Tuesday, January 18, 2011

~ Inspector Skippy Strikes Again...~

I had a bright Idea!
Yep, thought I was real smart....
A couple of weeks ago our furnace went on the fritz...
It took Mr.Fix-It two days to get the part and get it fixed....
A very cold Two Days!
So, In comes the bright Idea.....
I have a wood stove that we haven't used in about 12 years,
Yes ,I did say 12 years..
Mr Fix-It had a house burn about 20 years ago and since then he's been reluctant to use a fireplace or a wood stove
But me on the other hand, having used this kind of heat most of my life, am not reluctant to use it at all.
I made the appointment to have someone come and clean and inspect the chimney and verify that everything was in good working order.
I called and had it added to our home owners insurance policy.
Then, I told Mr. Fix-It what I had done :o]....
He took it better than I expected and so, I set forth, planning my wonderful new adventure.
I am going to have a wood stove!
I'm going to be warm the next time the furnace quits or the power goes out!
I cleaned off the stove and  removed all my Prims that had been displayed around it.
I even made cookie dough the night before, so that I would have something to do while the man did his job!
I even took pictures of the process so that I could share this recipe with y'all...

The big day arrives,
I'm ready!
It's cold and snowy,
I've got cookies baking in the oven,
The Man cleans out the stove and pulls it out from the wall,
goes out and gets a big vacuum hose and proceeds to tell me that everything is in great shape it just needs to be cleaned... Very Bad!
DUH...... Really? after only 12 years....
(Okay, I'll be nice :O}.... That was my resolution!)
As he's telling me this, he changes the subject to.....

Him: No Kitty! No Kitty, Don't!
Ma mm? Your kitty is......
Kitty please don't, come out!
Ma mm, Your kitty is crawling up the flew pipe!.... 
Please Stop, Sweetie....

Me:  That's Skippy, my pest..
He'll come back out in a minute... 

Him: (panic in his voice) Ma mm, he's not coming out....

Me: (taking cookies out of the oven) I'll get him in second..

Him: Could you hurry, he's all the way in there!

Me: (come around corner to see nothing but a pipe)
Where is he?

Him: In the pipe....

Me: puzzled?
I look, sure enough, he's up there....
I tap on the pipe and with the sweetest voice I ask,
Skippy Sweetheart?
Could you please come outta there,
Mamma's gotta finish baking and this nice man needs to finish his job....

Skippy: NO! 
Hey Mom, I smell dead birds!

Me: Skippy, NOW!

Skippy:  NO! Not yet,
I'm not done...

Him: If he gets past this junction he's headed up the chimney and you want be able to reach him...

Me: Could you hold these for me? (my pot holders)
Skippy, last chance..... No, okay then...

I reached in, my arm was in that pipe past my elbow and scratched his little bum, then I promptly grabbed him by his two back legs and drug his scrawny little behind out.
Now mind you he wasn't so willing to come out, so he arches his little back and dug his little claws in and tugged with all his little might!
But I won!
All I could hear was this poor man saying,
I'm Sorry over and over...
He was telling me that in 36 years of doing this kind of work that had never happened...
I quit laughing just long enough to tell him that was because,
he had never taken.....
Inspector Skippy.... to work with him!
I promptly stuck Skippy in the Grooming sink and scrubbed him for twenty minutes...
Surprisingly he took it really well... He's watched enough dogs be bathed I guess he understood.
He was solid black and couldn't quit sneezing so therefor I didn't get any pictures. No way was I letting go and having him get soot everywhere. That poor man laughed so hard he couldn't go up the ladder for ten minutes and he was really tickled watching Skippy get a bath... Skippy wasn't so tickled!

I finished up the cookies and Skippy napped by the stove.... It was warm and he was a little chilly!
All's well that ends well!
I just wish that I could have gotten some pictures...

I start my community classes tonight!
Photo shop classes on Tuesdays and Photography on Thursdays!
They only last for five weeks but if I like them I can take the next level...
It's all part of my resolution remember?
To refine my self taught skills..
Plus it's time out of the house. I find, ex specially in the winter, that I holed up here for days on end. If I don't have to leave I won't. I'm trying to be less like a hermit and more like a normal person. I do enjoy staying home, all my things are here, all my critters are here, my sewing room is here, my wood shop is here, my Skippy is here...
I better quit, I'll talk myself into staying home!
I'll get that cookie recipe listed for you, plus I'll tell you why they're called Menopause Cookies!
I told the stove guy what I called them that right after he ate some :o}..... He asked!
That was fun too!
Y'all have a great day now!


  1. Skippy's little adventure, too funny! He just wanted to be in on the action!

  2. Skippy is adorable and a very adventurous cat!! Good luck with your classes...sounds fun!

  3. HAHA So glad you were able to get him out. Boy, animals can be so darned nosy.


  4. holy crap..I am so glad you got inspector skippy out of the stove...little stinker..I have my stove going as we speak..the kittys and puppy dog love it..I can't believe you haven't used it in 12 years..we don't use our regular heat period..we love having the wood stove..love it..and I know you do to..so..happy that hubby is on board with it..;) can't wait to know why you call them menopause cookies.:)

  5. Skippy, Skippy, Skippy!!!! What a stinker you are. Thanks for the laughs Skippy!!

  6. Skippy,you are so silly. I wish I had been there to see you in the bath!

  7. Oh My goodness - I'm laughing my A*s off here at Skippy's adventure - Having 3 crazy cats myself I could just picture this with my Riley! We call him the "Supervisor" of everything done in this house! Oh my - I'm really really impressed that he allowed himself to be bathed - if that had been one of mine (especially Riley who is strong than both of us put together) I'm sure I would be still cleaning up soot prints! Thanks for the giggles!

  8. LOL, Oh the fun of being a cat owner! That
    sounds like something, Chum would do.

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  9. What a great adventure for inspector Skippy! So glad that he was saved from getting into too much trouble! ;-) I've got the same philosophy as you... What I need is right here at home... have a wonderful day!

  10. What an adventure! So funny! That man will tell that story for weeks to come.
    betty, through my back door

  11. Too Funny!!! You made my day with that story...

  12. This is way too funny Tisha... something my Leo would do for sure... they are the nosiest little creatures aren't they? I can't believe he let you bathe him, you are a brave lady.

    I can't wait for the "mentalpause" cookie recipe and why the name hahaha. Thanks for my chuckle of the day.

    Hugs, Deb

  13. That is funny but kind of scarey too. I was almost holding my breath reading your post thinking something happened to Skippy..He sounds like our Dag "Maggie" always into something and having pets is more trouble sometimes that having kids :)

  14. Hi Tisha...you gotta love our little guys. They can get into SOOOO much trouble...if they knew that half the time we could pee our pants at their antics they prolly wouldn't do them any more...(Eli says "Way to go Skippy", all but that bath thing, does it hurt??) Have a fun and eventful day!

  15. Hahahahahahaha. You have me laughing myself silly. I have a life-size image of all that you described. Makes me glad that alla' my furry family live outdoors. Even the little three-legged cat won't come in. I tried to get 'em to come in, a couple of times, but they acted like they were afraid I was gonna' throw 'em in the stew or somethin'. Great post!

    ~ Yaya

  16. Oh, my! what a day you had...glad skippy is ok and your woodstove is all ready to heat your house!

  17. That is about one of the funniest stories I've heard. It really gave me a laugh. Cats are just too curious. Glad you both are okay.

  18. All I could think was Oh my heavens! I bet the chimney guy was flipping out. So glad everything turned out okay for Skippy. Enjoy your stove. It is pretty darn cold out these days.

  19. Hi Tisha, I just found your blog. You have such a great sense of humor about you. I am glad skippy is alright, I have several cats myself, and you never know what they will get into. Stay warm. Vicky

  20. Hilarious! Poor Skippy had to get a bath. I've given cats baths before, it's real fun. I completely understand why you cannot take pics. You can't let go! He would have gone right back up that pipe if he got away.

    I need that cookie recipe!

    I totally understasnd making yourself get out of the house. We have had a foot more snow than we usually get for the whole season.

    Stay warm,

    Cindy Bee