Friday, September 3, 2010

~Hey Ya'll, It's.... "What's my Name?"~

It's just not fair...
you see,
Everyone else has one, but me!
I'm serious, they do.
Here, I'll introduce you...

This here is my Momma, they call her "Timmy."

And my Pa...
Well, they just yell,
"Get the *+#&=* outta here!"

This here is my oldest sister "Tucker"

She thinks she's the cats meow...
( I think she's stuck up! )
Everyone around here, calls her...

"Ice Princess".. .
My Momma says,
 I haffta be nice to her and that she'll be her old self in no time at all,
cause she just had some kinda surgery...
 to adjust her attitude or something..... 

This here is my big brother "Nomi"..
..aka..."Not Me"...
( We needed someone to blame! )
He's my best Buddy!
Momma says,
 he's the best babysitter ever!...
("I'm not a baby!")
He showed me and my little sister how to climb trees
 and catch grasshoppers
and wrestle...
and sneak up on Tucker and scare the snot outta her...
(That's the best one!)

This here is my little sister "Coon"
She's really really cool!
Mama says, she gonna go live with my Uncle...
Yep that's right,
( She's gonna be my cousin! )

There are lots more folks that live here,
but we'll save them for another day..

My Momma said she asked y'all to help her out!
So come on Guy's,
Whatta ya say...

"Don't make me hang my head in shame...."

Won't you help me pick a name!

We have till September 6th...
and this is truly my greatest wish.
I really wanna say...

 My name is,
Wanna Play?

If everyone would Please check it out...

Momma said y'all have already left a few.
If everyone would just help out.
Then I'm sure without a doubt,
All my dreams will come true,
and I'll have a name...

"Just like You!"

Thank you all for your support,
..."What's my Name"...


  1. That was so cute. Made me wanna jump up and hug him to pieces. He is just so adorable. I have already sent in two post with names I chose but just wanted to drop a line here...He is a lil blessing...

  2. I just love this little kitty. I left a couple of name choices on the other post. Good luck!

  3. AWWWW that was sooooooo cute Tish!!

  4. Wait wait,,,I have another name!!! hard to believe huh??? I'm going to add it to my long list of names lol!!

  5. oh your kittys are way to adorable..I love their sweet little faces...we have a dog named Australia it means "food"...I hope you come up with a cute name soon...he is a little cutie patootie..we have 7..;)

  6. Alright, another kitty kat lover:) We've got eight at present and have had cats all our lives. Gotta love 'em! You could name him after one of the beatles or after one of the four muskateers! Right now he looks like my Hercules. Can't wait to find out who he'll be:)

  7. I like Patience... considering he has been waiting on a name =) and being very patient!!

  8. Oh, Cupid, the suspense is just killing me - I can't wait to see what PURR-fect name your mom picks for you!