Tuesday, September 21, 2010

~Who Made You... Inspector Skippy?~

Inspector Skippy?

Since when did this happen?

Why am I the last one to find these things out?
Does he even know what he's inspecting?

Skippy?........ Skippy?.............Hhhmmmmmmmm....Hhmmmmmmmm.......!

Are you SURE you know what your doing?  Skippy?

Skippy? Sweetie, Momma thinks you need to back up a bit, Okay?

Hey Skippy? Can you swim?

Hey Skippy?
"What ya Gonna Do"
 When they come for you?

 "Sorry, Couldn't help it....I've always wanted to say that!"

Skippy, Do you have a boat?


Hey Skippy,
Do you have a screw driver?

Skippy? ...... Skippy?

What?.... I said we'd go feed the fish
 when we get "all our chores done"
Now... come on and lets get to work....


Yea... Down there..
"Someone hurry and pinch his butt!"

"Hey Skippy"
Watch out for that bug!

If I could clone him I'd be a National Hero!
Now that I think about it, 
I'm sure that would be International.

His "Fin Club" Agrees...

Ha, I got it!
We'll call him the....

"Ronko Pocket Inspector"
He comes as an attachment!

I Love You...Skippy!

Really Skippy, I do...
Hey come on, I was just kidding,
Skippy, Please come back....

Okay, I just can't leave things like this between us....

Dear Skippy,
I am truly sorry for hurting your feelings.
I am truly sorry for laughing at you.
I am truly sorry for making you sit on the rock in the pond while I chuckled and took funny pictures of you..
I am truly sorry for making you bump your head when I yelled at you about the bug.
I am truly sorry for making you swim back to shore just so I could take pictures of your sweet little wet kitty footy prints on the back porch.....Ahw this is harder than I thought it would be!

Ahhwwww Baby I wanna kiss you!
I Do!

Seriously Folks..
Go Get your
 "Ronko Pocket Inspector"



  1. oh he is just too precious!! I just love that last photo of him all sleeping..:) thanks for sharing..he is just a little cutie..;)give him a love for me.:)

  2. Don't they just have to check out,
    everything? Chum sure does! Chum is
    big now, it sure didn't take him long!
    Give Skippy a hug from Chum and me!
    He is soooo cute!

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  3. Hey, that is just too cute.. I love cats... They have so much personality...
    And that one is a keeper....lol..

  4. He is so sweet and looks so much like our nameless one. Bundles of mischief!

  5. Skippy really is a keeper! From the pics you take, I can say that I have never "met" a kitty with such a personality! Skippy's package arrived yesterday.... I will be opening it today! Thanks so much! :-)

  6. Skippy is adorable! Such cute pictures. Congrats to Sharon. I saw her wonderful goodies from Skippy on her blog.

  7. Awww, Skippy! You have such a sweeeeeet life!
    Adventure is waiting for you every day!
    Great pictures--really cute story---excellent subject! Roped me in, entertained me, held my interest, made me fall in love!

  8. Skippy looks like such a fine companion...how fun for him to have his own fin club!

  9. Skippy is too cute! I'm a little partial, but orange cats are just the best - ask my Frito - he'll tell you. ~Ann

  10. What a sweet post... I love your Skippy stories... it is so nice to see that you are getting so much enjoyment out of him, they do fill a hole in your heart... such a special little creature. I would never be without one.

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful stories with us... they make my day.

    Hugs, Deb

  11. Hi~
    First off thanks so much for stopping by my blog last week...and for the comment too. :)

    Skippy is a cutie...we have had many kitties that look quit similar to Skippy. :)

    Hope you will stop by my farm again soon. I will be back to visit again.

  12. Awh Skippy you are so lucky to live with a such a great family. I have a 16 year old cat who still plays with my rug hooking wool. I want her to live forever.

  13. Hey he's a real sweety! I've got two of those:) Isn't it neat how they make us love them?

  14. AWWW....Skippy is so adorable!!! Love your blog, thanks for checking out my Sheridan kitty!!!

  15. I have to agree Skippy is very cute. I noticed from the one pic that it looked like you have a pond/water feature. Our pond is about 2 feet low right now. We just haven't been getting any rain lately. It has been going around us. I was hoping we might get some today but no. It was nice of you to leave a comment on my site. I hope you can come back again. Lisa

  16. Skippy melts my heart! Thanks for sharing his stories with us *looking forward to more.

  17. Oh, I am such a sucker for cute kitties and Skippy is CUTE KITTY to the max!!!
    He looks so innocent while he's sleeping. Hehehe!
    We know THE TRUTH, Skippy!

  18. love it.........Skippy is just to cute i so enjoyed your post