Wednesday, September 29, 2010

~ I Think We Have a Problem ~

It's a Flea-Bag.
I'm pretty sure of it.

So's that thing up there...

Intimidation works every time!...Ha ha..

So easily controlled!


Y'all just thought he looked all sweet and innocent....

We're officially looking into counseling, as we have recently been informed that Skippy,
  possibly has some "issues" that should be addressed...
Seems our little Skippy has been "Bullying" the neighbor dogs....

(I personally think the neighbors should get dogs that are not such wimps!)


( Does that look like the face of a Bully? )

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

~Who Made You... Inspector Skippy?~

Inspector Skippy?

Since when did this happen?

Why am I the last one to find these things out?
Does he even know what he's inspecting?

Skippy?........ Skippy?.............Hhhmmmmmmmm....Hhmmmmmmmm.......!

Are you SURE you know what your doing?  Skippy?

Skippy? Sweetie, Momma thinks you need to back up a bit, Okay?

Hey Skippy? Can you swim?

Hey Skippy?
"What ya Gonna Do"
 When they come for you?

 "Sorry, Couldn't help it....I've always wanted to say that!"

Skippy, Do you have a boat?


Hey Skippy,
Do you have a screw driver?

Skippy? ...... Skippy?

What?.... I said we'd go feed the fish
 when we get "all our chores done"
Now... come on and lets get to work....


Yea... Down there..
"Someone hurry and pinch his butt!"

"Hey Skippy"
Watch out for that bug!

If I could clone him I'd be a National Hero!
Now that I think about it, 
I'm sure that would be International.

His "Fin Club" Agrees...

Ha, I got it!
We'll call him the....

"Ronko Pocket Inspector"
He comes as an attachment!

I Love You...Skippy!

Really Skippy, I do...
Hey come on, I was just kidding,
Skippy, Please come back....

Okay, I just can't leave things like this between us....

Dear Skippy,
I am truly sorry for hurting your feelings.
I am truly sorry for laughing at you.
I am truly sorry for making you sit on the rock in the pond while I chuckled and took funny pictures of you..
I am truly sorry for making you bump your head when I yelled at you about the bug.
I am truly sorry for making you swim back to shore just so I could take pictures of your sweet little wet kitty footy prints on the back porch.....Ahw this is harder than I thought it would be!

Ahhwwww Baby I wanna kiss you!
I Do!

Seriously Folks..
Go Get your
 "Ronko Pocket Inspector"


Thursday, September 16, 2010

Back Road Friends....

I've been wandering the back roads again..

Sneekin' around outback of the barn....

Me and the neighbor boys were hangin' out by the stump for awhile..
Chewin on the latest feed lot gossip!

I'm sure the Mares were dyin' to find out the skinny,

This here Mare tried saddlin' her way up so she'd be in ear shot,

But we was on to her!
You see a little bird came scurrin' along and told us what was goin on...

We decided to take our Gossipin' behind closed doors.

But just when we thought it was safe to carry on our secret swap!

Knot head had to go and stick his big ears into it!!
Think next time we'd better take it out by woodpile instead...

Well it's sure been nice visitin' with you!
But I need to go visit the Boys one last time...
I heard they'd be movin' out tonight.

(they're goin' to auction tomorrow!)

           Skippy says..
  Hi Y'all!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

~* Hey Y'all ~*~ I Know My Name! *~

Thanks Y'all,
For helpin' me out!
Between us all,
We figured it out...

It was just so important,
To find the right one.
I was gettin' real nervous,
I'm glad that we're done!

It's really been fun,
And I'm glad you all tried.
Cause if they named me Sue,
I think I'd have died!

There for awhile it was kinda Iffy,
But I know now for sure,
My Name is....

Yippee Skippy!
You made my day,
Please send me your Info so I can say,
Hey You!
Your stuff is on it's way!

I'm so glad y'all could help me,
Cause now I can say.
Hey Y'all!
My name is...
Wanna Play?

We had so many good ones,
There was no doubt.
We'd find just the right one,
So Thanks Everyone,
For helpin' me out!

Thank you for your support!

Pssstt... Very Important Information to Follow!
Please see foot note below...

As "Skippy's" other mother,
I'd like to also thank everyone for your participation!
Y'all had some really good suggestions!
After much deliberation....and a few debates!
We finally decided!
I'd like to personally congratulate our winner!
Thank You!

Runner's up and
Honorable mentions are:

Elmer.... The farmers attic and
Cat nap inn primitives
Ernie.... Proper prim
Herbie.... Sweet prairie dwellings
Goober... The barely there primitive bear

Please send me your info also...
I have something special for you!

Other Mother!

Friday, September 3, 2010

~Hey Ya'll, It's.... "What's my Name?"~

It's just not fair...
you see,
Everyone else has one, but me!
I'm serious, they do.
Here, I'll introduce you...

This here is my Momma, they call her "Timmy."

And my Pa...
Well, they just yell,
"Get the *+#&=* outta here!"

This here is my oldest sister "Tucker"

She thinks she's the cats meow...
( I think she's stuck up! )
Everyone around here, calls her...

"Ice Princess".. .
My Momma says,
 I haffta be nice to her and that she'll be her old self in no time at all,
cause she just had some kinda surgery...
 to adjust her attitude or something..... 

This here is my big brother "Nomi"..
..aka..."Not Me"...
( We needed someone to blame! )
He's my best Buddy!
Momma says,
 he's the best babysitter ever!...
("I'm not a baby!")
He showed me and my little sister how to climb trees
 and catch grasshoppers
and wrestle...
and sneak up on Tucker and scare the snot outta her...
(That's the best one!)

This here is my little sister "Coon"
She's really really cool!
Mama says, she gonna go live with my Uncle...
Yep that's right,
( She's gonna be my cousin! )

There are lots more folks that live here,
but we'll save them for another day..

My Momma said she asked y'all to help her out!
So come on Guy's,
Whatta ya say...

"Don't make me hang my head in shame...."

Won't you help me pick a name!

We have till September 6th...
and this is truly my greatest wish.
I really wanna say...

 My name is,
Wanna Play?

If everyone would Please check it out...

Momma said y'all have already left a few.
If everyone would just help out.
Then I'm sure without a doubt,
All my dreams will come true,
and I'll have a name...

"Just like You!"

Thank you all for your support,
..."What's my Name"...