Thursday, November 18, 2010

~ Good Golly Miss Molly...~

 Agrees with me!
Little Brothers are so annoying.....
Let's back up just a titch....
Little man comes to me and says...
"Mom, what can I do?... I'm Bored..."
What do you want to do?.....
"I don't know... Something different..."
Okay.... How bout you groom the dogs... Since I do it all the time, you could help me out and tend to it this time..? That would be a great help!

Volunteer #1..... If she only knew!

Open wide..........Hold lip out of the way!

Hold lip out of the way! Little Man, Hold the lip up and you can see better....

Not smash her eyeballs out!  Notice the Infant sized tooth brush he chose......

Now the other side..... Love the look on her face!

Plughhhhhhh....... who said it taste like chicken?

Hey Little Man!
They need a bath too!
Love Mom............ Yep, I have way to much fun with them!


  1. What a good boy! (your son....not the dog...although he was a very well behaved doggy! )
    Have a great day! :)

  2. i clicked on the dogs pic on left og blog and took me to a photo album....i enjoyed alot great pics and if i wasnt a boxer lover i would have 1 of these (love big dogs and cats!!!)

  3. Too cute!
    Love your dog & looks like they both enjoyed the grooming!
    enjoy the day,

  4. Oh, My good gravy! That is so funny! Looks like you all had fun!

  5. HI Tisha, what a sweet boy you have! We tried cleaning our animals teeth...wasn't going to happen twice! lol


  6. I love when they say they are bored and don't mind doing what you ask them to do. LOL LOVE< LOVE< LOVE your dogs!!!