Wednesday, September 29, 2010

~ I Think We Have a Problem ~

It's a Flea-Bag.
I'm pretty sure of it.

So's that thing up there...

Intimidation works every time!...Ha ha..

So easily controlled!


Y'all just thought he looked all sweet and innocent....

We're officially looking into counseling, as we have recently been informed that Skippy,
  possibly has some "issues" that should be addressed...
Seems our little Skippy has been "Bullying" the neighbor dogs....

(I personally think the neighbors should get dogs that are not such wimps!)


( Does that look like the face of a Bully? )


  1. LOL! Momma always said it was the cute ones you have to watch out for! ;-)

  2. Skippy is growing in charm, prowess, and fearlessness every time I visit!

    Personally, I'm with you - hard to respect a wimp of a dog! (smile)

    Have you heard about 1st Friday Furry Friends at On the first Friday of each month you get to share about your pets. I hope you'll add Skippy to the line-up - I know everyone would love him! (PS - It's not my blog or link list, but I'm planning to share about my boys, and helping to spread the word!)

    Have a great day! Hug Skippy for me!


  3. Cute! I don't think Skippy looks like a bully,
    but then again, Chum is a bully when our old cat, Maggie, comes in the house! He just has to jump on her and bite! She will lay on the foot stool and flop her tail, just to bug him!
    Chum is going for surgery, tomorrow.....shhhh, don't tell him! Give Skippy a hug from me!

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  4. personally I love when the neighbor dogs are wimps..cause then they leave the kittehs alone..I heard my kitty being attacked by a dog..she died later that will haunt me I love wimpy dogs..your photos are precious..skippy just melts my heart...give him a love for me.;)

  5. We have a 20 year old orange kitty who used to lay in our driveway and torment our neighbor's German Shepherd.. Our kitty wouldn't move and the dog would bark like crazy trying to upset our kitty.. Skippy is just protecting his territory~~~~and it is his territory now.. Orange kitties are special so just give him a lot of love. He'll be fine.

  6. Awww ~ looks perfectly harmless to me!! You're right ~ the neighbor dogs must be woosies!!!

  7. Gina your right, I'm glad the neighbor dogs are woosies! Unfortunatly the ones pictured are my grooming clients! That's not so good for business....Not good at all...His new thing is to go jump around in front of the Dog run. That scares me, two of my Mastiffs are rescue dogs and I don't trust them not to pretend he's a Skippy Snack! and yes C.M. he's really a "special needs" Kitty..but I love all the more!

  8. I, too, have a pet who loves to taunt the older, bigger, possibly meaner animals. Her name is Ginger and she is a fearless, 7# mini-dachshund. She will get right in front of a kennel or at the fence and bark her little self hoarse. She knows we won't let any of them hurt her--a little over-confident, I think.
    I love Skippy. He grows better looking all the time!
    I haven't seen your name pop up in the comments for my giveaway. You really should check it out. You might see something you like!

  9. Our little female black cat hates our dogs. She has always been mean to our Great Pyrenees. Even if he's sleeping somewhere and she has to walk by him, she will hiss and swat. If he reacts she grabs his face with her paws... it's funny to watch, but at the same time she is lucky he puts up with her! He likes to avoid her at all times, Her claws are sharp.

  10. Skippy patrol... he knows they don't belong on his turf... didn't take him long to claim his territory did it?

    I hope your clients are understanding people. I am sure he will win everyone over in time. How could you not fall in love with that sweet innocent face.

    Hugs, Deb

  11. Hahaha Skippy has some "attitude". Its always the innocent looking ones you have to watch!

  12. That can't possibly be the face of a bully! (Just one smart kitty!).

  13. Your Skippy is adorable!!! He looks like our Bailey-only she is a "girl kitty". Love yellow kitties!!!

  14. ok ok so my dogs are a little intimated by "Skippy", and Skippy did call to say he was sorry for being such a bully to my "Ace", so we have an understanding, when Ace comes to "visit" skippy will be a little nicer and Ace will be allowed to have a grooming and sit on moms lap.
    hopefuly in the future Ace ansd Skippy will become as good as friends as Tisha and i are.
    after all Skippy did greet us at the door and invite us in, and he wasent at all "mean" to Ace, just a little imposing.

  15. AWWWW.....he looks to innocent to be a bully!!!! I think someone's fibbing to you!

  16. Oh MY! Poor Skippy has been framed! Does your neighbor have any photographic proof....cause Skippy doesn't look like such a bully to me...look at that sweet face!


  17. Skippy, you just stand up to them, I know your not affraid and your no bully!! Just look at that cute face!!!!