Wednesday, June 23, 2010

~Let's Catch Up~

 Amazingly Bill was right! Chester's fine and we had a beautiful drive though Iowa. I must say it was a little bittersweet thou. We passed so many corn fields that were blown down or under water. I feel sad for the farmers and there family's. The weather reports were saying that some areas had gotten as much as 5 inches of rain the day before with more expected to come. My prayers are defiantly with them.
 We have been taking the back roads and smaller Hwy's and have found there's not much in Iowa, so we turned and dropped back into Missouri. This whole trip is about finding those jaw dropping deals. I have found some things that I would love to have picked up but they did not qualify and so I had to walk away. I have found thou, that down the road, at the next stop or two, some times you stumble across the one thing you thought you would not find! I did that yesterday. We stopped at a place that looked like a junk store, you know the kind, front yard full of rusted metal, porch stacked precariously with pieces of chairs and dressers and who knows what. Then you walk thou the door and your jaw drops! It's stacked to the rafters with the good stuff! Wow! And they were closing in 30 minutes! We fan out and start our search, Hubby goes one way and I go the other with Little Man somewhere in the middle. Hubby teeters between looking for himself and looking for me but Little Man is my scout in training! He brings me things to see if they are good or not. Sometimes they are and some things are right, just not old. You know, the reproductions. We'll he spotted them and calls me over. "Mom, You gotta come see!" he squeals. "I know you want these!" He was right, I did! Just look how good I have him trained...
I Love blue bands! and he knows it... Now let me tell you, when I said we were only looking for the killer deals, I meant it. we found these two bowls at a flea market... Guess how much?
Can you see the sticker? $5.00! for both of them!
These were found in two different states, but I thought they should be together, don't you?
A great old split oak basket!
And a few more needs!
Along the way we passed a great little place and just had to stop and take a peek. I posted one of the picks yesterday but did not tell you guy's about it. It was somewhere in Illinois and out in middle of nowhere.  This little pioneer memorial. The doors where locked or I would have gotten pictures of the inside too. It was set up as if someone lived there.
Wish I could find me one!
Love It! Told the Hubby, That's what I want for Christmas!

Too Cute!
This one was still in the process of being set up.
I had to include these, I thought it was neat, when we set the Nu vi with our next destination it requires an address. We just put random numbers and go. This is what was in the front yard as we passed...
Liberty Bug! and his Buddy..

And I have noticed my new followers! Hey Y'all! I'm sorry that I haven't gotten back to you, but I will!
 Let me get home and I'll get caught up. I'm trying not to spend to much time on here, but it's hard!
 I want to read every ones blogs and check out my new followers. I'm getting closer to the 100 mark! WOW! that was fast! Thank You All!


  1. Thanks for sharing-Love your finds! It's always fun to find things you love at the right price!!! Love that Pioneer Memorial too!!!

    Hope you continue having a nice vacation :)

  2. You really have to know the backroads, don't you? We are familiar with most in Iowa, Illinois and Missouri. And ones we don't know, well- they are on our list to travel on future day trips.
    I have a brown pitcher just like that one! no bean pot though....many others but none like that. Is it a McCoy?
    Lots of farmers decorate their hay bales around here. they are always fun to see.
    I would seriously love to have a summer kitchen like the little house with the vines---oh, and with the split rail fence. it would be so nice to have a place to properly display all my favorite things.....*sigh* Oh, well, I do have an outhouse....... LOL They have a log village set up in Midwest Old Threshers. During their festival--5 days ending on Labor Day every year---they have people in period dress, cutting wood, building things, cooking apple butter and other things in big cauldrons over open fires. They have all kinds of artisans demonstrating their craft. Men cutting veneeers, making brooms, making their log furniture, and antique booths all over town; plus the square is full of vendors. It usually draws 100 to 250 thousand people to town---country western shows, unbelievable food. And the big draw, of course, is hundreds of antique tractors that are on display during the daily Cavalcade of Power. Tractor pulls, horse-drawn trolleys, train rides. Maybe some day you can join us for that!

  3. I have had so much fun reading your updates since I found your blog! Look forward to more....Have fun with the rest of your adventuresome Road Trip and Stay Safe...Blessings, Traci :)

  4. Tisha ~
    I'm so glad Chester is ok and you've had a safe and enjoyable trip. I love all your finds, and those log cabins are gorgeous.
    Pug hugs :)