Thursday, June 24, 2010

~Doesn't "AA" Stand for Antique's Anonymous?~

Seriously, I think I need to go!
I can see it now,
"Hello, My name is Tisha... I'm an Antique Junkie" 
I can't seem to stop at just one of anything, now that I think about it, I can't seem to even stop at two!
Antiquing is like a disease, you get infected and it spreads through you like the plague... Why do I feel compelled to keep collecting the same things?
Don't get me wrong, It's not hording. I have room to display things, they are not just stuffed in the closets and stacked in the corners. Well, the crocks are stacked in the corner, but that's different. Some of it will go out in my vignette for my website pictures too.
This trip has seriously made me think I have a problem...maybe..
We have come to end of our journey and unless we just happen to come across something, I think we will be home a day early. It just sort of happened that way and Chester's just about stuffed to the gills. My last find had to be taken apart and ride in the back seat until we stopped for the night and could repack the back!
But here again I couldn't walk away with out it... (Please refer to quote above).

It's a expandable drop leaf oak table! and it has the same style legs as my five legged dining table too!

I found the sweetest little old child's chair.
It's all hand carved! To Cute!
More canning jars and jugs. Can you ever have to many?
And one of my favorites, this great old tin wall pocket.
It still has it's mirror!
The little metal match holder has an advertising stamp on the front but it doesn't show up in the picture.
This great old doll!
Little Man was helping me take pictures and didn't take her out of the bag. Her head is made from tin! and her body is stuffed with rags! She's complete and fully in tact. All she needs is a name and a dress!
I have a cradle for her!
I guess I'm not doing to bad, I didn't buy any bowls or pitchers today!
And I promise, upon my return home, I will call  "AA" and see if they accept Antique Junkies in their program!
But, if I have to go, then so shall the Little Man.
 He has the plague as bad as me!
until they find a cure,
I'll drag home the old, the worn and the loved and cherish them.
 No mater how many of a kind they are!


  1. I love everything you have found so far. The doll is wonderful. I can imagine the fun you are going to have when you get it all home!!!

  2. No, AA stands for Antique Appreciation. You have an appreciation for antiques that i am so appreciating right now ...thanks for sharing your finds*GREAT GOODIES!!!

  3. I can join you. I wonder how many steps there are? I have so many collections. We have a 12 x 12 building called our Summer Kitchen where I store and display alot of my antiques plus we do our canning out there. Then this spring, we cleaned and redid our garage with shelves for storage totes of goodies I collect. I think I definitely qualify as an Antique Appreciator. I only recently started enjoying the prim make over stuff. I hope it isn't just a phase because I still have alot of country stuff. Everybody talks about how they don't like hearts or want them on their projects. I have always loved hearts and stars--still do. My home is an eclectic mix of country-comfy, antiques, thrift store/yard sale finds,new, prim make-overs,used, hand-me-downs and I-love-it-so-much,-I-can't -let-it-go. And we love it! I have heard Mike tell someone that I am going through a 'goth' period because I paint everything black. LOL But yet I have no piercings, tattoos or eye make up. Some stuff just catches my eye, you know, and I am compelled to have it. I do have OCD ( obsessive compulsive disorder. Probably shouldn't admit that but I have mentioned it on my blog numerous times. ) I actually enjoy collecting things. I can't wait to see all your things in their new places. I am excited for you! Linda

  4. I have so enjoyed your trip!! Now you have to show us where you display everything!!

  5. as long as you all have somewhere to sit for the ride home,I say shop a safe trip home.blessings michelle

  6. Thanks Tisha for showing us your goodies!!! I love the wall pocket with the mirror!!! I agree with the others AA stands for antique appreciation!!!

    Have a nice weekend

  7. Tisha ~
    A friend has a sign ~ "ANTIQUE POX - A DISEASE FOR WHICH THERE IS NO CURE". I've had the pox for 25+ years and I don't want a cure!
    Pug hugs :)

  8. Love all of your finds especially the jugs and jars.
    As long as you love what you have and will love what you get you will always find a place for it in your home. I've been at it for more years than I can count and I'm still collecting. It doesn't end when you have the itch!
    Touch them with your eyes and your hands and enjoy them all!