Monday, June 14, 2010

Reminising and a Step Back in Time

 Today was truly a step back in time for me. A little over fifteen years ago, I had to move from one of the of happiest places that I've ever been. I've coveted the memories of this time and place and I've held dear to them for all these years, I've longed to come back as have my children. We've shared many stories, fondly reminiscing of the wonderful memories that we each have had. This time in my life occurred before my youngest child came to us. Many times through the years as the stories and memories were being shared, I've watched the face of my youngest child and felt as thou he dearly missed being a part of this time in his siblings lives. Many times he has asked them questions and to that tell him a particular story. Each time I've seen this look of longing in his face. I to wish he could have been with us and shared these times too.
 Today I took him on a stroll down my memory lane. We visited the places that we had lived in in the past.

His siblings stories finally came to life. He could see the hill where his oldest brother taught his other brother how to ride a two wheeler and the pond that that he kept wrecking into before he got the hang of it.
The very same pond that his Uncle had taught his older brothers how to set a jug line to catch a snapping turtle. The one that was so big!
He saw the old Fire truck that made the funny siren noise, kind of reminiscent of Barny Fife's...
We played on the Merry Go Round and picked a leaf for our scrapbook. A small token that he can hold and some day reminisce of his walk down memory lane.
It felt good to, if nothing else, give him the opportunity to see the places that he heard so much about. At least now he can visualize these places as he listens to them in the future. It was however a little bittersweet to have to leave and once again leave my happy place. This time however I have more memories than just those from the past to hold dear. Like the moment that my youngest son turns to me, with delight in his eyes and asks "did they have fire flies when you lived here?" Realizing at that moment that it was the first time he had ever seen them. That he understood the delight that his older siblings had had in chasing through the dark after them. Wishing in my heart that he to could have such a simple pleasure all the time. Then feel such pride for my little man, when asked by his father what he thought about this place. His reply was simply...
 "Can we go house shopping instead?"
Way to go little man!
One can always dream!


  1. I love this story......Brings back great memories of my childhood and my children's childhoods. I am so glad to be a part of my grandchildren's lives as well. I can see your smile in your words and know you have created memories that will last a lifetime! Don't you just love it?
    ★ Linda ★

  2. i am so glad you have this chance to go back in time,i know how much you have missed it there, but we miss you here...have a wonderful time.

  3. What a fun story to start your road trip!
    I got a FANTASTIC package in the mail today!!!! OH. MY. GOOOODNESSSS!!!! You packed so much wonderfulness inside that I can't even begin to tell you how thrilled I am!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I love all of it...and the extra goodies....well, they were just too much! I am working away on your end of the swap, but I feel like I am certainly getting the better end of the deal! That fabric will be wonderful to "play" with!
    Have fun and be safe. I hope your able to continue to blog so we can share your trip with you.
    Much love,