Wednesday, November 3, 2010

~Ooohh.... I Got Some Splainin' to Do! ~

Hello my name is Tisha,
 and I have a "Power Tool Fess-Up.."
I don't know what Mr Fix-It's gonna say about this one!

My Philosophy is, "Milwaukee" should build this......
With anti-chew cords!

Chewd' it right up and wouldn't spit it out fer' nothin'......
How in pray tell am I gonna splain' this??

Honey, Skippy didn't mean to, it was an accident.. 
He sweared! Really!
I have proof he was involved!

Skippy and the Shadow Dancer.........
sorry, got carried away.....

Okay, I promise not to sell Skippy out.... I'll fess up..
After all that's why I call him Mr Fix-It!
He can fix ANYTHING!

It all started with this old barn door...

And is lookin' more like this now......
This is the hard part now. I have to set this aside and groom tomorrow... Sigh......
This is for the sewing room.
 A friend gifted me three doors. One is leaned against the living room wall and this one is to find it's new purpose as my Fabulous New Cutttin' Table!
Ahh-Laa......Primitive Style!

Y'all pray for me now,
I'm gonna need it!

Only one power tool was slightly damaged in the makin' of this here table...
Everything else went real well!


  1. Good grief! That Skippy is growing like a weed! And he does look like a pretty smooth dancer.
    What fantastic luck to have a friend gift you those doors!
    Not to worry, Tisha! There is always room for you at our table! And plenty of chairs! lol

  2. Oh my what an awesome door! Yes, Linda
    does have chairs, I saw a couple wonderful
    ones on her blog, today! It is a good thing,
    you didn't electrocute yourself! You better
    be careful, I don't think Skippy could give
    ya mouth to mouth! He is getting big,
    Chum wasn't little very long, either.

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  3. Ohhhh nice door! Am thinking about the old barn door I have back at home in Indiana and that it too would make a nice table. Will just have to wait till spring to do it.

  4. Great door and the cutest kitty! Funny vaccuum cord kinda looks like your sander cord...Im sure I didnt do it :)

  5. LOL I'm sure Skippy wouldn't mind taking the fall for this one. Sometimes you have to "take one for the team"! Good luck with Mr. Fix-It

  6. Oh Lucy!..i mean Tish :0) You crack me up! Skippy is getting so big..don't you just love his desire to help. You have an adorable buddy & You have a great old door..I'm liking the table idea. I'd love to see whatcha did with the other door in your living room.
    Best wishes on the splainin' i hope he goes easy on ya be locked outa the tool box would be awful for such a talented prim repro gal!

  7. Cool idea to use the door as a cutting table. Oh that Skippy...he sure gets into things, now doesn't he. I'm sure Mr. Fixit will make it all better, that's of course after grumbling somethin' about being more careful next time and all! LOL!

    Skippy is getting big.


  8. AWESOME idea, I love it!!!! That cord kinda reminds me of the year one of our house rabbits chewed the Christmas lights, LOL!!!!

  9. Beautiful door!Can't wait to see it when you're all done with it!

    Skippy can handle the heat, look at the brave kitty Cat!LOL ( so cute doing the shadow dance!)
    My cats take the heat for things they never do, they are always to blame!It is a little game me & my hubby do, telling on each other with the cats!
    Good luck!

  10. glad you aren't sending skippy up the river for this are too funny..can't wait to see what you are making..:)

  11. Tish,

    I like the door to table idea. I did one of those for a friend. I also have two doors hinged together to make a screen for a bedroom.

    Sweet picture of kitty dancing.


  12. Like the table idea. My wife professes to "love primitive," but it seems she only loves it in OTHER people's homes. Our stuff is all store-bought!