Wednesday, November 17, 2010

~ Hey Toilet Paper!... "Whatcha Doin"... ~

I answered the phone and.....
That's the first question I get asked.
My reply?......
Hey Douche Bag! My back hurts and No I won't cut your hair.....
But glad you asked anyway!

Mind you, this a typical conversation between me and my younger brother...
He's had this fetish with calling me this since, I think like forEver! and one must know, that he has constantly for years, asked for a haircut "Every Single Time He Calls!" and the Douche Bag joke goes with stating.....
Ancient Family Secret! Just note, It fits....

Okay Joel, I'm sorry let me start again... Huh Hummm... 
Hello Joel, when would you like your head butched?

..............awkward silence..............

Golly Sis,
I was just wandering if you would be home tomorrow and could you come and pick me up?
What's up Joel?

I wrecked my truck.........

WHAT? You Okay???

I wrecked my truck.........They towed it off the mountain but I need a ride, can you do it?

How'd you manage that Joel?     (Ever ask those kind of ?'s)
You never answered.... You Okay?
I don't know, I was only going about 5 miles an hour when it happened....

Seriously....... "Does he think I'm Blonde?"

No.... He just thinks my name is "Toilet Paper"

He still swears "This Happened at 5 Miles an Hour"

Okay, so I guess the Douche Bag had a witness...
Seems as though he Was only doing about 5 miles an hour.
The road crew had just layed a pipe across the road and spread the remainder of the dirt across the top.
I say Dirt Loosely, turns out, under the road base was clay and it had just rained! Had this happened two turns up the mountain, he would have went over a cliff......

Hey Bud, I'd be happy to!
and while I have you hostage in my home, you WILL make my camera Quit barking, Every Time I Take A Picture!
You do remember me telling you how annoying that is, right?
Douche Bag!

By the way, DB, it's "Tissue Paper" Thank You very much!



 Aren't little Brother's supposed to grow up and leave you alone?
or at least, get married and pick on their wives instead?


  1. I'm so glad your brother is OK! I think it's adorable how close you guys are and continue with your joking! I don't have that anymore, my little brother became to serious...

  2. But you LOVE each other...right??! Just glad to know he is o.k. That would have scared the stuffing outa me...those pictures are graphic!! Have fun with him while ya got him...Millstonemercantile

  3. Oh my goodness. I'm glad he's ok!

    Carmen and the Primcats

  4. Wow Tisha, Thank God that he is ok! That truck looks horrible!! That's so great that you both get along so well and can call each other those So cute!!


  5. Yes, Thank the lord he is fine! Wow what a ride!
    The pictures give me chills!

    I just love how you two go back & forth yep, that is sisterly/brotherly love!
    Take advantage of him while he is there( too cute)LOL,
    take care of each other,

  6. Thank goodness your brother is alright! To look at the pictures, you just wouldn't know.

    It is wonderful you are so close to your brother.
    I hope everything smooths out for him and his truck.
    Take care.

  7. LOL, it is funny the way you still go back
    and forth, like that! Thank goodness he
    is OK!

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  8. Glad that your brother is ok. I gotta ask though, why was the road he was on just dirt? Was it in a construction zone? The pictures look like things could have been much worse and seems like he has kept his sense of humor and wits about him....oh my, the pictures just make me crazy looking at scarey!


  9. Wow, your brother was very lucky. Those pictures look terrible. I love the way you two talk to each other. I have a similar relationship with 2 "douche bags". LOL

  10. Hey TP..jk..;) whooooaaa that is a nasty truck wreck..glad he is brother used to say: smile if you are a bumface" and you know it made me smile everytime..even when I was mad..might want to use that one on your brother when you see him next..;)tell skippy hi and give him a big love.;)

  11. Oh My!! What a site! So glad he is okay, that looks so scary. And thank you dear so much for your understanding regarding the loss of my precious father. Have a blessed day!

  12. Tisha ~
    I'm so glad he was able to call and harass you. What a lucky guy!
    Hugs :)

  13. Oh,my! Oh,my! He does know how to 'surprise' you, doesn't he? I am certainly glad he is ok. It wouldn't do for your douche bag to have a laceration( hole in it ). You would need more than tissue paper to fix that!

  14. Wow, that doesn't look good at all! I'm glad he didn't get hurt! I drove dump trucks for years a while back, and yes I did manage to roll it over, only because the ground gave way. I didn't get hurt either, but it sure scares the crap out of a person! Your story about your brother is really cute!

  15. So glad your brother wasn't hurt! Those photos are hard to look at. I have two brothers who are truckers......

    Keep that close relationship you have and keep havin' fun!
    Our truckers keep the nation supplied with TP amongst most other things we consider essential now :) and are not receiving the thanks that they deserve. Great post!

    Cathy G

  16. Wow, glad that he is OK! He should try out for Ice Road Truckers! That looks as scary!