Monday, January 31, 2011

~ Oh My Word..... Skipa'roni...~

 That's his new name, " Skipa'roni "
Lordy Y'all, I'm havin' Issues...
Next, we'll have the Paparazzi hangin' around!
Mr. Fix-It has taken to calling him the 'Special One".

Let me show you why....

Aunt Linda over a Parker Paradise sent him a package,
 all the way from Paradise!
He was havin' such a hard time controlling himself.
He was doin' the Jiggy dance all over the front porch..

He was rippin' things open and had his little whiskers stuck in so fast...
I had to make him use his manners and let me get a thank you picture first!

Aunt Linda, Skippy says Thank You!
He loves his package from you
 and he Loves You Too...
He was such a good boy and offered to share with everyone..

I also got a package!
I ordered a Shoofly from Carmen over at Prim Cats
I Love it! Y'all should head on over and check them out!
Thanks Carmen, It's Perfect!

So, What the heck happened to January?
I know I've been busy, But seriously where did it go...

My classes have been fun and I'm learning a lot.
I'm shooting in manual mode... Yikes!

I've also spent a bit of time in the sewing room.
I finished the jeans and green quilt.
I didn't like the way it turned out, Little Man did, so I gave it to him :0)..
I do however, love the way this one did.

I made this for the Fledgelin' Daughter.
It's now at the quilters...

And this was made from the scraps..

I think I'll try machine quilting this, maybe?

This is what the boys do...
 When Mom sews....

and some of this....

Well I guess I'd better go,
Nomi just told me, Skippa'roni said,
  if he stayed off the bed he could be the...
"President of his Fan Club"...

My Word,
 What Next?



  1. Awww, a happy kitty cause he got a gift;) love the shoe-fly from carmen and all those goodies under it:)

  2. Too Cute!

  3. Adorable! Skippy is growing so fast! And what a little stinker he is!


  4. Love the Skippy got mail with a treat in it!!! OLM

  5. My goodness! He is growing up so darned fast! I'm glad he shared. Love is meant to share!
    Thanks, Kady, you brought a smile to my face.

  6. Tisha - I've been a follower of your blog for awhile now, but I didn't realize that you live in Utah also! How fun is that? We're practically neighbors!

  7. Love your quilt that you made...GOOD JOB! Eli wants to know how good do you gotta be before you get treats??!! Enjoy them and sooo proud you shared.

  8. Oh my cat would enjoy that package...beautiful quilt and yes, where did January go?

  9. The quilts are beautiful!! What a lucky kitty that Skippy is!! He's so cute!

  10. Watch out! Hollywood will be calling. Fortunately, Skippy has you to manage things for him. That picture is sooooo cute, with him sticking his face in the bag.

    Love the quilts. Do you ever do quilts for others? I'd be interested, if you ever decide to sell any.

    ~ Yaya

  11. isn't Linda the bestest? the photos of the Kittehs..have a great tuesday...:)

  12. What a cat life. A card for Skippy. How pampered.Thanks for sharing the cute photos. I love your jean and green quilt. Nice job. JB

  13. Ha ha Tisha we could call it blogville.that would be awesome.I did read the other day how "aunt Linda"hooked ole Skippy up"hes pretty special well you are.It would sure be nice to live closer.have a great day and stay safe and warm.hugs and blessings michelle

  14. Skippy looks like a well loved kitty, Tisha. And what better way than to say "love you" in February than to receive a gift?!...:)JP P.S. I love the look of your's gorgeous!

  15. Okay, You officially crack me up!

  16. Aww, good kitty Skippy! He's quite the celebrity here in blogland. It's good to see other kitty lovers like ourselves. The lil furballs are somethin' special for us.
    Linda is an angel isn't she:)