Thursday, June 24, 2010

~Doesn't "AA" Stand for Antique's Anonymous?~

Seriously, I think I need to go!
I can see it now,
"Hello, My name is Tisha... I'm an Antique Junkie" 
I can't seem to stop at just one of anything, now that I think about it, I can't seem to even stop at two!
Antiquing is like a disease, you get infected and it spreads through you like the plague... Why do I feel compelled to keep collecting the same things?
Don't get me wrong, It's not hording. I have room to display things, they are not just stuffed in the closets and stacked in the corners. Well, the crocks are stacked in the corner, but that's different. Some of it will go out in my vignette for my website pictures too.
This trip has seriously made me think I have a problem...maybe..
We have come to end of our journey and unless we just happen to come across something, I think we will be home a day early. It just sort of happened that way and Chester's just about stuffed to the gills. My last find had to be taken apart and ride in the back seat until we stopped for the night and could repack the back!
But here again I couldn't walk away with out it... (Please refer to quote above).

It's a expandable drop leaf oak table! and it has the same style legs as my five legged dining table too!

I found the sweetest little old child's chair.
It's all hand carved! To Cute!
More canning jars and jugs. Can you ever have to many?
And one of my favorites, this great old tin wall pocket.
It still has it's mirror!
The little metal match holder has an advertising stamp on the front but it doesn't show up in the picture.
This great old doll!
Little Man was helping me take pictures and didn't take her out of the bag. Her head is made from tin! and her body is stuffed with rags! She's complete and fully in tact. All she needs is a name and a dress!
I have a cradle for her!
I guess I'm not doing to bad, I didn't buy any bowls or pitchers today!
And I promise, upon my return home, I will call  "AA" and see if they accept Antique Junkies in their program!
But, if I have to go, then so shall the Little Man.
 He has the plague as bad as me!
until they find a cure,
I'll drag home the old, the worn and the loved and cherish them.
 No mater how many of a kind they are!

~ Look at what I found! ~

 We have made the loop and started back, Home that is. This sure has been fun! I've met some really great people and found some really great things. I picked up my first wholesale account and sold a bunch of signs too! A great little gal named Kelly, she owns Family Home Treasures in Home, Kansas on Hwy 36. If your in the neighborhood stop in and tell her Tisha sent you. You want be disappointed! 

 I traded her some signs for these!

 I've had my best blogging buddies with me and made some more along the way! This a trip that I'll remember for years to come. Hubby and Little Man have had a great time too! So much so, they want to do it again! Yes, Success! I knew they would come around to my way of thinking! Next time thou, we'll plan some visits with people along the way. I drove right past Linda of Parker's Paradise and didn't even know it! Sad, I'd have loved to stop and said hi! Sigh.... Next time Linda for sure.
 I found some things, that I never dreamed that I would and did not find some that I wanted to. The best has to be this old Prairie Cradle.. Hubby disassembled it for travel and we only partially put it together for pictures. The cardboard is only to hold things in place so we don't loose them. It's pined together with hand carved cotter pins!
It's all hand made and that's the original paint!
This sure made heart sing too!
The little match holder is hand made from wood and tin with it's original paint... It was free!
The masher is oak! Never seen one like it before, so is the little box..
If you look close the little bowl has it's original blue paint!
Love the old apple peeler and little scales are marked Pensacola, Florida! Little Man missed getting a picture of the side of it, the label is in perfect condition! and they still work.
Well, today is probably the last day we will find anything more. I'm ready to go home. I miss my furry family, my Mom, my Kid's and Pam, my girlfriend. (I told you I'd come home!)
and I can't wait to rearrange the place. You all know we have to do that when get new stuff!
That will be an adventure all by itself.
I have a wedding to plan, YEAH! as of today they have decided on November 13th.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

~Let's Catch Up~

 Amazingly Bill was right! Chester's fine and we had a beautiful drive though Iowa. I must say it was a little bittersweet thou. We passed so many corn fields that were blown down or under water. I feel sad for the farmers and there family's. The weather reports were saying that some areas had gotten as much as 5 inches of rain the day before with more expected to come. My prayers are defiantly with them.
 We have been taking the back roads and smaller Hwy's and have found there's not much in Iowa, so we turned and dropped back into Missouri. This whole trip is about finding those jaw dropping deals. I have found some things that I would love to have picked up but they did not qualify and so I had to walk away. I have found thou, that down the road, at the next stop or two, some times you stumble across the one thing you thought you would not find! I did that yesterday. We stopped at a place that looked like a junk store, you know the kind, front yard full of rusted metal, porch stacked precariously with pieces of chairs and dressers and who knows what. Then you walk thou the door and your jaw drops! It's stacked to the rafters with the good stuff! Wow! And they were closing in 30 minutes! We fan out and start our search, Hubby goes one way and I go the other with Little Man somewhere in the middle. Hubby teeters between looking for himself and looking for me but Little Man is my scout in training! He brings me things to see if they are good or not. Sometimes they are and some things are right, just not old. You know, the reproductions. We'll he spotted them and calls me over. "Mom, You gotta come see!" he squeals. "I know you want these!" He was right, I did! Just look how good I have him trained...
I Love blue bands! and he knows it... Now let me tell you, when I said we were only looking for the killer deals, I meant it. we found these two bowls at a flea market... Guess how much?
Can you see the sticker? $5.00! for both of them!
These were found in two different states, but I thought they should be together, don't you?
A great old split oak basket!
And a few more needs!
Along the way we passed a great little place and just had to stop and take a peek. I posted one of the picks yesterday but did not tell you guy's about it. It was somewhere in Illinois and out in middle of nowhere.  This little pioneer memorial. The doors where locked or I would have gotten pictures of the inside too. It was set up as if someone lived there.
Wish I could find me one!
Love It! Told the Hubby, That's what I want for Christmas!

Too Cute!
This one was still in the process of being set up.
I had to include these, I thought it was neat, when we set the Nu vi with our next destination it requires an address. We just put random numbers and go. This is what was in the front yard as we passed...
Liberty Bug! and his Buddy..

And I have noticed my new followers! Hey Y'all! I'm sorry that I haven't gotten back to you, but I will!
 Let me get home and I'll get caught up. I'm trying not to spend to much time on here, but it's hard!
 I want to read every ones blogs and check out my new followers. I'm getting closer to the 100 mark! WOW! that was fast! Thank You All!

Monday, June 21, 2010

~Dodging Tornado's~

 Yep! Here we are on vacation and dodging tornado's! I warned the Hubby more than once.. But no, he said it will be okay. I'm sure we will be. We stopped in Burlington, Iowa and got a hotel room and we'll just ride it out. As we we're trying to find a room we hear the warnings! Tornado spotted 10 miles south of where we're at. Then the heavens parted and it starts to pour. I'm trying to pull up a search of local hotels and Hubby's trying to drive, lets just say, that was an adventure all in itself. We found a hotel and for some blessed reason the rain lets up long enough for us to get all of our gear inside and let Charlie have a moment to water the bushes, Lucky Dog! So here we sit, watching the news and seeing it live out the window. Little Man is a little nervous. It would be better if they would quit sounding the beeps every time they run the warning across the bottom of the screen. We did a little scavenging today and found a few things, but I'll have to update you tomorrow as I couldn't get them out to take pictures. However, I can tell you about our adventures and our troubles earlier today. As we headed out this morning, we get about a half an hour down the road and Hubby's not paying attention to the "Girlfriend" and misses his turn. We go on watching for the next exit, so we can turn around. Finally it come into view and we get over to exit and turn around, as we take the exit we realize there are two vehicles off the shoulder. The first is a Baskin Robbin's truck, apparently broke down. The second is a semi that we soon realize is off in the ditch and stuck really bad! We pass it and realize the driver is still inside and looks very confused. We stop and back up, I bail out and run back as he opens his door and climbs down, apologizing, he had fallen asleep and thought he had run us off the road. I assure him he didn't and ask if he's okay? He asks us where he is and could we help him find a tow truck? As Hubby is running a search of local towing companies, another trucker pulls over and comes running back. At first I thought he was stopping to help, then I soon realize he wasn't. He comes up fist balled, calling this man every dirty name in the book. He's telling him that he almost killed him and that he had fallen asleep and crossed both lanes, barely missing him and several others and just shot off the exit! I thought he was going to kill him! Now stupid me, without even thinking, step between them! Yep! I did. All 5"6" and 115lbs. of Loafer Mountains Finest Pit Bull! was going to save him! That's what happens when you grow up in the middle of four brother's, you think you can do anything! The aggressor backed down and other profusely apologized, he really felt bad! We got him a tow truck and headed on our way. Thank goodness I didn't have to whoop his hind end!
  Later in the afternoon, Hubby stops to fuel up. We all load up and head down the road. I turn on the story we have been listening to and settle in to watch for the next scavenger spot. About 2 miles down the road, Hubby turns the story off and then I hear it, the miss in the engine, before we can say two words to each other we feel it, the power in the motor becomes sluggish! I look at him and ask..."What did you do to Chester?" That's what I call my truck...
"Nothing, besides fill it up" he replies.. But there it is again, the miss, the chug! Oh no, What now! He looks at me and asks "What color was the handle?"  "Green" I reply. "That's what I thought" He says. But It's getting worse and he gears down to make the hill ahead, trying to decide what's wrong. "Do you think there was water in the fuel?" I ask. I look over and he's digging out the receipt from his wallet. No receipt, He didn't get one this time! I start to pray, as I look up there is a sign and a big building, Precision Mechanical. "Over there honey, look!" He takes the next exit and turns back. They are there and took us right in. Hubby tells them what has happened and then this dear man Say's "They haven't had Diesel there for years, the only place to get diesel here is back over at BP's" Yep! That's right. They quit selling diesel and never changed the pump's! Hubby filled up with Unleaded! I felt horrible for him. Lucky for us we had not gone but a couple of miles so no damage done. They drained our tank and filled us up with diesel. The only place in town that sells it closed at 4:30 and it is now was 4:50. After not charging us near enough as far as I was concerned and stopping their work to get us back on the road, we thanked them all profusely and then I gave him a set of my signs. As I handed them to him explaining how they came about. He looks at me and asks. "You made these?" I start to reply as his son says "Dad, Give them to Mom, she'll love them" and looks at me and says "Mom decorated the kitchen in that flag stuff when Dad came home from Iraq" As I look back at the man and ask "You served in Iraq?" He looks at me and says "Yes Ma'mm, I did, but you don't have to do this" I can see the look on his face and the tear in his eye as he looks at the signs and runs his hands across them, he says "You did a real good job" I thank him again for what he has done for us and once more for what he did for all of us and tell him " I can't think of anyone else who deserves them more!"
 I can't tell you all why I even thought to get them out and give them to him, but I did. I'm so glad that I did! I can't say why I chose the set that I did but I did. The white ones that say "God Bless America" Stand Proud" and "Olde Glory" How appropriate was that? Made me feel good, that's for sure! So as I sit here tonight watching the storm pass, I feel a little surreal and very blessed that there are such good people out there and that I was blessed to limp into his place today! It was a tractor repair shop!
 So tomorrow I'll catch you all up on the scavenger finds, but tonight I'm going to sit here and do a little stitching and thank my lucky stars above!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

~Moving On Down The Road~

 Today we decided it was time to explore another area. It was bittersweet leaving, there is so much here to see. We are not doing the tourist thing, no cave explorations or historical sights. This trip was specifically to scavenge the country side for Antiques. The only thing planned was the general direction to go. We have stopped when we are tired and started when we felt like it! We map a direction of two hundred or so miles and just drive and look. If we see a sign and it looks good, we turn and redirect! I've listened to the Hubby's "Girl Friend" (Nu vi) say " Recalculating" at least a hundred times! You would think by now that she would fiqure out that men don't take directions..Sigh..
 We have dug through Flea Markets and rummaged road side sales and stopped at dozens of Antique stores.  Along the way we've met so many nice folk's, I truly can't remember them all! I have found that in general most folks out here are nice. I've had many people ask "How are you going to get it all home?"
Well let me tell you, I was trained to pack! I was trained by the master packer! In order to get your MPD (Master Packing Degree), you have to pass the bale test. "What is the bale test you ask?" Why, it is.. You must fit (1) bale of hay in a standard mail box. No piece of hay can be visible when the lid is closed! So you see I can make it fit! I am packing by the square inch! Each day I gather what I want and when we stop, Little Man and I take everything we bought that day and take pictures to share, then  we wrap and pack. Anything that can have something inside it does and then its wedged in every crevice we can find! I even added furniture today!

I found this great little Drop Leaf Table!
 a few more pitchers, a neat old screen and a stair basket.
This great old grain sack...

Another pitcher! and Yes, I must confess...I'm a stoneware nut, love the 2 gallon storage jar!
Don't you just love the little folding egg basket?
We have landed in Paducah, Kentucky for the night and I have no idea where the road will lead tomorrow.
A good nights rest and we'll pick our next path.
Be sure and stay tuned, you'll be amazed what I can stuff in that big truck!

~A Stroll Around the Old Town Square~

 Well I guess I can't say today's adventure, so yesterday's adventure took us to Batesville Arkansas, the oldest city in Arkansas, or so we're told. There been some debating about that! That's not what brought us here though. This is just where the road ended that night, as we were all tired and ready to stop for the night. It was so pleasant here that we decided to stay and explore the area.
 We found a little place about 45 minute from here called Mountain View. At this point in the trip I couldn't tell you where the prettiest place is. Mamma's ready to pack up and move! It's such a beautiful area. We happened to stumble on this little town while searching for Antique stores. We found them! Tucked all around the little town square. Some were two story's and some took up the whole building. All were in the original  old buildings. None had restrooms! I was informed, " this area was built before indoor plumbing dear " I reply... " Alright, may I please use your outhouse? "
I am informed, I do know they had those back then!..
" Oh no dear, they have been gone for years! "  was her reply... Okay? Does anyone here have indoor plumbing?..... At this point I'd have used a bush! 
"Yes Dear, just over yonder, around back of the courthouse, you go down the stairs and to the left. It's the only public restroom in town "  As I paddle my eye's around to see what way she's pointing. No way I'll never make it! I head back out to where Hubby and the Little Man are waiting and inform them " We have go back, we passed it about a mile around the block! "  Then my Little Man turns and asks " What are you looking for Mom? " I reply " The outhouse or a big bush " and in all his infinite wisdom he replies... " The Flea Market has one, I know, I found it when we were in there! "  Now mind you, he's been with me the whole time and not once did he say a word. We turn and head that way, through the door to the back, Little Man leading the way. I didn't even stop to ask! Back in the very back corner around the maize of book shelves through the storage room in the dark, Yes they do! They do have indoor plumbing!  I guess they can't tell us that, it might distort our image of there quaint little town.  As were heading back out the clerk asks " Did you find what you are looking for?"
I politely reply as I follow my Little Man out the door.... " No sir, You don't have a single chamber pot in the whole place! 
 Now that I can focus again, we continue on taking in the sights. The old architecture. the stone walkway's, the big park surrounding the courthouse with huge trees that have six foot swings to sit and relax in. People were a buzz as they set up for a BBQ contest.  We sampled the food and relaxed a bit in between shops. Met some nice people and found a few more treasures....

Granite ware and a corn grinder!
A couple of cheese boxes and two old pint canning jars! The old milk piture was the shop owners Great Gramma's... I kind of felt bad buying it.. Who sells there gramma's pitcher? I even asked her....
 "Are you sure you want to sell this? Her reply was.. "That old thing?, I have all her glass she collected but I can't see why I should keep that! "  I was stunned. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I turn it around and look at the price again and ask.. " Will you take less for it then? " I always ask for a discount and more often that not I get it.. But I was not prepared for her reply.. " Guess so, It's old. How about fifteen dollars? "  As I'm hugging it I think to myself... Did I here her right? Did she really say fifteen dollars?.....
My "new" Great Gramma's Pitcher will surely be cherished and will defiantly never be sold!
The little mask is the Little man's... Again, he was given this one by a sweet little man at The Step Back in Time Antique Shoppe... Lucky little guy!
The little brown crock is a 1/2 gallon red wing! and the sweetest little 1/2 gallon blue band churn!
We ended our day and headed back to the hotel. I still can't stop thinking about that pitcher!
Why would anyone part with it?  I guess what they say is true... One mans junk is truly another mans treasure! After pictures it gently and respectfully wrapped and padded in a box and place in the safest place I could find to make the remainder of our journey with us we return home and find a suitable place for it in my "Family Tree"
I will label it ~ Great Gramma's Milk Jug~ and dutifully threaten my children that if they break it, I'll skin them alive!
Thanks Gramma! I've always wanted one! It's perfect and I will cherish it!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

~It Just Keep's Getting Better~

 It has to be the best day so far!
Before I get to that, I have to back up and apologize for not filling you all in yesterday." I'm Sorry " We did not get back to the hotel until almost midnight last night. We had the best visit with Hubby's Brother and his family. I got to play with the sweetest little baby! and ate dinner and caught up with each others lives. We did however have to cut things short as they had everyday life to return to today. So lets get to that reason that I'm so excited about! So we'll take it from the beginning....
 Today was slow to start out. Hubby finished up with a work project and the Little Man and I repacked the truck and loaded our gear. We took the older Hwy's and drove through some of the most beautiful country. Little Man and designed our homesteads aloud as we drove. Long meandering, tree lined drives, winding through the hills to the top of the ridge, by the perfect grove of trees.
Over there will be the horse pasture, and over here will be the garden... this went on for miles. It really was an inviting place.
We stopped a few times along the way, just to absorb the shear beauty and relish in the peacefulness.
We stopped and explored the quaint little towns. Walked the different town squares and poke around the little antique stores. I found a few treasures and met some really nice folks.
Some great old buckets!
Crocks, jugs (love those blue bands!) and mashers.

The sweetest little expandable sewing box...
More blue bands! and a couple of coffee grinders..
This little bowl is "McCoy"
Somewhere in the middle we ended up in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. and couldn't resist the smell that permeated the air... Screech....Brace your self! Hubby's gotta stop!
I was starving and could have eaten a pig!
I swear I went though the front door drooling!
 Pass me the mop I'm coming through!
It was so good, I bought Charley a bowl!
He slept with a smile on his face for hours!
But....Somewhere between the house plans and the pig fest, I got a picture text...
In between the very splotchy reception and roaming, I hear this chime.
Casually I dig out the cell phone and flip it open, pausing, not wanting to peal my eyes away from the house plans. Several minutes pass and finally I look!
All I see is a hand, I pull the screen closer, I squint, and then I realize what I'm looking at!
Oh My Word!
 Lay down the padding, Mamma's gonna faint!
It's a Diamond Ring!
YES!!! I squeal! YES, YES, YES!
I flip the phone back and verify the ID! It's really him,
It's my sons cell number!
Quickly I reply " Please tell me yes! It's real!
TWO and half HOURS go by! I'm so antsy!
"Is this a joke?" I ask...
Just as I comment to my now slightly deaf family, "I'm going to skin him alive when we get home!"
 I here that wonderful sound! Another text!
" Yes it is "  was the reply.
My heart fills with pride!
I'm going to get another Daughter! God Loves me!
I could not be happier, or more proud to call this young lady my Daughter. She has been in our lives for two years now, since she has come into my sons life, I have seen him grow and flourish. They have created a wonderful relationship together.
More than anything, I discovered today that my son does pay attention to what I have to say!
A while back, he and I had a talk about his accomplishments and growth in the last few years. I told him how proud I was of him and that I was sure that he had the ability to accomplish great things in life and that I had no doubt that he would succeed. During this conversation, I asked him what his intentions were in regards to this wonderful girl.
I pointed out all the reasons why I admire her and more than that, why I truly have come to love her deeply.
As we end our Mother and Son talk, I lean over and exchange hugs and kisses, telling him once more that I truly am proud, and I simply whisper to him...
"Either you marry that girl or I'm going to adopt her!"
Welcome to the family Girl!
He finally came around to Mamma's way of thinking!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Today's Adventure!

Today certainly was an adventure. We started our day in Bentonville Arkansas slowly. Hubby had to work, yes work on vacation! I can't complain, as they are the reason this whole trip is possible. So little man and myself took the morning slow. Hubby drove us around from thrift store to antique mall to anything that looked remotely like it might hold treasures! He would sit outside in the shade and tend Charlie while the little man escorted me in and helped me search out all the things he knows I'm after.
I now have a new BFF! (sorry Pam!)
Okay maybe not a BFF, but a new JB! (Junk Buddy!)
In Flock Arkansas, we passed a sign that said ; Antique mall 4.5 miles ahead...
 Simple enough.... Drive 4.5 miles stop and shop..
We stop, Hubby tends Charlie, Little man and I go inside to scope the place out...
We only found one bowl and one small crock....
Head to the front to pay.. as I'm paying for my bowl and crock a small old man approaches and asks me if I want more?  Want more what? I ask. Bowls and crocks, he says..
He proceeds to tell me that he just lives up the road and that they had just opened the mall and he had not had time to bring all of his things in yet. He tells me that he has a garage full and if I'd follow him home he will let me take a look...
Really? I ask.. sure, he replies, I'd love to show you...
Little man standing beside me with mouth hanging open, asks "Can we Mom?"  I'm already asking what he drives and telling him where we are parked! We all load up and follow Leon...
He was right! He had bowls and crocks and butter churns and tools and way to many things to even recall!
He sold me seven more bowls and showed me one of the most beautiful gardens I've seen. He introduced me to his wonderful dog "Chug" and went on to tell me that he had recently lost his wife of forty two years.
I wanted to hug him!  He was the sweetest person and all he wanted was someone to talk to and share his passions with. So if any of you are in the area, please stop in at Outside The Box Antique Mall Hwy 62 and 13th street in Flock Arkansas and tell him Tisha at Loafer Mount Primitives sent you! You want be disappointed! He has some wonderful Primitive Wares! and the best part is he has some of the best prices! Just be sure to plan some extra time for the garden tour... It's fantastic! Sorry but I was so caught up in lending him my ear that I forgot to get pics of his garden...
But here are a few of the bowls and other things we picked up today.
I really like the blue banded pitcher. I also found some more mason jars. I collect different unique styles.
You can't tell in these pics, but the four in the front are blue and four in the back are white. When we get home I hope I can get better pics!
Hopefully tomorrow Hubby can join the fun.
See you all tomorrow!
Happy Picken's

Monday, June 14, 2010

Reminising and a Step Back in Time

 Today was truly a step back in time for me. A little over fifteen years ago, I had to move from one of the of happiest places that I've ever been. I've coveted the memories of this time and place and I've held dear to them for all these years, I've longed to come back as have my children. We've shared many stories, fondly reminiscing of the wonderful memories that we each have had. This time in my life occurred before my youngest child came to us. Many times through the years as the stories and memories were being shared, I've watched the face of my youngest child and felt as thou he dearly missed being a part of this time in his siblings lives. Many times he has asked them questions and to that tell him a particular story. Each time I've seen this look of longing in his face. I to wish he could have been with us and shared these times too.
 Today I took him on a stroll down my memory lane. We visited the places that we had lived in in the past.

His siblings stories finally came to life. He could see the hill where his oldest brother taught his other brother how to ride a two wheeler and the pond that that he kept wrecking into before he got the hang of it.
The very same pond that his Uncle had taught his older brothers how to set a jug line to catch a snapping turtle. The one that was so big!
He saw the old Fire truck that made the funny siren noise, kind of reminiscent of Barny Fife's...
We played on the Merry Go Round and picked a leaf for our scrapbook. A small token that he can hold and some day reminisce of his walk down memory lane.
It felt good to, if nothing else, give him the opportunity to see the places that he heard so much about. At least now he can visualize these places as he listens to them in the future. It was however a little bittersweet to have to leave and once again leave my happy place. This time however I have more memories than just those from the past to hold dear. Like the moment that my youngest son turns to me, with delight in his eyes and asks "did they have fire flies when you lived here?" Realizing at that moment that it was the first time he had ever seen them. That he understood the delight that his older siblings had had in chasing through the dark after them. Wishing in my heart that he to could have such a simple pleasure all the time. Then feel such pride for my little man, when asked by his father what he thought about this place. His reply was simply...
 "Can we go house shopping instead?"
Way to go little man!
One can always dream!