Wednesday, September 8, 2010

~* Hey Y'all ~*~ I Know My Name! *~

Thanks Y'all,
For helpin' me out!
Between us all,
We figured it out...

It was just so important,
To find the right one.
I was gettin' real nervous,
I'm glad that we're done!

It's really been fun,
And I'm glad you all tried.
Cause if they named me Sue,
I think I'd have died!

There for awhile it was kinda Iffy,
But I know now for sure,
My Name is....

Yippee Skippy!
You made my day,
Please send me your Info so I can say,
Hey You!
Your stuff is on it's way!

I'm so glad y'all could help me,
Cause now I can say.
Hey Y'all!
My name is...
Wanna Play?

We had so many good ones,
There was no doubt.
We'd find just the right one,
So Thanks Everyone,
For helpin' me out!

Thank you for your support!

Pssstt... Very Important Information to Follow!
Please see foot note below...

As "Skippy's" other mother,
I'd like to also thank everyone for your participation!
Y'all had some really good suggestions!
After much deliberation....and a few debates!
We finally decided!
I'd like to personally congratulate our winner!
Thank You!

Runner's up and
Honorable mentions are:

Elmer.... The farmers attic and
Cat nap inn primitives
Ernie.... Proper prim
Herbie.... Sweet prairie dwellings
Goober... The barely there primitive bear

Please send me your info also...
I have something special for you!

Other Mother!


  1. Yea, you have a name!!! Congrats, Skippy,
    you can wear it proudly! It was fun trying
    to come up with names and thanks so much
    for the honorable mention! I will e-mail ya
    my info...Congrats to Moosecraft, you lucky

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  2. Oh Yippee, for it... I am so glad to see that the little guy finally has a real moniker... He is such a sweet little boy and such a lucky little guy to have a new Mommy that loves him so. I love how you played this all out too... you made it so much fun.

    Thanks so much for the honorable mention too... I will send you my info via email.

    Have a great day and give little Skippy a big hug.

    Hugs, Deb

  3. Congrats to the winner & Skippy. Skippy so glad you have a name to be proud of. I will look forward to keeping up on your adventures with your mama Tisha.

  4. WHOO HOO MOOSECRAFT!!! Congrats on your awesome win!!! And congrats to you litte Skippy!!! You finally have a name.. now they do'nt have to call you Punk anymore!! Skippy fits you well..and you know your Mama Tisha will treat you well... and so what if she gives ya so much love it makes your furry little head swell!!! lol!!!!!!!!This was really fun Tish..and thanks for the honorable mention Gf!!! I'll send ya my addy email. And like the others I will be looking forward to your further Adventures with Mr.Skippy!!!!!!! hugs!!! .... Donna

  5. Hello Everyone!
    I'm sorry I did'nt send personal Emails out. I've been really strapped for time. My grooming has increased for a few weeks, happens everytime the weather changes!
    All packages will go out by Saturday.... Hope that's okay?
    For everyones Info,
    My Email info is on my profile.....
    Just kiddin' Sorry I was writing this with one eye propped open and a cat attatched...
    or you can do it the easy way... Send em to....
    Just sayin'!
    Cause someone said they had a hard time findin' my email..... I'm so not hard to find, just look for the skinny lady with the cat attatched by an umbilical cord! Yep! That'd be me....
    I think we may have a problem!
    Or two... he thinks he likes my power tools!
    Skippy? Can you say adoption?
    Leave my power tools alone!
    Anyway guy's... off to packem up!

  6. I got your address from your selling
    blog, then I noticed you profile after
    wards...duh..I guess I was too excited!

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  7. Good Morning Skippy!!! :-) Yay! Thanks so much! I'm very happy this little one has a name to call his own! I think my favorite picture of him is the first pic in Sep 3rds post! Just kinda sittin' there being mellow and thinkin' about the day! :-) I'll be sending you my info... YAY! :-) I'm excited! Thanks so much for making my day!!!

  8. Congrats to the gals! Looks like poor Skippy is plum worn out.

  9. Congrats Ladies! Glad to meet ya Skippy!!