Monday, January 3, 2011

~ Can It Get Any Better Than This...~

I don't know about the rest of you, but I feel Blessed.
2010 was a pretty good year!
Loafer Mountain Retreat gained a few more residents!

Skippy Loves Me!
We took our very first 2-week vacation.
Antique shopping!
(What could be better than that?)
Little Man started Jr. High!

I Love Skippy!

The Fledglin' Daughter came back to the nest!
I gained a wonderful new Daughter!
December 15th...
 Yep, that's Jamaica in the background!
I'm so proud of you son!
We love her...

Skippy loves her too!
she calls him her little Lover Boy!
Watch out Jake, he's puttin' the moves on her...

The Holidays were full of Family and Fun!

and Tons of Snow!

December also brought Baby Bundle news to..
It's official, Skippy is now considered our 4th son!
(Skip E Henrie)
Like y'all didn't know 'that' already...
My youngest Sister!
Me and Mr Fix-its Daughter!
and 2 Nieces!
our family tree is soon to become a forest!
2011 is destined to be even Better!
My New Years resolution....
 To be kinder to others in my thoughts and actions.
To take some community classes and refine my self taught skills!
I'm going to be Happy!
 (and everyone around me better be too!)
I'm going to clean out more closets and plant more flowers!
I'm going to hug Skippy and the rest of the gang a little more often!
I'm going to tear up Mr. Fix-its honey do list!
 (I'll feel much better just knowing that he isn't ignoring me.) 
By Golly this is MY year!
 I sure hope yours is all that...
 and a big ole' box of chocolates too!

I'd share my Skippy but I can't,
I never said I wasn't selfish....
Besides It's not on the list!



  1. What a wonderful year for you!
    so many joys..
    Some great new years resolutions

    May you have a wonderful new year!

  2. Congrats on your wonderful news from the year! Hope this year is even better for you!! I love Skippy!!


  3. And a great year is it was for you! Especially that part about Skippy! lol! I totally agree with you about being determined to be happy! I mean, why not? And, I kinda did what you did... only I tore up my OWN to-do list! lol! ;-) And yes... it does feel sooooo much better! ;-) Have a blessed 2011~

  4. Skippy is adorable! I hope you have an awesome New year!

  5. Awww...just love that Skippy!!! So cute.

  6. Enjoy a perfect new year. Skippy is adorable. JB

  7. Happy New Year Tisha...may all your dreams come true. (millstonemercantile)

  8. oh you are too funny..I love skippy too..but I am selfish with my babies too..we are getting a new addition next week.:) will post it tomorrow on my blog.,:)

  9. Who couldn't Love Skippy..Good thoughts and ideas for the new year..I say ditto :)

  10. Cool... that's an awesome year ya'll had and Skippy is too cute for words! He reminds me of my Hercules:) Well, here's to another year of good fortune of family! *cheers*

  11. So glad you had a wonderful year and holiday. Thanks for the visit and here is to a wonderful new year.

  12. Tisha ~
    Great post! Little Man is a handsome guy and so is your other son and bride!
    Hugs :)

  13. You have a way of relating information that just makes me smile so big. It makes me happy to hear of your blessings. You see everything in a positive light. I needed to read this post. Thanks!
    Oh, you can tell Skippy that I put his name in TWICE. I just had to. He is such a sweetie.
    Little Man is going to be a heartbreaker!
    Congrats on the family expansion!

  14. BTW~ You, my dear, can NOT be old. I had my 60th birthday yesterday and I am not old yet! My Mom--now she's old......