Thursday, June 24, 2010

~ Look at what I found! ~

 We have made the loop and started back, Home that is. This sure has been fun! I've met some really great people and found some really great things. I picked up my first wholesale account and sold a bunch of signs too! A great little gal named Kelly, she owns Family Home Treasures in Home, Kansas on Hwy 36. If your in the neighborhood stop in and tell her Tisha sent you. You want be disappointed! 

 I traded her some signs for these!

 I've had my best blogging buddies with me and made some more along the way! This a trip that I'll remember for years to come. Hubby and Little Man have had a great time too! So much so, they want to do it again! Yes, Success! I knew they would come around to my way of thinking! Next time thou, we'll plan some visits with people along the way. I drove right past Linda of Parker's Paradise and didn't even know it! Sad, I'd have loved to stop and said hi! Sigh.... Next time Linda for sure.
 I found some things, that I never dreamed that I would and did not find some that I wanted to. The best has to be this old Prairie Cradle.. Hubby disassembled it for travel and we only partially put it together for pictures. The cardboard is only to hold things in place so we don't loose them. It's pined together with hand carved cotter pins!
It's all hand made and that's the original paint!
This sure made heart sing too!
The little match holder is hand made from wood and tin with it's original paint... It was free!
The masher is oak! Never seen one like it before, so is the little box..
If you look close the little bowl has it's original blue paint!
Love the old apple peeler and little scales are marked Pensacola, Florida! Little Man missed getting a picture of the side of it, the label is in perfect condition! and they still work.
Well, today is probably the last day we will find anything more. I'm ready to go home. I miss my furry family, my Mom, my Kid's and Pam, my girlfriend. (I told you I'd come home!)
and I can't wait to rearrange the place. You all know we have to do that when get new stuff!
That will be an adventure all by itself.
I have a wedding to plan, YEAH! as of today they have decided on November 13th.


  1. Good day! Looks like the trip was a big success. So pleased to hear you got a wholesale account! Way to go! Is that another McCoy pitcher? You have surely found some treasures. I can't wait to see how and where you display them. I love finding places for my treasures. I did get to go to Goodwill here in Ankeny and found 3 - 15' wood plates that I plan to paint. At Salvation Army store, I found 3 small trencher bowls. They are really dark red--the color of the wood--hand carved and about 12". I think I will them as I found them; use to display some cute bowl fillers.....
    Have a happy and safe trip home! Linda

  2. Have a safe trip home! You got some great goodies!!

  3. Tisha ~
    I just love your finds, especially the wood bucket ~ looks like it has great patina, the redwing crock and tht cradle - WOW!
    Have a safe trip home. I've enjoyed journeying with you.
    Pug hugs :)

  4. Wow those are great finds! I LOVE the redwing crock. Makes me so excited to go on my vacation next week and find some great treasures to. Have a safe trip home.
    The Olde Willow

  5. Gorgeous! My heat is singing too:)
    Lucky you,
    Dorothy :)