Saturday, June 19, 2010

~Moving On Down The Road~

 Today we decided it was time to explore another area. It was bittersweet leaving, there is so much here to see. We are not doing the tourist thing, no cave explorations or historical sights. This trip was specifically to scavenge the country side for Antiques. The only thing planned was the general direction to go. We have stopped when we are tired and started when we felt like it! We map a direction of two hundred or so miles and just drive and look. If we see a sign and it looks good, we turn and redirect! I've listened to the Hubby's "Girl Friend" (Nu vi) say " Recalculating" at least a hundred times! You would think by now that she would fiqure out that men don't take directions..Sigh..
 We have dug through Flea Markets and rummaged road side sales and stopped at dozens of Antique stores.  Along the way we've met so many nice folk's, I truly can't remember them all! I have found that in general most folks out here are nice. I've had many people ask "How are you going to get it all home?"
Well let me tell you, I was trained to pack! I was trained by the master packer! In order to get your MPD (Master Packing Degree), you have to pass the bale test. "What is the bale test you ask?" Why, it is.. You must fit (1) bale of hay in a standard mail box. No piece of hay can be visible when the lid is closed! So you see I can make it fit! I am packing by the square inch! Each day I gather what I want and when we stop, Little Man and I take everything we bought that day and take pictures to share, then  we wrap and pack. Anything that can have something inside it does and then its wedged in every crevice we can find! I even added furniture today!

I found this great little Drop Leaf Table!
 a few more pitchers, a neat old screen and a stair basket.
This great old grain sack...

Another pitcher! and Yes, I must confess...I'm a stoneware nut, love the 2 gallon storage jar!
Don't you just love the little folding egg basket?
We have landed in Paducah, Kentucky for the night and I have no idea where the road will lead tomorrow.
A good nights rest and we'll pick our next path.
Be sure and stay tuned, you'll be amazed what I can stuff in that big truck!


  1. Tisha,

    Do I see a flyscreen on that table ? And the gateleg table is wonderful !

    Kentucky is a pretty state ! When I was in Louisville, Kentucky in the 90's, every one was so friendly... it must be in the water there !


  2. Hello Tisha!....thank you for visiting my blog the other day!....yes I would LOVE to take a trip to Alaska with you! when are we leaving? LOL

    What a fantastic trip it looks like you're having! what fun!!


  3. I've been to Paduka a few times--on our way to Florida. More super great buys. I do envy you being able to take off just to antique shop! We go one day at a time but always within a day of here. I find a lot of cool stuff but always make it home to sleep. You sure are having the DREAM vacation! ★ Linda ★

  4. Hey Guy's!
    I'm so glad you are all keeping up with me! This is a blast.. I must confess, I am getting a little worn. The heat as been something! I wont complain. Utah has been so cold! This is really pretty country!

  5. Tisha ~
    What a fun time! If you are heading north from KY, be sure to plan stops in Waynesville and Lebanon, Ohio. That's about as close to antique heaven as you can get!
    Pug hugs :)

  6. Wow You have some great finds! Now thats my kind of trip :0) Have fun !
    The Olde Willow