Thursday, June 17, 2010

~It Just Keep's Getting Better~

 It has to be the best day so far!
Before I get to that, I have to back up and apologize for not filling you all in yesterday." I'm Sorry " We did not get back to the hotel until almost midnight last night. We had the best visit with Hubby's Brother and his family. I got to play with the sweetest little baby! and ate dinner and caught up with each others lives. We did however have to cut things short as they had everyday life to return to today. So lets get to that reason that I'm so excited about! So we'll take it from the beginning....
 Today was slow to start out. Hubby finished up with a work project and the Little Man and I repacked the truck and loaded our gear. We took the older Hwy's and drove through some of the most beautiful country. Little Man and designed our homesteads aloud as we drove. Long meandering, tree lined drives, winding through the hills to the top of the ridge, by the perfect grove of trees.
Over there will be the horse pasture, and over here will be the garden... this went on for miles. It really was an inviting place.
We stopped a few times along the way, just to absorb the shear beauty and relish in the peacefulness.
We stopped and explored the quaint little towns. Walked the different town squares and poke around the little antique stores. I found a few treasures and met some really nice folks.
Some great old buckets!
Crocks, jugs (love those blue bands!) and mashers.

The sweetest little expandable sewing box...
More blue bands! and a couple of coffee grinders..
This little bowl is "McCoy"
Somewhere in the middle we ended up in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. and couldn't resist the smell that permeated the air... Screech....Brace your self! Hubby's gotta stop!
I was starving and could have eaten a pig!
I swear I went though the front door drooling!
 Pass me the mop I'm coming through!
It was so good, I bought Charley a bowl!
He slept with a smile on his face for hours!
But....Somewhere between the house plans and the pig fest, I got a picture text...
In between the very splotchy reception and roaming, I hear this chime.
Casually I dig out the cell phone and flip it open, pausing, not wanting to peal my eyes away from the house plans. Several minutes pass and finally I look!
All I see is a hand, I pull the screen closer, I squint, and then I realize what I'm looking at!
Oh My Word!
 Lay down the padding, Mamma's gonna faint!
It's a Diamond Ring!
YES!!! I squeal! YES, YES, YES!
I flip the phone back and verify the ID! It's really him,
It's my sons cell number!
Quickly I reply " Please tell me yes! It's real!
TWO and half HOURS go by! I'm so antsy!
"Is this a joke?" I ask...
Just as I comment to my now slightly deaf family, "I'm going to skin him alive when we get home!"
 I here that wonderful sound! Another text!
" Yes it is "  was the reply.
My heart fills with pride!
I'm going to get another Daughter! God Loves me!
I could not be happier, or more proud to call this young lady my Daughter. She has been in our lives for two years now, since she has come into my sons life, I have seen him grow and flourish. They have created a wonderful relationship together.
More than anything, I discovered today that my son does pay attention to what I have to say!
A while back, he and I had a talk about his accomplishments and growth in the last few years. I told him how proud I was of him and that I was sure that he had the ability to accomplish great things in life and that I had no doubt that he would succeed. During this conversation, I asked him what his intentions were in regards to this wonderful girl.
I pointed out all the reasons why I admire her and more than that, why I truly have come to love her deeply.
As we end our Mother and Son talk, I lean over and exchange hugs and kisses, telling him once more that I truly am proud, and I simply whisper to him...
"Either you marry that girl or I'm going to adopt her!"
Welcome to the family Girl!
He finally came around to Mamma's way of thinking!


  1. What a fantastic journey!...I'm drooling over your finds & the bbq. My kinda vaca!!
    Congratulations and many blessings sweet family!

  2. I am loving reading all your posts about the trip...and congrats on the new daughter!!!

  3. Congrats Tisha on your son's accomplishment and growth.......and gaining a great daughter!! And don't you just love Eureka Springs it is just awesome there and so Pretty.

  4. And while you're on vacation!!!! He really popped the question? This is so great! I love happy, romantic stories!
    And I love hearing great family stories. It sounds as though you had an awesome visit.
    But the greatest thing is how much you are all enjoying yourselves on this trip. You are finding some fantastic prims. I love the buckets, mashers and pottery. I am so envious of you at this moment! Can't wait for the next installment! ★ Linda ★

  5. What a beautiful blog! Such a visual feast :)
    I know I'm going to love to come back here again and again!