Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Today's Adventure!

Today certainly was an adventure. We started our day in Bentonville Arkansas slowly. Hubby had to work, yes work on vacation! I can't complain, as they are the reason this whole trip is possible. So little man and myself took the morning slow. Hubby drove us around from thrift store to antique mall to anything that looked remotely like it might hold treasures! He would sit outside in the shade and tend Charlie while the little man escorted me in and helped me search out all the things he knows I'm after.
I now have a new BFF! (sorry Pam!)
Okay maybe not a BFF, but a new JB! (Junk Buddy!)
In Flock Arkansas, we passed a sign that said ; Antique mall 4.5 miles ahead...
 Simple enough.... Drive 4.5 miles stop and shop..
We stop, Hubby tends Charlie, Little man and I go inside to scope the place out...
We only found one bowl and one small crock....
Head to the front to pay.. as I'm paying for my bowl and crock a small old man approaches and asks me if I want more?  Want more what? I ask. Bowls and crocks, he says..
He proceeds to tell me that he just lives up the road and that they had just opened the mall and he had not had time to bring all of his things in yet. He tells me that he has a garage full and if I'd follow him home he will let me take a look...
Really? I ask.. sure, he replies, I'd love to show you...
Little man standing beside me with mouth hanging open, asks "Can we Mom?"  I'm already asking what he drives and telling him where we are parked! We all load up and follow Leon...
He was right! He had bowls and crocks and butter churns and tools and way to many things to even recall!
He sold me seven more bowls and showed me one of the most beautiful gardens I've seen. He introduced me to his wonderful dog "Chug" and went on to tell me that he had recently lost his wife of forty two years.
I wanted to hug him!  He was the sweetest person and all he wanted was someone to talk to and share his passions with. So if any of you are in the area, please stop in at Outside The Box Antique Mall Hwy 62 and 13th street in Flock Arkansas and tell him Tisha at Loafer Mount Primitives sent you! You want be disappointed! He has some wonderful Primitive Wares! and the best part is he has some of the best prices! Just be sure to plan some extra time for the garden tour... It's fantastic! Sorry but I was so caught up in lending him my ear that I forgot to get pics of his garden...
But here are a few of the bowls and other things we picked up today.
I really like the blue banded pitcher. I also found some more mason jars. I collect different unique styles.
You can't tell in these pics, but the four in the front are blue and four in the back are white. When we get home I hope I can get better pics!
Hopefully tomorrow Hubby can join the fun.
See you all tomorrow!
Happy Picken's


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  2. Morning Tisha, love all your treasures, wish I could find some of them around here...

  3. Oh man..you hit the mother lode...and Leon sounds like a very sweet man..I'd love to make him my new BFF!!! LOVE THE BOWLS!!

  4. Oh what great tresures you got

  5. Wow! That would of made my day :0) I just love it when that happens. Those bowls are great! Have fun!
    The Olde willow

  6. Sounds like a great trip full of interesting surprises!!!