would have been romantic.

I wanted prairie flowers in a mason jar,
 a blue mason jar.....


ps...Skippy says Happy V'Day Y'all !


  1. Wow -- you are a lucky gal with that great box of goodies from OLM!! You have them displayed so nicely....
    I love the idea of someone traveling by buggy to deliver prairie flowers in a mason jar -- wouldn't that be lovely? My daughter, who will be getting married in Oct., is using varying sizes of mason jars for her table centerpieces --very romantic and homespun-y looking.... I think it will be perfect...
    Have a great evening -- and enjoy all your new bunnies!

  2. What a nice old lady. "had to laugh" at that. We all need a laugh now and then. Sometimes I wish we could go back to the days of old. I think if everyone had to live in the shoes of those from our past, they would be much more thankful for what they have and not take life for granted. Thank you for the laugh, it was needed here as well.

  3. Tisha, YIPPEE!!! so glad you like... Love where you put everything!!! Enjoy!
    Now let Skippy know these bunnies are not very playful! LOL!!! OLM

  4. I want prairie flowers in a blue mason jar, too!
    Is Skippy jealous of the bunnies getting on the furniture?
    Seriously, looks like Marie treated you right! Congratulations, girlfriend!

  5. Oooh you got yourself a box of Spring perfection today - wonderful goodies!

  6. Congratulations on your winnings! You recieved some wonderful goodies there!

  7. WOW!!!! Great Goodies! That would make any girl have a good day! How talented Ole Lady Morgan is and how sweet!!!!!!

  8. would love to know more about your "primitive style" valentines..i love the idea of the flowers in a mason jar..my kind thing..love the goodies you received and love where you put them..give skippy a love from me.;)

  9. congrats on the goodies! So many cute items!
    Tell Skippy Hello, big squeeze!