Wednesday, January 5, 2011

~ Who Thinks These Things Up...~

Have your kids been tellin' you your "Un-Cool"...
Do they tell you " You Don't Know"...
How bout' 'Weird"

I got told I was 'Way Olde"..
Yep, not only did i get told this today but my computer just reaffirmed it!

I came home from running errands after school with Little Man... and being told I was olde along the way.
I'm not so concerned about that, I'll get even later ;)
I decide to take a couple of minutes and check out some of y'alls Blogs :)
First up I went by and visited with Lauren over at  Rugs and Pugs we had a great little chat about Menopause! Yep, good old Hot Flashes and the works....
Now mind you I had emergency surgery that resulted in a full hysterectomy  two years ago. I don't mind I was done having kids twenty years ago.. (Little Man is adopted) and had already had surgery to remedy that.
I however am not old! Forty-Something is NOT OLD! Just because I don't know about no situations and don't care to Know how to pronounce Justin Beibers name correctly does not in any way constitute me being old.

Okay on to my next visit.....
 I stopped in to see Tiff over at the Folded Gingham she has done a fabulous job painting her cupboards and wanted her to know I thought so! I left the sweetest message for her and the when it came time to verify that Yes it was me and Yes I did want to securely send words of encouragement to her this happened!

I was nice...

Who would do such a thing?

I refuse to let technology bring me down!
I am a strong confident woman!

And Skippy swears he didn't have anything to do with it!

He better not have...

Wayolde, my @#S!

Smokin' Hot Grandma maybe,
 But not "WAYOLDE"

I hate Word Verification!
dumb tech junkies anyways....

See now they've made me go and ruin a perfectly good new years resolution!



  1. Some of those words crack me up, some sound quite rude, some make me laugh, but that one would have cacked me off too...
    Tomorrows will be , 'beautiful' or 'toocool' or something even better, ( I hope )...

  2. LOL LOL LOL!! To Funny!! We are not WAY OLDE no matter what these little people may think of us all!! What do they know about being "cool" anyway!! I am not up to date on the latest "in" thing either and like you I frankly don't care lol!! My kids tell me all the time I am "old",boring, not cool, embarrassing this one I do purposely lol, part of the pay back for the first few! I enjoy being un-cool and boring and even embarrassing, but NO WAY am I old!! lol

  3. Tisha, your post made me laugh out loud. You are so clever to take a picture of this stupid Word verification harassment and exposed it for what it is. A whole bunch of nonsense. Really, you're not olde at all. You are just starting to live and they better not mess with you girl the way I se it... JB

  4. I was a little depressed until I read this. I have laughed and told my daughter to read this. So funny! Usually things like this happen to me. At least you're not 58. I get told everyday how uncool I am. But they don't realize that it was my generation who gave them rock n roll that has led to the music they listen to now. We are COOL! Blessings, Janice-Black Creek primitives

  5. Tisha ~
    Forty something is not "wayolde". It's not even old. Heck, you are still wet behind the ears!
    Cute post. Thanks for mentioning me :)
    Pug hugs :)

  6. LOL... too funny and too deja vue. Dang girl:)

  7. OMG that is toooooo funny! Hey, I agree with Lauren, 40 something is young and at 57, I'll trade you for that 40ish any day!

  8. Sometimes deniel has a way of paying Tricks on us..LOL...Just kidding!! That was so funny I nearly fell off my chair laughing..thanks ever so much for the Smile...


  9. LOL! OMG, Tisha this is too funny! I about shot coffee out my nose reading this! And you are not old at all. Don't let a computer tell you any different. Age ain't nothin but a number. I am going to share this with my mom. She will get a kick out of this.



  10. LMAO! Mean ol' computer anyway!

    Carmen and the Primcats

  11. That's sure put a smile on my face! I think it's a conspiracy! :) Don't believe it! :)

    Have a great evening young lady,

  12. a sign from the computer gods?? Oh I don't think so. Your only as old as you look or is that feel? anyway thanks for the laugh

  13. LOL! I hear that I am "old" all the time from my 20 yr old...I tell him his day will come soon. He's in bad shape for his age...bum knees, bum shoulder and his back always is hurting...geez, wonder what he'll be like at my age?


  14. Hi there - just saw your comment on Jayme's post. I happen to be the Bartering Bumble friend of TH's. My neighbor likes brewski and I like free internet! The truth is, we are moving in a few months and where we are moving to does not have cable and such. I have to do some research and it was just easier to go out and by him beer! I'd barter with you too if you lived closer!

    The boys I watch made a comment about me being old. They said, "you didn't have cars when you were little did you? You had buggies and horses right?" WHAT!!!! I'm 52. And being 52 and still having my parts, menopause sucks! Oh my does it suck. I've been having a hard time sleeping for the last two weeks. Waking up several times in the night with night sweats and my heart pumping. It feels like anxiety attacks would feel, in the middle of a sound sleep. It's been fun. I think I'll go get on my horse and buggy and ride to the health food store for some progesterin cream. See ya,
    Cindy Bee

  15. Hey Tisha...give that computer h@**!!! You do not have to take that. I really don't think that Skippy had anything to do with it though. Enjoy all that life has to our age!!!

  16. Some of the words really get me, but this one (although funny and going along with the day's theme) would have popped me right off. HA I am feeling my age, I turn 40 next month and I am already have anxiety attacks about it. SERIOUSLY.
    My two boys love to pick on me about being old..."Mom, are all your baby pictures black and white?" "Did you have color tv?" "Did you have an outhouse?" Rotten kids. HA

    We are not old, we rock!


  17. Im new here, but that was just too funny ! Im sure it wasn't on the receiving end though, at my house when something happens we dont like or want to fess up to "WE BLAME THE CAT"! since we don't have one:) you are far from old and some snot nosed male techie had to of created that one ! To heck with resolutions , just love your sweet , creative self for all that you are.
    Happy New Year
    lil raggedy angie

  18. Hi Tisha..
    Just stopped in to say howdy and thank you for checking out my new blog..and I ended up laughing 'til I had tears over this post! My grandson loooves to tell me I must be at least 2,000 years old :) Now technology is butting in, too! Remember we're only as old as we feel!
    ~and I adore the big dogs..English Mastiffs definitely have my Briards beat..but mine deposit more hair everywhere :)

  19. Okay; I was laughing at today's post (January 20, 2011) an' I really enjoyed reading about Skippy in the flu. However, I kept reading an' when I finished reading this post, I knew I hadda' say something. Let's a bunch of us get together an' go FIX that ol' verification machine. Its startin' to really tork me off. WAYOLDE, as if! As my ol' gramma' used to say, "My Aunt F(r)anny!"

    ~ Yaya

  20. Too, too funny....from this much older woman at age 50!!! I can so relate. This was my husband and my conversation the other our older sons make him feel so inadequate with all their computer knowledge and our five year old looks up and says, "mom are you really, really, really old"
    This is just great!!!...With you, but further down the path!!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog...I am enjoying my visit here!!