Saturday, June 19, 2010

~A Stroll Around the Old Town Square~

 Well I guess I can't say today's adventure, so yesterday's adventure took us to Batesville Arkansas, the oldest city in Arkansas, or so we're told. There been some debating about that! That's not what brought us here though. This is just where the road ended that night, as we were all tired and ready to stop for the night. It was so pleasant here that we decided to stay and explore the area.
 We found a little place about 45 minute from here called Mountain View. At this point in the trip I couldn't tell you where the prettiest place is. Mamma's ready to pack up and move! It's such a beautiful area. We happened to stumble on this little town while searching for Antique stores. We found them! Tucked all around the little town square. Some were two story's and some took up the whole building. All were in the original  old buildings. None had restrooms! I was informed, " this area was built before indoor plumbing dear " I reply... " Alright, may I please use your outhouse? "
I am informed, I do know they had those back then!..
" Oh no dear, they have been gone for years! "  was her reply... Okay? Does anyone here have indoor plumbing?..... At this point I'd have used a bush! 
"Yes Dear, just over yonder, around back of the courthouse, you go down the stairs and to the left. It's the only public restroom in town "  As I paddle my eye's around to see what way she's pointing. No way I'll never make it! I head back out to where Hubby and the Little Man are waiting and inform them " We have go back, we passed it about a mile around the block! "  Then my Little Man turns and asks " What are you looking for Mom? " I reply " The outhouse or a big bush " and in all his infinite wisdom he replies... " The Flea Market has one, I know, I found it when we were in there! "  Now mind you, he's been with me the whole time and not once did he say a word. We turn and head that way, through the door to the back, Little Man leading the way. I didn't even stop to ask! Back in the very back corner around the maize of book shelves through the storage room in the dark, Yes they do! They do have indoor plumbing!  I guess they can't tell us that, it might distort our image of there quaint little town.  As were heading back out the clerk asks " Did you find what you are looking for?"
I politely reply as I follow my Little Man out the door.... " No sir, You don't have a single chamber pot in the whole place! 
 Now that I can focus again, we continue on taking in the sights. The old architecture. the stone walkway's, the big park surrounding the courthouse with huge trees that have six foot swings to sit and relax in. People were a buzz as they set up for a BBQ contest.  We sampled the food and relaxed a bit in between shops. Met some nice people and found a few more treasures....

Granite ware and a corn grinder!
A couple of cheese boxes and two old pint canning jars! The old milk piture was the shop owners Great Gramma's... I kind of felt bad buying it.. Who sells there gramma's pitcher? I even asked her....
 "Are you sure you want to sell this? Her reply was.. "That old thing?, I have all her glass she collected but I can't see why I should keep that! "  I was stunned. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I turn it around and look at the price again and ask.. " Will you take less for it then? " I always ask for a discount and more often that not I get it.. But I was not prepared for her reply.. " Guess so, It's old. How about fifteen dollars? "  As I'm hugging it I think to myself... Did I here her right? Did she really say fifteen dollars?.....
My "new" Great Gramma's Pitcher will surely be cherished and will defiantly never be sold!
The little mask is the Little man's... Again, he was given this one by a sweet little man at The Step Back in Time Antique Shoppe... Lucky little guy!
The little brown crock is a 1/2 gallon red wing! and the sweetest little 1/2 gallon blue band churn!
We ended our day and headed back to the hotel. I still can't stop thinking about that pitcher!
Why would anyone part with it?  I guess what they say is true... One mans junk is truly another mans treasure! After pictures it gently and respectfully wrapped and padded in a box and place in the safest place I could find to make the remainder of our journey with us we return home and find a suitable place for it in my "Family Tree"
I will label it ~ Great Gramma's Milk Jug~ and dutifully threaten my children that if they break it, I'll skin them alive!
Thanks Gramma! I've always wanted one! It's perfect and I will cherish it!


  1. What an excellent score!! Sounds like an excellent adventure, despite the restroom fiasco...

  2. looks like u had a great time.thank goodness u found a bathroom.we drove for a hour yesterday to go to a flea market and i had to go so bad,i was seriously ready to just pee my pants and call it a day lol.i did find one thank oldest said why didnt u go before we left(same thing i say to them lol )i said i did ,its that darn found some nice treasures.have a great remainder of the weekend and blessings michelle

  3. I hope you have room to bring all of those wonderful treasures back home!! They are so fun! :)

  4. I have to agree with Jo-Anne-----where will you find places for all these treasures? I could help you display some of those blue band pottery pieces-LOL. Seriously, I am always searching for those. I know what you mean about the scenery. It is gorgeous. We really love the Tennessee Mountains. And the friendliness of small town people is awesome. We always take back roads when we can. We see so much more and talk with the nicest folks. *sigh* Too bad more people can't be 'folks'.
    Bummer about the potty thing. Good thing Little Man has his priorities straight........ ★ Linda ★

  5. Tisha ~
    Great finds...especially the ladies room!
    Pug hugs :)