Thursday, June 3, 2010

~*~ Stand Proud America ~*~

Hello Bleep's!
 (That's Blog Peep's to me!)  First off let me say,
I'm proud to be a part of this Wonderful Group of Artisan's!  My online Bleep's are the greatest group, I wish we all lived closer together! Then some of you guy's could have come over here and helped me this week! My little guy was a tremendous help! We have been hold up in the shop working. My new toy has been inspiring to say the least. I played around and come up with a group of stencils. That turned into a theme. That turned into three groups and that turned into this.......

Introducing......  LMPrims,........... Proud to be American!
American Made....

God Bless America....
In God We Trust...
 The long signs measure 8"x24" and the smaller signs are 10"x10".
I have three sets of each.. That's 27 signs x a 9 step process to get to this!
I'll be listing these on my website later today.
They are Limited to stock on hand...There are only 3 of each sign.
No orders, as I'm leaving for Vacation on the 12th!
So if you want them let me know!

They are: $35.00 for the long signs 
 $25.00 for the smaller ones 
$75.00 for the set!
I wish the pictures showed the finish better...They are full of old cracks and knot holes, the old milk paint is chipping, Some of the lettering is Blue or Red over black.
They really look Olde!

 I babysat the Grandson one of those day's also. Had to take a break and have a little fun! He came running to the back door hollering, Gramma, You have BIG WORMS!

Worm Wrangler Extraordinaire!
And I had to show you guy's my Pond Irises.

They are just getting started blooming! Love them!
Well Bleep's! I have to groom today, but wanted to get this posted and give you guys first dibs on the ware's! If anyone wants some shoot me an email and I'll be back on after work. Remember there is only three of each sign!
Have a great day! Tisha


  1. i meant to leave u a message earlier and got sidetracked from the girls wanting my precious laptop lol.i luv your starting to do my bedroom in americana.waitin on a dresser from hubbys grandma so i havent put anything on walls yet.have a great night and thanks for stoppin by.god bless

  2. You have definitely been busy and the signs are great!


  3. The signs are wonderful, they really look good. Makes me want to start making my own stencis.

  4. Love those signs! You did a great job with those stencils. Are stencils difficult to make? Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love making new friends! Come back anytime!!!

  5. Hello Tisha!....thank you for visiting my blog and for the kind words!

    Your signs looks fantastic! and your Grandson is too cute!

    Happy Wednesday to you!

  6. Oh my!! Your signs are fantastic!!
    What a cutie your grandson is!! Looks like he had fun too. :> )
    Your irises are lovely! I planted some for the first time last fall and now I am enjoyin' all their glory!