Thursday, September 16, 2010

Back Road Friends....

I've been wandering the back roads again..

Sneekin' around outback of the barn....

Me and the neighbor boys were hangin' out by the stump for awhile..
Chewin on the latest feed lot gossip!

I'm sure the Mares were dyin' to find out the skinny,

This here Mare tried saddlin' her way up so she'd be in ear shot,

But we was on to her!
You see a little bird came scurrin' along and told us what was goin on...

We decided to take our Gossipin' behind closed doors.

But just when we thought it was safe to carry on our secret swap!

Knot head had to go and stick his big ears into it!!
Think next time we'd better take it out by woodpile instead...

Well it's sure been nice visitin' with you!
But I need to go visit the Boys one last time...
I heard they'd be movin' out tonight.

(they're goin' to auction tomorrow!)

           Skippy says..
  Hi Y'all!


  1. What a cute post... just how is Mr. Skippy doing these days... staying out of trouble I hope. Look forward to your posts, you always bring a smile to my face with your great story telling.

    Have a great night Tisha.

    Hugs, Deb

  2. That is very clever, Tisha! I loved it.

  3. Very cute Tish...I just wanted to pop in and say hello..trying to get back in the mood for blogging. hugs!