Friday, November 12, 2010

~ Call it Stubborn ' If You Must... ~

Mabey it's the "Southern Gal" in me?
and then again I could just be Stubborn.....

I'm having a really hard time giving up the Green!
The Bright, Light ,Springy,
It's gonna' be warm today Green.........Sigh.......

So a Girls gonna do what a Girl wants to do!
Be a little Stubborn....

Think Green Baby!
Think Fuzzy, Warm and Cuddly Green.....

Wait a minute! 
Where is it?

{{{{{ SKIPPY }}}}}

Put it back.... Now!

Pweeze o' Pweeze can I have it?...................

Skippy ' NO ONE can have it,
if you don't leave it alone.
Because, I can't sew it if you DON'T!

My perspective on'
Snugglin' up With a Wrangler Butt!
Well ... at least one of them...........

Y'all have a Good Day now!


  1. skippy is so cute!

    It is beautiful in Ohio today, 61 degrees & sunny skies, perfect fall day!
    enjoy the day,

  2. Skippy is like Chum, always wanting to
    help! Have a great weekend and give Skippy
    a hug for me!

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  3. AWWWWW...poor Skippy! Can't he play with it for just a minute! I have to tell you, it's not that warm here in Arizona but at least the sun's out. I can't handle the gloom anymore which is one more reason I spend the winters out here! Would send you some sun if I could!

  4. Maybe Skippy wants to help you sew those beautiful green squares together. If Puss'n Boot can sew then why not Skippy? ( I assume Puss'n Boot sewed his own outfit). Have a great weekend. JB

  5. Wrangler Butts.....WOW, LOL...thanks for the laugh, love your post...and as Julia said, maybe Skippy can sew "purrfect" stitches...Have a great weekend....Blessings, Traci

    P.S. I'm enjoying everybit of sunshine and 62 degrees here in week it's snow for us

  6. Skippy is SO cute! He and my cat could be brothers, they have very similar markings. I have been enjoying your posts about Skippy. Beautiful fabrics you have gathered there, hopefully Skippy will let Mommy get her project started!
    Have a good evening.